The Bravest, Cutest Baby Monkey In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E03
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The Bravest, Cutest Baby Monkey In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E03

He hasn’t been moving around much. – We got a call that someone
was bringing in an injured baby monkey. – Thanks so much for bringing him in. – We were quite nervous
to see what condition this baby
was gonna be in. – Hit by a car. – And so, I
– Just now? – Yeah. So the mother
was squashed. Injured his little foot. Unfortunately, he’s too
young to go back. We’ll give him
a mother here. The Vervet Monkey Foundation is a rehabilitation center
and sanctuary. for orphaned vervet monkeys, monkeys who were
illegally kept as pets, or injured. It’s
a place for them to live out the rest
of their lives or be released
where possible. – How cool is this, man? It’s an emergency. Go get sick bay
ready, buddy. – Where are we?
– The end of the tail looks like it’s coming off.
– Yeah. -Yeah. – Hi. Oh my gosh, I’m so
sorry. Jerry had a broken foot,
and bruising all down her tail. She was also quite
emotionally traumatized. Just really confused. She didn’t know
what was going on. So we made sure that we
gave her lots of hugs. and to calm her down,
while we tried to get that foot
stabilized. – Fluids? – See if it drinks.
– Okay. – Hey, sweetie-pie. Hey, beautiful. – Was her Mom with her?
– Yeah. – And where’s Mom, did she die?
– Yeah. All right, babes.
Let’s go. She was relatively quiet.
Taking everything in. Wasn’t really sure what
was going on. – Now she has a nice little
purple foot. – We should all sign her cast.
– Yeah. All right, baby. If you can keep that on, that would be swell. Let’s go. We have around
570 monkeys. Our goal is to get them in a social environment
again, so they can form a troop
and a family life, like they should have
once had. The bigger vision is to create an area that we’re
gonna call “The Vervet Forest.” A place they can
roam free. They shouldn’t be in homes.
They shouldn’t be in cages. We need to get them back
where they belong. When a monkey first arrives, they will go into quarantine before we move them to
meet other orphans. – Hi. What’s this? What’s going on,
baby monkey? – We can’t rescue a monkey
and then just release it anywhere, because it will simply die. They do need their
support system. And we have the
enclosures here for the family environment
for them. Jerry had a bandage
on her foot. And, you know, wasn’t
quite sure of exactly how to walk. And she didn’t really connect
with the other monkeys. – Just gonna bandage it. Jerry’s bandage for
the first few days was changed every day. We wanted to make sure
that those cuts and bruises weren’t gonna get
infected. – You’re not gonna like
this bit. – There you go! She was very quiet for
those first two days. But once the pain
kind of went away, she got to meet a couple
more monkeys. The other babies really
inspired Jerry to get better quickly. And she’ll just be like,
“Okay, you know. This isn’t so bad.
I’m safe here. It’s gonna be okay.” Jerry’s bandage stayed on for about two and a half
weeks. And she was really desperate
to get out there and play with the
other monkeys. But having that bandage slowed her down and she couldn’t keep
up with them. So we decided to take it off,
and to see how she’d go. It was just such an
awesome moment. I put her down and immediately
she started walking. I knew that everything
was gonna be fine. You could see it in her
little face that she was just
super-excited. These animals, even though they’ve
had a really rough start in life, we’re able to provide
that second chance to be out and bouncing around with no sort of bandage
and no medication after about two and a half
weeks is just incredible. It was more important to
her to make friends than it was to worry
about her foot. Jerry’s two favorite things
in the world are mangoes and blankets. I think if she could
have her way she’d want to be burritoed
in a blanket with a never-ending supply
of mangoes just all day, every day. We really saw her personality
come out. She’s just the sweetest
little monkey ever. She took it upon herself
to be a little nurse to all the other monkeys,
and Jerry will be the first one over there,
giving them a big hug and just kind of sitting
with them. And be like, “You know what, buddy?” “If you need it, I’m here.” When we’re raising
these babies we can look after them
to a point. – At six weeks old, we’ll
move the baby to put them with a foster
Mom for the first time. – Jerry’s about to meet
her foster Mom. Although we’re almost confident
that it’s gonna be fine, there is that little bit of fear. Is she a hundred percent
ready? Jerry’s a little bit
nervous. – I don’t think Jerry
knows what to do. – We’ve got one Mom
called Mrs. Gold. She’s been a foster Mom for
a few years in a row now. And so we wanted
to try her first. Mrs. Gold used to be
really nervous, but since she started
meeting the babies, she now loves it, and she’s
just an amazing Mom. Mrs. Gold came in and she just
gave Jerry a great big hug. I couldn’t be more proud. But to see Mrs. Gold just
accept Jerry so unconditionally, and
immediately love her was just the most rewarding
experience. Jerry developed a really
strong bond with her Mom. She’s helped to nurture
Jerry’s personality. Mrs. Gold’s just a
fantastic mom. She’s there for Jerry when
she needs those cuddles and those
mom moments, but she’s also very good
at pushing Jerry, and growing that confident side
of Jerry’s personality. It’s taken her time to be
like, “Okay, these monkeys are gonna
look after me.” She’s connecting with the monkeys
that are gonna be her family. The three-month mark is when
the mothers can carry their babies out
into the group. Jerry, who had such
a rough start, to be able to see her go out
is just gonna be pretty amazing. – You–are you
on the doors? [Door rattling sounds]
– Jerry! ♫ Now that they’re out in the troop
with the rest of the monkeys, I think Mrs. Gold has her
work cut out for her. Jerry is all over
the place. She’s up on the tree, she’s running around with all
the other monkeys. Every time I walk past the troop
and I see Mrs. Gold and Jerry
hanging out in the tree, it just makes me smile. Mrs. Gold gives Jerry so
much confidence that she’s gonna grow up
to have the very best life that
she possibly could. A life where she knows
who she is, and that she’s an integral part
of that monkey troop. From the moment she arrived,
Jerry’s been a real little fighter. Overcome some pretty
horrible stuff to become the wonderful, well-adjusted
monkey that we see today. She’s got such a bright future
ahead of her.


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