Testing 9 VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work!
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Testing 9 VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work!

we are testing the most extreme viral
take on my packs do they work or do they not work go first tick tock let’s go I
don’t understand what are they using oh it’s foil they’re using foil they set
off their school alarm I think okay so it looks like this applies to need you
just need gum wrapper and then you just need a I think you can use a triple-a or
a double a either way and then I’m being handed a pencil so I’m assuming I need
this for something should we have water or something yeah let’s get some water
oh by the way don’t try these tick tock Y packs at home okay I will tell you
this though this life hack works Maddie has to go buy a hundred dollars with the
press in Salzburg okay that’s fine oh why can’t she just agreed to it make
sure you guys use the foil side so this is the inside of the gum wrapper you
don’t use that I think it’s just like regular paper material the outside is
what we’re trying to use so how we’re gonna put this down to get the minus on
it and you’re gonna want the positive side of the battery on the top this is
dangerous Oh Oh what already started smoking it
already started smoking wait a second Oh oh my god but so cool I can’t believe
this is actually working if they all work I will literally go out and jump in
the cold plunge pool naked if you ever look your keys in the car
here’s a way to get it unlocked and all you need is a tennis ball so
there’s no way in impressive because the chances of this one working is like the
equivalent of like Cal’s writing for this guy Matty there’s no way like
you’re not gonna cut a hole in a tennis ball and then the shirt gets it open
Betty but we’re not like in space how much air pressure can a tennis ball
really create to change or unlock a mechanical lock the first one was cool
it actually worked the chances of this one working slim to none but you know
what regardless of that ladies and gentlemen I’ll take this moment if it
does or does not work to take your device you’re watching this video on
turning like this make that red subscribe button grey alright so if we
want to really test this Maddie you should let me lock your keys in the car. No! Preston, no no. Do you have spare keys? No! How am I ever supposed to get take talk famous come on Maddy no well just lucky I’ll go get high and
get you an uber yes it’s perfectly safe look at his with a giant open parking
lot that’s a hard caste fine all right so I don’t know like all he did in the
video he cut like just cut a small hole in the tennis I think that’s safe we
think you should stab towards it but so like how many Preston’s does it take to
cut a tennis ball okay Johnny to make like an incision help get
these sisters are tough enough okay we upgraded yeah we had to get a box cutter
which is very dangerous by the way bro okay this tennis ball better give us the
air pressure so now I think we have to cut like a circle right like in the
video they had a circle cut in their tennis ball I don’t know how they did
that so well so use the box cutter make a hole in the tennis ball then use some
scissors to kind of make the hole a little bit bigger oh yes she on the
money buffaloes but whatever Miami Buffalo Miami Buffalo someone does
not watch football but I watch anime that is almost identical to the tick
tock we just watched the car is locked does it’s not gonna work so don’t get
your hopes up so he puts it on here pumps it like twice do it again there isn’t Maddie I could
do this a hundred thousand times do it and this won’t work
I’m literally rocking the car this woman I think this one’s a myth guys this week
I know she just did Maddie I saw that that’s a myth this one has been busted
Bree what are you watching the Jonas Brothers just made a new tech dog and
that was hilarious oh my gosh I love them I actually found a life hack on
tik-tok that I think you should try oh I need all the hacks of life what what is
it it’s how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but oh I think I can impress my husband
without lying down he’s literally just going up and down and everything’s
changing well that’s easy enough why didn’t my mom tell me that’s an
elementary school I would have been the coolest kid in class do I have a Rubik’s
Cube do you just carry this in your purse I already mixed it up for you is
it up up down I think it’s up down why are you facing away from me trying to
show you the Rubik’s Cube it’s the most important part up I don’t know why he
was calling this up because it’s going to the side down unless I’m doing it
wrong no I think that’s right hey any moment now
up down there’s more bread there’s more bread
up down you’re a lot slower than he huh down am I doing this right up down up
yeah Mattia don’t like your life hack hey
guys president Bree are having an insanely good time with these life hacks
and I don’t want to figure out a good one that I can use – let’s see what life
pack is show you guys how to get out at times in 60 seconds if pressing – Briana
– I don’t know if you’re gonna have enough time to do all this pull it
through here we go see it’s through the other side so I tied my shoelaces
together off-camera because I want to save some
time ready guys I need to get my hands if tied right now who’s gonna zip timing
it all right finally Nick got me zip tied let’s go see if we can get this how
