The Alien Newborn- Explained
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The Alien Newborn- Explained

While the concept off eggs, facehuggers, embryo
impantation, and chestburtsers has been well-established within the alien universe, one creature we’ve
seen that appears to defy all these set rules is the Xenomorph Human Hybrid seen in Alien
Resurrection, known as the NewBorn. Physically, the Newborn stands out as being
a great deal different than other xenomorphs by appearing quite accurately like combination
of an alien and a human, with terrifying results. The Newbon is ecompassed in pale human-like
skin as apposed to the rough, armor-like exo-skeleton of an alien drone, with a lengthy, flesh-colored
tongue instead of the inner jaw, as well as massive eyesockets containing beady, fish-like
eyes. It’s thoerized that the Newborn has advanced
vocal capabilities as well, making some cries that sound, at times, almost human-like, and
if not for its cut-short life, it’s very possible that the Newborn could have developed the
ability to communicate in human language, setting it apart hugely from the Xenomorphs
we’ve seen previously. But how did this hybrid creature come to be? Is this mostly a result of the Aurgia’s science
team’s tampering with Alien and Human DNA? Or is this an advanced stage in the Xenomorph
lifecycle that moves beyond the queen’s egg-laying and hosting process, perhaps a development
caused by limited human hosts becoming available and the xenomorph species’ requirement for
survival at any cost? While there is a basic understanding of the
lifecycle, there have been many theories surrounding the unpredictability of the lengths the xenomorph
is able to survive, such as the theory that a coccooned host can actually morph into an
alien egg if need be, and the evolution of a standard facehugger into a queen facehugger,
so that the species can survive further. Could this be yet another step forward in
the evolutionary process, or more just a one-off occurance caused by the scientific bastardization
of the human and xenomorph species? And if the queen is gestating alien newborns
herself, without the need for eggs or human hosts, is insemination required, perhaps by
a standard drone, or some other xenomorph, such as an alien king, which we never see
on screen? While in Alien Resurrection, Gediman offers
a brief explanation of this development, it’s still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the
novelization offers a little bit more elaboration when Ripley interacts with the mad scientist
inside the alien hive. Gediman explains that the growth of the newborn
is, in fact, an asexual development, resulting from a secondary reproductive cycle with no
need for other aliens or human hosts, explaining that this achievement came as an unexpected
result after an attempt to alter the xenomorph cycle so that no eggs or hosts would be required,
likely due to the fact that aqcuiring human hosts, and dealing with pirates, such as the
crew of the Betty, proved to be a hinderance in their progress. Gediman goes on to explain:
We thought we could alter its reproductive system, obviate the egg-laying cycles, but
the beast doesn’t trade! It just added a second cycle, it’s wonderful! Genetic crossover…from the host DNA! Look at it! It’s you! Since there is a strong connection between
the alien queen and Ripley 8, both genetically, and, in many ways, emotionally, and telepathically,
then it’s fair enough to arrive at the conclusion that the Alien Newborn is purely the result
of the cloning process, and not something that would ever occur outside the genetic
tampering, even given the xenomorph species’ unpredictable anomalies. Though it is killed shortly after its birth,
how far could this new version of the species have gone? With the queen dead, and Ripley 8 clearly
imprinted upon as its mother, how could the species survive further? Could the Newborn survive by reproducing asexually
itself? And what exactly were its intentions with
Ripley 8? Comment below and let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for watching this video. Be sure to give it a like if you enjoyed watching,
and subscribe for more videos on the Alien Universe. If there’s a topic you liked to see covered
on this channel, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Until next time, this is Alien Theory, signing


  • Jason Ervin

    I read the novelization of resurrection I know what the new born wanted to do to Ripple, won't ruin it for the people who haven't read it

  • ketz gaming

    Imagine if the aliens killed all life on a planet so they had no way to reproduce so they put a alien in a alien it would be like a double alien

  • Dan non

    i figured embryo implantation causes a genetic cross to prevent rejection. Ripleys blood was taken when she was implanted in Alien 3. so the genetic information for the xenomorph was inside Ripley's DNA.

    the cloning process had some issues until they cloned a version of Ripley which looked human and had the baby xeno inside. however the genetic mixture wasn't perfect.

    the Queen had some human DNA and queens procreate A-Sexually so they are born pregnant. so instead of an egg sack we get a womb birth with a nasty looking human/xeno cross.

  • Arsonistic Clown

    i cant look at that thing without seeing the stupidly hilarious deathscene it got in the movie laughed my ass off

  • OkopianVoid

    I wish there's more to it about the "Newborn" Alien/Human Hybrid like what if it didn't die and lived on as a subspecies of the Xenomorph's.

