The Criminal History of Lil Baby
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The Criminal History of Lil Baby

Lil Baby has become one of the most sought
after rappers in hip hop ever since he dropped his debut album “Harder Than Ever” back
in May of 2018. The 25 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia
has had multiple chart topping hits such as “Yes Indeed” featuring Drake and “Drip
Too Hard” featuring Gunna which have made him not only a multi million dollar recording
artist, but a certified multi platinum artist as well. In fact, Lil Baby has gone platinum over 10
times since the start of his career, which is quite impressive to say the least. But what makes Lil Baby’s story even more
astonishing is the fact that just a few years ago, he was sitting alone in his 6 by 8 concrete
cell in a georgia state penitentiary at just 18 years old. Curious on how Lil Baby got himself into this
situation? Well then we got you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the Criminal
History of Lil Baby. Lil Baby’s first arrest first arrest took
place when he was just 12 years old. While out with some friends, Lil Baby got
this genius idea to go break in and rob a house that was in his Atlanta neighborhood. As the crew approached the house, police pulled
up out of nowhere and detained all of them almost immediately. After a few minutes of questioning, the police
came to the conclusion that Lil Baby and friends were planning on breaking into the home and
arrested them for burglary. Since Lil Baby was only 12 years old at the
time, he obviously couldn’t be booked into a county jail, so they brought him to a local
juvenile detention center, where he stayed locked up for only 10 days. When he got out, Lil Baby continued to stay
involved with the streets with the only difference being that he was just less secretive about
it. Before, nobody other than his friends really
knew what he was up to but after his arrest, everyone, including his mother, knew about
his little “after school activities”. Despite being knee deep in the streets, Lil
Baby continued to attend school and claimed to be extremely smart academically. He consistently passed all of his classes
and was on the path to get his high school diploma, but eventually got kicked out of
high school due to the fact that he kept getting suspended throughout his entire academic career. After getting kicked out, Lil Baby was planning
on going to an alternative school, but decided to just drop out after realizing he was “too
old” for the alternative school. He was now in the streets, full-time. With all the new free time on his hands, Lil
Baby ended up getting arrested multiple times during the ages of 16 and 17. All of the details of these arrests seem to
be sealed due to the fact that Lil Baby was still a minor at the time, but he mentioned
in a few interviews early on in his career that the arrests were basically all for the
same two things, drugs and guns. Every time he was arrested, Lil Baby seemed
to get off with almost little to no consequences but this obviously didn’t last forever,
as his next arrest left the judge fed up and ended up sentencing Lil Baby to probation. While on probation, Lil Baby stayed out of
trouble for a short period of time, but at the age of 18, he slipped up once again, and
was sent back to jail after violating his probation. This probation violation had Lil Baby facing
some serious time in prison which required him to lawyer up as soon as possible. His first lawyer was able to cut him a deal
to where he just had to serve 2 years in prison but Lil Baby wouldn’t take this for an answer
and eventually fired him to hire a new lawyer who was able to land him an even better deal
where he was told that he could attend a 6 month program, instead of doing time in prison. Lil Baby accepted this deal and went to the
program a few days later. After arriving to this program, Lil Baby soon
found out that this program was actually intended to be a year long ordeal instead of the 6
months that he had been told. This upset Lil Baby and made him feel like
he had been tricked but he continued to give the program another chance. Then, just a few days later, he got into a
scuffle with another program attendee which led to him being kicked out of the program
and sentenced to 2 years in prison. At the prison, