The Birth of a Nation Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD
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The Birth of a Nation Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD

You’re a child of God. You got purpose. The Lord put it there… And nobody can take it away. These books are for white folks. They’re full of things your kind wouldn’t understand. You’re a special boy, Nathaniel. Study hard here. [music playing] Your slaves sure do know how to behave. Well, they’re God-fearing. One of them is a preacher. [music playing] People might pay good money to have ’em calm down a bit. Especially by one of their own. I lead you to Peter 2:18. “Submit yourselves to your masters… …not only to those who are good and considerate… … but also to those who are harsh.” [music playing] I’m Nat. What you think you’re doing, boy? I asked you a question. You’re done preaching for a little while. Learned your lesson, boy? Oh. Yes, sir. I’ve learned. To watch a strong man broken down… It’s a terrible thing. Lord’s spoken to me. Visions of what’s to come. The rise of good against evil. What we gonna do? We’ll fight. Once it begins, our brothers and sisters will join. Then we’ll number in hundreds. Thousands, even. [music playing] You fight. You fight for us all. I pray… You sing a new song. “Let the high praise of God be in the mouths of the saints… …and a two edged sword in their hand… …to execute vengeance on the demonic nations! Sing to him a new song!” [music playing] Rebel!! You waitin’ on something? You waitin’ on us. [music playing]


  • Darkless4X

    There's already a movie entitled "The Birth of a Nation" & it's a 1915 film based on the Ku Klux Klan. Just so y'all know. = P

  • douglas wahid

    Heard people call this a race bait, some took it as that others took it about a movie of self reliance. Thus it is art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    Birth of a nation my ass, yes slavery was/is a terrible thing but I find it bemusing how Hollywood/America so blatantly disregard the native Americans, and act as if the africans are the indigenous people of America.

  • Garrett Dalley

    the irony of the Nat Turner Rebellion was that it strengthened the pro slavery movement because people started thinking that if they freed their slaves the slaves would kill them all.

  • Faith Awesu

    is there a movie about how the first slave owner was black and how Africans sold there own people to different countries to be made slaves in the first place, no there isnt , if you think about it every race has done something wrong , so no race is in a position to start abusing the other, and before anybody starts making comments about how im racist and whatever just to let yous know im not ,my father is Nigerian and my mother is Irish, but yes i do agree that what happened in the past was horrible and inhuman but its the past can everyone not just get over it and relise none of yous were apart of it , cause none of yous were even born , it is true to say there are still racist people out there, some days i might get the odd dirty look of a old black women/man or old white women/man but thats just how they were raised when they were younger , as i always say racism is thought you cant be born with it but i learn to brush it of so can everyone just learn to do the same and stop bringing up the past like my god move on ……

  • Warrior of Slaanesh

    Another Jew-made movie from Hollywood made to drive blacks and whites further apart from one another. When will any of you ever wake up?

  • watchthis12day

    Come on "whitey"! be honest for once in your life, you would LOVE for slavery to be re-established! I'd respect you if you are honest! show your true colors!

  • Firedog09

    I wonder if they will show the hundreds of. lack people who owned slaves, if they will show the millions of Irish men who where enslaved in the states. And how the Republicans of the south stood up and voted against slavery… Nah Obama doesn't like that story, he likes the one where white people are evil and minorities are vulnerable little flowers that never do wrong.

  • moodsawa

    the jewish propaganda media now reminding blacks of the tyranny the white people did to their forefathers…whats the motive here???? Do they want he blacks to have an inclination of hatred against their white brothers???
    Let me remind you folks before you swallow the trash that hollywood is feeding you, jews are responsible of the black slave trade to america and they dominated the markets of slaves, owned all the merchant ships and conviced the whites of the legality of enslaving the blacks using the bible.

    Read your History before you are meant to watch a distorted story told by the hollywood liars… We are all brothers and sisters in humanity.

  • Erick Marquez

    a lot irony with this movie, when the most famous KKK's movie, has the same name and the same topic,sorry to write this… but sounds like black supremacist propaganda, of course I'll see this movie to understand the message, but seems like a mirror image from the birth of a Nation (1915)… I know the harsh of the African american community and I empathize with… but sounds controversial the name and the topic…

  • Chris B.