  • DR Evil

    the worst idea for an alien film followed by a stupid ant queen.and "hey when we run out of ideas lets just cover it up in slime who needs giger"aliens in resurrection and the stupid alien bees in aliens.sorry but the only worthwhile aliens were the first and third one

  • FireTiger941

    It is disturbing as hell! Looks like a giant walking booger, kind of reminds me of the end of The Fly II, with what Bartok becomes, just downright gross!

  • Drakilicious

    That thing reminds me so much of pumpkin head, total abomination and nightmare fuel. The way it died was equally disturbing. Whoever thought the entire scene up was twisted in the head.

  • Leon Strife

    I believe the alien Newborn was a step back in the evolution of the xenomorph species.
    It was slow, unintelligent and it looked undeveloped like it was prematurely born.
    Also it's skin wasn't armored like it's predecessors.

  • Laslo Losla

    I do not understand the argument in favor of the Alien Newborn being purely the result of the cloning process. Genetic crossover does not explain it, I believe. Besides this, I would argue that the Alien Newborn could be seen as a clone of the Alien Queen itself.

    Assume that there is DNA crossing when a host is impregnated with an embryo by a facehugger. We fairly know this from the events shown in the movies (I'm bounded here by the movies prior to 'Alien Covenant' because I'm not familiar with anything in the Alien universe coming from anywhere else). That is, a facehugger cultivated in a cocoon comes from an Alien Queen and carries her/him DNA. It implants an embryo inside a host, where it grows until it bursts out. At some point within this process the DNA crossing takes place, resulting in an Aline Drone, Warrior, Queen, etc. with imprints of the mixed DNA from both the original Alien Queen and the host. This offspring could be seen then as the son/daughter of both the Alien Queen and the host.

    Now, in 'Alien Resurrection', the Alien Queen arises as a result of the cloning of Ripley from blood samples taken when she was already hosting an embryo of an Alien Queen. The latter was carrying DNA resulting from the crossing of DNA of Ripley and the Alien Queen of LV-426 starring in 'Aliens' (or, that is what we are lead to think… we do not know the exact origin of the cocoons left in the Sulaco ship).

    The inception of the Alien Newborn does not come from DNA crossing, and in that respect he/she might be seen as a clone of the Alien Queen, and in this sense he/she would be Ripley's son/daughter, organically cloned by the Alien Queen in 'Alien Resurrection' (no Alien mates with the Alien Queen as far as we know, so, the present speculation stands equally valid as the speculation assuming that they do mate; besides, if they were able to mate, why the urge to find hosts for embryo impregnation observed in the Alien Drones? Perhaps to favor the DNA crossing and diversify?). How was the Alien queen capable of implementing such cloning cycle? As it is also pointed out in the video, we do not know if it's some built-in feature of the creature, or if the same came as an unexpected result of the experiment to clone Ripley. The Alien Queen embryo could have "learned" to clone her/himself while she/he was being cloned from Ripley blood samples. Why does the Alien Newborn possess features resembling his/her human parenting? Same answer. However, he/she seems to exhibit a few flaws with respect to both an Alien and a human, particularly, some left-right asymmetries, like in the shape of the head. Those flaws might come from the (experimental, non-standard) cloning process, much as the flaws in attempts 1-7 to clone Ripley, in the sense of an interference with the natural development of the cloned Alien Queen. So, not even those flaws constitute evidence to favor that the Alien Newborn is a by-product of the cloning process.

  • Chat

    Usually hybrids don't live that long (almost all animals that aren't formed and born naturally).. They have bad genetics and get numerous diseases as they grow up, and they die usually suffering from bad joints/ diseases just for the purpose of Science. Pretty sad.. So I doubt the newborn would've survived that long even if she was given the chance. And yeah, apparently it's a girl

  • jurpker

    So, last time i checked, I could not find the song. So i accidentally found it, and it is : "Open sea morning- puddle of infinite "

    If it's out in the comments already then srry for spamm.

  • Austin J

    While the Newborn is most certainly an abomination, I can't help but feel bad for it. After all it appeared to be self aware (or more so than the average xeno) and the way it's little black eyes looked at the camera was almost adorable. That is in a very disturbing and grotesque way. Furthermore it almost looked curious when you got a good look at its eyes, almost as if it was trying to understand the world around it. I would most certainly want to see a fully matured version of the Newborn, I'm sure it would be even more disturbing than it already is but still…

  • joker Darker

    strangely ,i found the newborn cute / in a fucked up kinda way 😉 and obviously more unpredictable …n i enjoyed that movie even though 80% found it dreadful?

  • joker Darker

    was Ripley not meant to be it's mother even though it birthed from the queen, with it being half human? n that the newborn fucked up the queen in the most unpredictable way? maybe like the way some bees colonies who reject the new queens,which happens with bees not sure about hornets n wasps though.

