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Kids what starts out right ends up right you need to start your morning with a bang!! Yeah guys as usual i am blessed this morning with andis cooking ANDAAAA you have done it again big moves yoooo, literally big moves we have my vehicle the g-wagon the Yeti or what makes it better we got the mini yeti!!!!! LETS GO!! Hey, yo good morning Logang whats popin this is hilarious, bro Evan we’ve done it again $300,000 dollars $300 dollars everybody joining the logang guys. We are Mavericks changeing the world everyday. We are different. We’re passionate were unique we rep the hottest merch in the game that Maverick merch whos Doing it? the answer’s nobody Okay. Trust me you want to hop on this train guys We got a new merch room yesterday life is good. I’m going to set later from a movie the thinning You know acting vlog life you know how it is, baby week now with that said. I’m its mom Dab uncle aunt maverick life lets do this You guys saw this yesterday, I can’t get over how good the new merch room looks yo maverickkkkksssss We got pink mannequins repping the merch was doing it. I’m not you look so sexy Just cuz the Maverick movement alright its Savage its rugged like we’re not afraid to work hard so we got that sort of cab and feel that that died jungle that brawn Oh woke up, please man. We done it we just we did it was the best ever. Oh my god Who’s doing it? Starving on set like you’re right. Oh speaking of I gotta go to see a ride Sure, it’s just like yeah. I guess I could go to set like actually like driving a car Or I could ride on top of a car in my friends tent, so I’m gonna go Yeah, oh Boy to put on makeup or your the makeup room is in a gym ain’t know me too, well, I’m trying to get some reps It’s me vlog boy. So what do you want to do first make me look good, or should I pump up a little bit? Yo, you guys may have seen Devin on my Instagram story yesterday, she made a noise like a cat Don’t look at her Beauty is on the inside right look god damn. I look good apparently the location today. We’re shooting at is very cool Obviously it right. I’m not a scrub someone. I gotta show up looking fricking yeah No thinning tooth thinning, New World Order We’re currently shooting at a beer factory, so who thinks this place has beer and giant elevators. Ha ha oh That whole thing filled with alcohol. I don’t know, bro You could do the most epic keg stand ever and I said this before kids Don’t drink you will die fact crazy cuz it’s kind of cold in here reminds me this snow in my front yard Hasn’t melted yet. We’re working on at California if you could get like a little warmer for like two days for me That’d be great. What happens if I turn this knob Don’t do that No no Ben gets louder the more you turn it one more time Drops to the producers for not kicking me off your movie. Thanks So yeah guys if you didn’t know yet Lydia is pregnant so Lydia is very pregnant. She said it in this vlog. Yup guys. I’m pregnant. I’ll play it again I’m pregnant she’s pregnant and you know we have to prepare her for mother. Yeah, you gotta be fit to be a mom I won’t let you be a crappy mom. I won’t do it. I’ll go longer won’t do it know what’s happening you have no idea What anybody said That’s right, so we have a real live mother coming to Sam right now We’re gonna teach you how to be a mom oh yes Already off to a horrible start the baby’s crying Practice makes perfect So the babies come by two actually way more than Lydia, so I understand who struggle right now Ladies no cannot job, baby. I would know I always dropped as you can imagine multiple times This is so cool all right. This is all fun and games right This is the easy part when the baby is actually alive right? What is the most important part about being a mother? Giving birth so today. We’re gonna teach Lydia how to Pretty much identical right it even talks I need you to focus cuz I feel like you’re not this is how it’s done I’ve had a mother I came out of her vagine and I know what this is like watch carefully It was good huh my clothes on well I’m a maverick so things are a little different around here get this baby submerged vengeance got that what have you learned? What do you mean? Oh? Like everything I’ve done the deed Time to lay on your back Lydia you’ve got to give birth to your baby You know they’re taking YouTube channels down for this kind of stuff, please don’t take my channel County Police for mine Thanks you two. Love you. Hi Lydia. I’m not alive I’m disappointed. I think that dad needs to be here to experience this who’s the dad yeah? Stupid name, but Want to explain this yep guys, I’m pregnant tell them the truth I’m pregnant I could play this so many times. I’m pregnant Funny every time Yeah guys. I’m pregnant people think I’m actually pregnant. Oh you are Yep guys. I’m pregnant everyone My assistant Lydia is newly pregnant if we could all just go You’re all invited to the baby sign Look low gang if Lydia refuses to be mom and wants to be a bad parent I will take the reins I’m response so much so that I’m going to take the baby in the sea with me I’m doing the scene with the baby. Can I do this scene with the baby? Okay logang. I’m back home, and I know what you’re thinking Logan. What happened to your face and neck Why are you so sexy? Well, it’s a very simple explanation actually I got attacked by some thots tragic now guys that is the vlog I know it’s a little short trust me. I’m grinding I’m trying guys when I say doing movies and doing vlog is tough It’s top but you boys a savage, and I’m gonna do it I’m gonna deliver to the Logan because that’s the promise I made to you daily content Hopefully I can distract you guys from your busy lives Whatever stresses you have I’m here to relieve you of that so if you’re not in the low game make sure to subscribe we’re liberal With the strongest family on YouTube, it’s pop and so smack to subscribe, but I didn’t advise me I also figured I’d end it and the new merch room cuz it’s so late guys. I cannot get over how good this look If you’ve not yet gotten your merch, what are you doing bro Logan bother cause I show everything we make everything we do the Maverick bread is the highest quality it is the absolute best the softest clothing you’ll ever Wear, and it’s a movement of people who are different passionate unique Oh, Oh before I sent off broad forgot the bird is back the beautiful pink cords bird that I broke the other day last back Yup yeah that was a $10,000 mistake, but someone fixed it for me. Yeah if we’re at all I am an idiot That’s a fact, but look. It’s fixed. Don’t pick it up again It’s good it’s sexy. It’s beautiful. I just wanted to show you guys. I love gang. I love you Marge


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