    If the African American generation involved in slavery could see how the current generation of blacks act, they would be spinning in their graves.  They most certainly did not fight for freedom to become gang members, rappers and thugs to get locked up in prison.  The current generation should be ashamed of their actions. I am not a racist, but the numbers  overwhelmingly point to the majority of blacks (not all)  live a lifestyle of bad choices and feel they are owed something for what had been done to them in the past.  They owe it to their ancestors to act civilized and be very thankful of the life they have now.

  • Enemy Combatant

    Can everybody shut the hell up?
    This is a movie about history, and looks pretty good to be honest.
    So please, stop trying to have a race war in the comments. I haven't seen any comments besides "White people being butthurt, like usual…" or "Another slave movie?"
    Just enjoy the trailer.

  • sybylo

    Am I the only seeing the true meaning of this movie? We were forced to pray and fear a God that was not ours. Why do we pursue this???

  • Bojidar Martinov

    THE WORST SLAVE Movie EVER. DO NO Watch it. If you do, you will get brainwashed. unrealistic movie…shit movie!

  • akilla214u2c

    I finally, got to see this film online as it didn't make it to mainstream movies, during its initial release.

    Great film… a shinning example of how white oppression towards blacks in America was more out of fear and greed, than anything else. Its amazing how the oppression of blacks in America continues today. The true history of slavery is muted, the acts of the enslaving whites are covered up , and the lessons of yesterday's past is hidden from today's future.

    The U.S History omits this part of the American history, in which is the hidden black revolution, in fear of in sighting more hatred against whites. But its not white America that's hated, its white oppression that needs to be quarreled, and that's what's hated.

    Today's oppression is different than this period depicted in the film, but the oppression is still the same. African Americans have come a long way, but there is still more to come.

    Thanks Nate Parker for your rendition of history, and lets keep history alive.

  • Russ G

    Tis' the season to promote more anti-white rhetoric. Yeah, slavery happened it was awful, we know.. Europeans also pushed slavery to an end all throughout the globe. How about we make a movie about how slavery across the globe was brought to an end largely by Europeans?. Or maybe we can a film on the Arab slave trade (practised right up until just before the 21st century), but then wait, nope, they're not Europeans so.. forget it. I'm not saying these movies shouldn't be made, but the timing seems a little bad. And there's a whole load of these movies and shows being put out right now. Why is that? So much stoking of racial tension right now it seems people are just desperate to propagate conflict.

  • Confucius Say

    whats up with all the black movies lately? is this to prepare the blacks to hate Trump? evil hollywood doesnt want peace it seems.

  • lrtx82

    I am white and was filled with vile and disgust for my own race watching this. The performance put on by the actor who played Nate was amazing. His performance towards the end had me in knots. It felt so real.

  • jeb stuart

    i would like to ask 2 things : If white southerners were soooo bad, why didn't they killed all of their slaves after they knew the war was lost ???
    It was really simple no ? But they didn't…
    If white southerners were soooooo bad, why a lot of plantations owners gave freedom to their slaves around 1860/1861 ??( my example is no fake : please see the Arlington plantation history among others)
    I hate the exploitation from a man to another (and our 2017 world is full of quite same situations in your everyday life) but i hate all of this stupid democrats people who try to re write History.
    Human History is more complicated than just white and black, good or evil…..all is shades of grey isn't it ?

  • loch70

    I see in the comments the world has not get as far as I sometimes imagine. I was brought up not to see the colour of the skin but to see the person. For me many of the thoughts in the comment section are hard to grip, or even try to understand.

  • peckerdecker

    Thanks for the trailer. its 2017 and it's a story of the past. is the story relevant? who wants to pay / see a movie about slavery in America?

    This film might appeal to certain folks? or for viewers who enjoy seeing slaves whipped. .. crying like tar babies etc. … hmm

  • Rehan Arshad

    Such movies should be made from time to time,, to remind people of where they were and what progress they've made…

  • Eleeza Israel

    We are the Israelites according to the bible. Deuteronomy ch 28. So called Native Americans, Black and Hispanic. Wake up so we can go home our true home JERUSALEM. Rev 13:10 Exodus 21:16.

  • Rodney Armstrong

    the most saddest thing about black freedom all they could come up with is pimping thug life Worldstar the knock out game street hustling. and that is 90% of the black communities. and if you look up crimes on YouTube 98% are the black people committing them. and don't call me a racist because I'm telling the truth. look it up do your homework.