  • Mike Cat

    What if Ripley was pregnant after Clemens and her had sex, resulting in the Queen becoming pregnant as well. Since Ripley got parts of an alien perhaps the queen got humanoid parts of her. Or Gediman mating with the queen seeing how he kept trying to kiss one. Only one I actually believe…

  • piplup2009

    that's cute and disturbing at the same time, wonder if the could hold its own against a normal xenomorph with its strength

  • StillMantis

    it's death scene greatly disturbed me when I first saw this movie on HBO in 1998. I was 10 lol. something I noticed though, watch the death scene with subtitles. The newborn is captioned as screaming "oh No! no!"

  • Asbestos Fish

    well, I thought the newborn was a thing because the genetic experiments to create a alien queen left it with a womb, so it screwed the regular gestation period and became almost fully-formed, that and the fact that xenomorph eggs cause certain changes in the embrio, as notice the newborn didn't have acidic blood, so it didn't have to form that body-armour/exoskeleton chitin.

  • Spattered

    Also are we forgetting that apparently Ripley is now half Queen xenomorph from the genetic testing and cloning.

  • Huang David

    I actually liked that guy. He was pretty cool and calm. feels bad man that he got sucked through the window.

  • Titans of War

    If anyone pays attention to the newborns death it seems to be speaking and saying it hurt help me if may be just me buts that what I heard

  • MisterRussT

    Genetic crossover from the cloning progress. The queen with her human womb, Ripley 8 with extra strength and acid for blood. it makes me think, wouldnt it be awesom to see a future flick where Ripley 8 gets pregnant, and a new breed will be born, with more alien features then Ripley 8, but less then the new born alien. Id love to see that happening, more then the prequels Prometheus and covenant, although I loved those to.

  • Spencer Lower

    Wouldn't it make more sense if Gedimen was actually the Newborn's father? I mean think about it, Gedimen appeared to have some weird attraction to the xenomorphs he was studying in the glass cages. Maybe the alien was 'seducing' him, or the Queen was seducing him through her drones since xenomorphs have a collective hive mind that is spearheaded by the Queen. Gedimen is one of the first humans snatched during the Auriga break-out but he's still alive near the end and cocooned pretty damn close to the Queen as she gives birth. He smiles and calls the Newborn a 'beautiful butterfly' like how a father may call his own child after seeing his wife finish giving birth in the hospital. Sounds really weird and frightening, right? Well it would certainly take the whole rape allusion of the first Alien film to a whole new level!!

  • Homie Dodo bird

    The human alien hybrid maybe be kinda scary looking but it has human DNA so just like a human it can think like us it could maybe talk like us……and perhaps have feelings….like us

  • Noice McNoiceFace

    Even though alien resurrection sucked, that "alien" was one of the only things that had genuenly creeped me out and easily the best part of alien resurrection

  • Don Edwards

    The newborn killed the Queen mother as it did not see her as its mother, but instead saw Ripley as its mother. That is why it basically did not harm her and was mesmerized by her. If you look closer to the newborn, i think it was basically just a very large and well developed chestburster. It has the same coloring as a chestburster as well. Also if you look closer to it, it is a female for sure, it has fairly well developed breasts on it. So if this was a super chestburster, the question is, would it have gone through the same cycle of shedding its skin and then get larger in size and develop the strong dark exoskeleton of the normal Xenomorph. And what kind of reproductive system would it had? live birth of more like itself? or something totally new.

    Another comment you made was about a king Alien that has never been seem. They don't need one. As someone who has studied entomology, the study of insects, in which the Xeno's are so strongly based, on ant, termite, bee, and wasp hives, the males are the Drones, the workers are non-reproductive females, and then there is the queen, which in Camerons design is very much like the huge egg laying queen of a termite colony. In all the lore that you speak of its hard to believe you have not come across this simple fact. The Xeno in the movie Alien was a male, it had the smooth head we all know of, it was trying to create eggs, but that of course was cut. In Aliens, we were introduced to the workers, they of course have the distinct ribbed heads, but there were no Drones to be seen, so either they were killed early on by the colonists or they served their purpose and died after copulating with the queen. The dog-burster/catle-burster in Alien 3 was also a Drone, protecting and making things ready for its soon to be born queen. Of course it is also lore in the comics/novels that no Drone is needed, but the more varied the DNA they can add to the hive the better. Also we have strong evidence that a worker if all alone can and will morph into a queen and start the whole thing over again. This was all talked about in the comic's that were novelized. A good read actually. But i kind of pieced this all together way way back before all the comics came out and we only had Aliens and Aliens to go by. And of course things are being slightly rewritten with The new prequels changing their origins and times lines a bit. I am old by your standards. so I have been following all this for a very long time now.

  • georgeowain

    Fun fact, originally the Newborn was to resemble an actual Xenomorph with Ripley's face. But it was decided that this was too similar to Sil from the film Species, and so they dropped this intended look.

