The Birth of Electron, a Story of Creation (ElectroBOOM101-001)
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The Birth of Electron, a Story of Creation (ElectroBOOM101-001)

Hi. Welcome to my new series of videos in which I’ll try to transfer my VAST knowledge of electronics to you, want it or not. Why am I doing this? Because I’m tired of hearing you guys say: ‘Haha. I don’t have a clue what this guy is saying. I’m just here for the hurting. Haha’ Not anymore. You will watch this series and you will see beyond the hurting. You can potentially design your own circuits too So, let’s start all the way from the beginning This is my version of ‘Story of Creation’ which I’ll draw on a whiteboard Although it would work better on a blackboard, but I’ll just invert the colors There. Let’s go *humming and vocalizing* At the beginning, there was nothing No time, no space, no up nor down, nothing Void was all there was But, how can there be ‘nothing’ if ‘nothing’ can be? If ‘nothing’ is here, maybe ‘something’ is there So this caused the crack in the heart of, well, ‘nothing’, and she came out of it from there to here I named her Donya which in Farsi means ‘the world’ or ‘universe’ Donya existed forever because ‘forever’ was meaningless. Time was not yet in existence Donya was infinite, because, well, there was nothing else Donya was also infinitely small, because there was only room to grow Donya had a strong will to be. The Outcome of Nothing, The Child of Void Donya was anything, but the void. So she wished to be more She was the smallest seed that started the greatest motion in universe She set a universe into motion Day one: In a fraction of a second, Donya expanded into an extremely hot and bright universe Everything came into existence inside of her Rules, laws, matter, antimatter, everything No matter if they could or could not be. So of course, this wasn’t a successor story Many rules collided, laws contradicted Imagine one was saying ‘gravity would attract’ while the other was saying ‘it should repel’ So they met and cancelled each other Matter and antimatter collided and collapsed Most of what was went to their dark paths Fighting their time to show up again, when the moment was right Out of this war to be, it was the matter that remained. Why? Because, if this is matter, and this is antimatter, they cancelled most of each other and turned into huge energy But luckily, matter was just this much more than antimatter, and that built our current cosmos And as we figured, four forces rose from the ashes of the war to rule the universe First, the Strong Nuclear Force, that as the universe cooled down, brought together the nucleus or core of the atoms Second, the Electromagnetic Force was brought into life by the birth of electrons and protons These two were charged by this magical force that we call electric force where opposites attract While the atom core of equal protons and neutrons were held together by strong nuclear force, electrons rotate around the proton reach nucleus to form atoms Well, not in such perfect orbits, but rather a cloud of probability Electrons could be anywhere in this cloud, but more likely in this area But why doesn’t electron just drop on proton and stop moving, you say? Because quantum physics, b**ch And this is the beginning of our journey into electronics. The electron was born Third force was the Weak Nuclear Force, decaying the atom core particles If particles were too big and unstable, they started breaking down decaying and radiating all sort of alpha, beta, or gamma rays And finally, the fourth was the Force of Gravity which bonded all matter together in a revolving dance of planets, and sun, and black holes Donya expanded into an entire universe in just under a second The first day of creation ended in merely a second. She was pleased In just a second she paved the path for everything else to exist Black holes, galaxies, solar systems, earth, life Well, Donya is still getting larger and large, expanding into, ‘nothing’ But how can you expand into ‘nothing’ that doesn’t sound right? Wow, that was deep. And it took forever to make Of course for the most part it was based on scientific theories I just filled in some scientific holes with my own imaginary theories. Who knows they might be true Just one request, please don’t turn this into a religion and start worshiping the Magnificent Unibrow Although I prefer it over the Flying Spaghetti Monster Maybe I should start printing some stickers Now electronics can be quite complicated, like quantum physics What happens at quantum physics level can be so strange and random that you can pretty much blame anything on it Like when your girlfriend says: ‘You went to the store and bought everything except the one thing I asked you to buy. Why?’ ‘Pfft…’ ‘…quantum physics, b**ch’ So personally for me to deal with it is to keep a simple mind about it And I think that mentality could be helpful to many of you trying to understand electronics Of course, there are a lot of good people on the web that teach electronics in their own style and every style helps a different mind So if you like my style, subscribe, get this video to the front page by liking it, and look for the new episodes between my regular stuff And I’ll see you later


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