do you he also have to be flexible for this life hack let’s test your shoelace
just your fine nose I gotta get the lace around Nick how do I get the lace oh
what’s not gonna help but my laces aren’t as long as the dude in the video
I only have like three-inch laces you can see that close up there I almost
have the lace all the way through use the wrist there we go
this guy’s way more flexible than me how in the world I have to bite that lace I
know I got to get my teeth down there hops are cramping monkey life and death
kidnapping situation you need to flex yourself out of this I’m not flexible
enough think I don’t know but I feel like whoever kidnapped you would have
noticed you doing this by now no they’re probably out grabbing lunch or something
what if the kidnappers just left your shoelaces tied like this like what if
hypothetically the kidnappers tied your shoelaces the way that the guy in the
video did not knowing this life hack would let you out you’re saying what if
my kidnappers were stupid oh my gosh my kidnappers left my laces tied around my
zip-tied that works so easy that was so
incredibly easy if your kidnappers leave your life this is it time for your zip
tie you gettin out no problem Nikki are you feeling okay you’re not in
your pizza merch Matty all my pizza merch is dirty so I have to buy more
pizza hoodies from Preston style calm obviously and then after I’m done wanna
buy some stuff from Raleigh B – or you could just buy stuff from oily B I mean
can’t shoes I have more than one love in my life one is pizza hoodies and one is
really be merch there’s two things that I love tick tock life hacks
I’ve always been testing those today and I think I deserve a chance to test them
so look I found this on salt absorbs glue oh I didn’t know that
hey he’s putting a lot of glue into that and there’s the salt okay Madi in it
right it was right on no that’s just gone the glue just disappears I think
you need to try that okay you just you just have yes Matty I have it okay relax
your roll there’s no one else think that’s a little strange
this is important stuff how would I do this trick talk if I didn’t have this
stuff and I’m always prepared so you’re struggling a little
what is this childproof oh it’s the other side the other side so now you
have to put glue in there first the smart Maddie this is why I have you here
okay so he did a lot of glue so I’m gonna do a lot of glue as well yep keep
going hey even more than that I mean this
looks like pretty okay yeah that’s as much as the glues I really hope the salt
absorbs it cuz it’s starting to get real cold okay
moment of truth just there we go this is oh you’re making a mess just it kind of
worked no it did Matt it didn’t work at all no
my hands are just covered in Brussels oh you this life hack
no no one that gave it to you because this is a terrible time I’m just gonna
leave you clean that up I’m gonna go are you gonna eat guys life hack busted
uh-oh we’re watching another tick tock and I don’t know who this girl is but
she’s she’s got the favorite Alan Red Solo cups okay so she’s unwinding an
entire this is so wasteful it’s an entire roll of paper towel dude this is
too much what no it’s not it’s just enough this
is a one minute tick-tock wait you can make a speaker with a roll of paper
towels and two Red Solo cups no hold on okay and let me see if this works if
this works I’ve got a bone to pick with this one we will not be wasting all of
this beautiful paper towel we just need the roll at the end okay so now that
we’ve got the roll what you want to do is you want to make an incision right
here in the middle there we go yeah I gotta make okay so once you have
the incision made for the size of your cellular device then we have to make two
more incisions on these plastic cups oh my gosh this is actually plastic cups
are not be easiest to make cuts in one more incision on the cup over here so
now you got to squeeze the tube inside the plastic cup where you made the
incision there is no way this works what are we gonna play now with our amplified
speakers I’m not gonna play one of my own videos because that would be too
cliche so I’m gonna play one of the videos from this very humble handsome
man named Preston plays no affiliation alright hold on the phone is going into
this oh no do not make a deep incision push like a reverse pregnant woman right
now oh it’s in this is the most Scott thing I have ever seen in my entire life
okay here we go three two and one it works really well
can you guys hear that it’s actually so loud it kind of actually really work I
can’t believe this word that does work the Sheep is attack today oh but it’s
trash Bri what do you have going on here I have found an amazing tick tock
because when I was in cheerleading we have like days where you’d randomly give
football players a lot of watermelon now what I mean thinking about it that’s
kind of I’ve never heard of that ever in my life but I would love to learn how to
cut a watermelon more efficiently you know I’m really bad with my knife skills
well here let me show it to you okay oh it kind of looks gross at the same time
I don’t really know that I like it being cut that way I’m gonna just be honest I
have absolutely no knife skills and this is making me tear up my skills does it
take out numchuck skills let’s take an expert to cut a watermelon apparently it
does watermelons even in season this time of year no it was very hard to find
