• 6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand
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    6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

    this happened if you do too much of shampooing we love to make lather while shampooing but excessive amount of shampoo is harmful for our hair so you need to dilute the shampoo then apply on your scalp gently rub no need to apply it all over the length as the shampoo itself comes down while you rinse your hair don’t you feel cold!! look I’m wearing Jeans and deep neck top under this Outfit but then how’ll you show your belly High Waist Lehengas are in fashion these days and what about Dupatta This Banarsi Dupatta will keep me safe of cold its perfect.. I too will try this…

  • Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!
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    Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!

    oh my God look at those lines got out fuck wow thank you look at the fine arts now I’d like you bored Alex for the blog the blog but it doesn’t have any bullets in a choice was actually kind of scary with you are going to come to our part because fuck with us that fucking hurt yourself amazon building this is great and scared and a very long time me through you know what I don’t want it like 1130 do I have a camera in my pocket we sent my god Draka fucking gun body that the guys don’t want to haha that is so fucking…

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    – Hey Hunties, it’s ya girl LaToya Forever. In today’s video, I’m showing you my night-time routine featuring baby Ayah. I partnered with Walmart in today’s video because of course they carry all of the products I use in our night-time routine. Now let’s jump right into the video. My night-time routine starts at 8:30 p.m. sharp, as soon as Samia and Zayn go to bed. They went to three parties today, so they are exhausted. Every night we pray with the kids, we read them a bedtime story, we play a little, and then they hit the sack. Peace out Zayn and Samia. See you in the morning. Right…

  • A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)
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    A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)

    (lively music) – Good morning, Passport Holders. Today is February 6th, 2016, day 463 of the flogs. And today has been busy already. It was also going to be busy. And I’ve decided to make it even busier because, well, why not? So I woke up this morning to watch the Aston Villa match, and shockingly enough, my team won. They were only the third victory all this, this campaign. So, you know, it’s still ten points to safety, but they’re just gonna need a lot of things to go their way, but you never know. If Gabby Agbonlahor gets going and the rest of the team kind of melds…

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    What’s going on guys I am Matthias -This is my amazing, beautiful wife -You’re in the middle of the road There’s no one coming There’s no one coming Except a giant plane or a helicopter But, uh… We’re here to get our first ultrasound because we’re gonna have a baby! We are pregnant! Well, you are pregnant Oh, that’s the alert for our appointment We don’t wanna be late Um, we’ll give you more details later but, we’re having a baby. and we’re beyond excited right now I couldn’t even sleep all night I was- I was so nervous for this I don’t even know why Well, right now we’re…

  • The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom
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    The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom

    (happy Italian folk music) – Hi, I’m Hannah. Your friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me, you believe that a glass of wine at eight p.m. makes you a better mom. So, pour yourself a glass and let’s talk. Tonight we’re drinking red wine. This is what I like to call grown-up wine. And I always drink this wine when I’m around other adults and trying to be an adult and I’m like, (sniffs) “Mmm, yes this is a great red,” but it’s actually like kind of strong and kind of intense. Like tonight’s topic. Tonight we’re gonna talk about the worst parts of childbirth. You thought…