  • so s

    my brothers black focus really suffer in those bad aras
    white british invade the whole world.
    do you know that every country in the world they celebrate their independence day , only one country is england . because they never got invade . but i belive they will be in future maybe

  • Catherine Jones

    It really is time to wake. White enslaving white black enslaving black. WAKE UP!!! We are all brothers and sisters by blood!!!

  • Mike Ansley

    "Turner’s small band of hatchet-wielding slaves killed his master, Joseph Travis, along with his wife, nine-year-old son and a hired hand as they slept in their beds. Realizing they had left one family member alive in the house, two slaves returned to the Travis home and killed “a little infant sleeping in a cradle” before dumping its body in the fireplace." –

    These Are Our Heroes – NAS

  • Fuck The State

    White people: "There are too many movies about this"
    Also white people: Ignores how Hollywood releases a war porn movie set in the Middle East every year

  • TT

    A story of a man not how it actually was for everyone in those times seeing as most whites didn't own slaves but called it the birth of a Nation a title from a book "Birth of A Nation," which was based on a novel entitled "The Clansman." The author of "The Clansman" said that he wrote that to counter the influence that the literary, the real "Uncle Tom's Cabin," had had. That it wasn't right for people to assume that slavery was this egregious institution and that slave owners were egregious individuals. He wanted to revisit and revise that to show how inferior blacks were and how superior white Southern planters were. While calling other black folks Uncle Tom's for stating facts who are black to represent a sell out, yet in the actual original book that sold out more than the Bible in that time uncle Tom was considered the highest character of a slave willing to die before selling out two slave women. Media is so frickin twisted I swear no wonder kids who don't study history and read and only look to media think so wrong of how things actually were and make up slang words that mean the exact opposite. So a minority, movie that hurt slave cause, with a title based on keeping slaves, slaves from a another book, while not knowing uncle Tom was a hero in the actual book depicted on a real life slave. Long live education and research otherwise the next generation is doomed smh

  • Roman Qymaen

    Dear blacks and tolerate cuckolds, I want to ask you just one more thing – what about "A son doesn't pay for his father's sins?"
    P.S. I'm really glad this movie appeared. The more movies like this one we have the sooner the whites will get tired about blacks' whining. And then everything will change…)))

  • n1collage

    This is a terrible case of bad luck. Nate Parker had to have a sexual encounter with a mentally unstable woman who ended up accusing him of rape.

  • Erica Daniel

    If only our children knew the history or cared about what our ancestors went through for our freedom, maybe they would get themselves together. I can't watch movies like this due to struggle we endured as a people.


    This is prophecy and denial of this don't change God. Deuteronomy 28:68 And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.
    Let's take a close look at this scripture. Egypt is in Africa…and God used it as our punishment. Africans were never apart of God's covenant that caused our judgements. Amos 3:1-2 Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying, 2. You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities. Exodus 6:5 And I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians keep in bondage; and I have remembered my covenant.
    In ships. The timeline for this is about 1441 A.D. World enslavement has begun, long after our Exodus from Egypt. Exodus 20:2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Anywhere we're taken to the four corners of the world, would be bondage like we had in Egypt. We have never been to our family's home in Jerusalem, like God said. And our oppressors are called our ENEMIES they did not act as a friend to us. Our family could not free us from bondage and yet we were sold to our ENEMIES. Where we are still on our slave land and we still carry the master's last names…till this day.
    8728 enemies, of Israel and Judah
    Throughout their history, Israel and Judah contended with enemies committed to their destruction, finding refuge only in their covenant-keeping God.

  • Starhunter Terra

    It was a powerful movie, the fact that he missed the Civil War that saw that way of life collapse by 29 years is tragic for his fate and the others. By the way according to the original story, he planned to take the freed slaves to Haiti or the British Caribbean like Spartacus.

  • Millicent Owass

    Yeah sing to him a new song on that demonic Plaine but I saw where you were facing saying that. I thought this movie was Django unchained, but I well how long was Jacob a slave to make his Leah a Rachel? I guess 14years and still counting oh what miserable life I didn't know if you think you can lie and talk in a certain terms for the meaning can make somebody to dream this ironicaly and bold. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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