this one but where is it from did you ship it in from night cards you crew the
one I didn’t teach me okay so we now have an empty Pringles can just like the
tick-tock that I’m hearing today I don’t know oh that was Ricky I think I’m done
I’m done so now do I just lift it off I pull it sideways no don’t lift it up cuz
it’ll fall out why oh hold on no it’s there it’s totally gonna come out success that sounds like success okay
you got a really good clean cut in there well apparently this hack is busted we
do have a large hole in the watermelon but Mady if you don’t help me clean up
after this you know what’s gonna happen nope free I make it alright guys since
the last hack works only if you’re extremely flexible which I’m not I got a
second chance so another life hack I’m a check out right now we’re gonna put to
the test and hopefully this one doesn’t require any flexibility all right how to
unlock a phone without a passcode the glove wears a glove that give me a glove
yo yo wait yo hold on a small problem your phone requires special recognition
ain’t no glove press on your phone but maybe if we put the glove on our head no
I don’t think you’re gonna fit that all my head’s too large wait now we have it
open is it working nope still locked seriously man
all these tick tock life hacks are all trash first one you gotta be flexible
this one they don’t even sell gloves large enough to go over my head
second tick tock lifehack completely busted Nick Madi I found the best tick
tock life hack in the world and also I got my new delivery of Preston Styles
calm Pizza shirts so here’s the light back it’s something to do my laksa
oh she heard you trying I thought the robot’s hear me Oh
quantity of a conceptual substance by the way when you teach me your voice I
can start making your Alexa experience more personal would you like to take a
moment to do it now no I don’t have them these in my house for that reason so
supposedly it’s something to do with this so let’s just watch the tick tock
up up down down left right left right be a start supera let’s a little super
Alexa mode hey Alexa up up down down left right left right B a start
super Alexa mode activated starting reactors online reactor in a long
advanced systems scary that’s why we unplug it because the robots can’t take
us if they don’t have their batteries here we go what’s the next hack Oh how
to have conversations in class wait what trade air pods type something in Google
Translate wait does this actually work there’s only one way to find out oh so
to test this out we both we both give a left 30 years I’m not afraid of you
search your pods okay let’s do we do it oh this is so now you go to google
translate I think breeze should be in her office
for this yeah yeah go in your office go your office
no don’t erase it don’t erase it no listen if you don’t follow my tape talk
to your Krusty if you don’t follow breeze you can’t use my joke okay wait hold on
I’m going to enter I don’t know what the secret message should be maybe we’ll say
something like can we say Pokemon will that go through whoa did you hear a translate we breed you or me
it’s my boombox you just hold on she said I’m stupid stop it freak it is okay
no I don’t like this live back anymore my wife is literally killing me stupid
over and over again hey give me my give me my ear plug back would you just say
she said I’m sorry haha such a good right the greatest
thing about this is I get to time it I don’t like the evil laughter okay
breathe and there goes we’re going into bata to elope fine they won’t allow them
to marry a stuffed animal this is the finale of the viral life hack Tech Talks
ladies and gentlemen this is what we call the matchbox rocket oh no that’s
one of those pliers foil this is already above my paygrade
wait you get the wrap you have to what you wrap the matches in the foil wait
he’s using bolt this is like a what like a tnt cannon for Minecraft literally a
bomb I might need some backup come here Keith
you need to help me do this wait what is that what I want to do okay yeah I’m
game you want to separate the match head from the match I’m gonna save this so
then we use foil you have to fold it really really really tight boy we really
thought I was we’re criticism on my tik-tok lie back
okay one the video what the person does is they take two match boxes anyway well
on they stack the candle on the two match boxes they may take another match
box they attach it on the inside which you can’t do because we got a busted
match box they light they basically light the candle and then like point it
like this come on kind of scared bro I’m a little scared bro awesome it’s busted
really really these experts to ruin my take on video is shaving the match outer
ring on to the on to the tinfoil folks Nick what do you have to say about your
process here this is this is how you do it
amazing don’t try this at home put that in your nose and light it this is a
terrible idea for the records do not do this anywhere hottest point of the
flames at the dip it’s working it’s working do you know it’s working I know
it’s working dude Oh happen it’s about to happen we used way more than the regulated size
of gunpowder while we’re finding where that landed don’t forget to kondeh
within the first 60 minutes of a video being uploaded because your comment will
be featured right here let assume you want to see more take dog viral eye
packs have a great day god bless it we’ll see you all next time


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