  • Mina Wolf

    Why did Ripley has to kill the Newborn? The least she could have done was keep him and raise him and teach him to do good not bad. He's only a child who does not know any better.

  • Vixen 525

    That wasn’t what the original scrip describet the alien as, and I have actually been working on an illustration of the creature Joss Whedon described in the original script. I enjoy your channel, so you can use the image in a video if you like as long as you link to the original. The current image is a partial, but I am working on a complete version as well. Here’s a link to it. The image has a link to the script as well.


    Could be thanks to the sample retrieved from the prison planet was mingled Ripley and Queen Xenomorph…

  • Brakiri

    Yeah, Alien 4 was very strange and disturbing. What i find really interesting is that the the Alien Theory guy finds the prequel movies good. I think they destroy most of the interesting stuff, the dark and unknown origin of the Xenos, the Spacejockeys which are far more interesting as dark and mysterious figures beyond our comprehension than accounting everything to Kratosos on steroids that hate humanity and a Frankenstein android.
    Making David the creator of the aliens is so much less interesting than the unknown bioweapon (?) from the dark.

  • J C

    I can't help but feeling there are a lot of "sexual" connotations throughout Alien: Resurrection that at are bluntly thrown at you…
    The almost sexual-like feelings the Ripley 8 shows for Call, in one scene….
    The sequence where Ripley an Alien have some kind of "body-motions" going on together…
    as well as with the Newborn…

  • teenspirit1

    The – Explained title is misleading, if I ever heard an explanation before. This is more in the line of "discussed" or "pondered upon".

  • Ghost Hunter

    Well once upon a time Jean-Pierre Jeunet+Methamphetamine = Seriously Fucking Ugly but Loveable Hybrid XenoHumorph.

  • The 80's Wolf

    Alien 4 is underrated, people take it to serious. I think this creature is one of the scariest ones. Just see how it looks like Ripley, creepy af

  • Druuzil Tech & Games

    I assumed the baby was more human in appearance because of the way they obtained the queen through cloning Ripley. It was a cloned queen, and thus some changes likely occurred as a result. The doctor says "This is Ripley's gift to her (the queen): A human reproductive system".

  • vgrandy95

    That thing was definitely one of the weirdest looking creatures in the franchise. It had a long nasty tongue, a little triangle tip for a nose, a weird shaped body, and it also had the saddest eyes that made me feel very sad for it as it was dying

  • Mr Pink

    Maybe the mad scientist was right, that alien couldve been the next step in Evolution. It was way smarter than a human newborn, so it had the potential to be way smarter than a human, and stronger as well

  • Vanwolfster

    It could have proven to be a valuable ally or a powerful enemy. Nature v. Nurture. Can its instincts be overcome by reason?


    Lmfao guys you all have it wrong go listen to the director of resurrection. How he talks about the film, he pretty much disowned it now but the old tidbits are still out there.
    The newborn was supposed to propagate the species without the need for host's, it was looking at ripley more than just "hey your my mommy".
    Its end goal would have been to mate. And with the horrible dick-vagina hanging off that monster I can only imagine where the creative minds of this film were.

    The only reason the newborn existed was because of the gene splicing. And its end goal would have been to mate.
    It also would have ended up much larger and probably would have been a rapist of men and woman leaving behind eggs in those who were unlucky enough to be chosen by it for propagating the alien species.


    They were told "hell no, you cant do that, that is seriously fucked up you guys need help".

  • OmniMike

    Logged, and I had to wait until daytime to watch this one….EEeekk! No one seems to comment that beyond the newborn having a sad and premature death, it was ultra powerful, to have killed a queen in one swipe speaks volumes about its power. If not for the vacuum of space how could it have been otherwise contained, we know from the killing of the queen and others that molecular acid doesn't bother it, would fire?, frost?, we are really lucky this thing didn't make it back to earth.

  • Chie Ching

    Now i wonder if Ripley originated from Alabama and that the hybrid got the trait coz it looks like it want to bang her 😆

  • Alexandria Collins

    Ever read the scriptbook?: &

  • orlybabe

    As the Dr said, the cloning process that mixed a bit of Ripley into the xenomorph gave the Queen a womb – but why does the baby look so different from it? Someone else in the comments here mentioned maybe Ripley was pregnant at the time she died, having had sex with the Dr in the prison, so the fetus in her was mixed with a bit of xenomorph DNA which resulted in the Newborn. I think that makes the most sense, the womb the Queen got from Ripley’s DNA came with the baby Ripley was carrying.

  • Matthew Bester

    I think you are way off with this one. Think darker. Even from the first time I saw that scene, Dr Gediman clearly says the Queen now has "a human reproductive system". Someone (I suspect kissy kissy Gediman) had sexual intercourse with the Queen. That's why there are others cocooned nearby but kept alive, they were sperm donors.

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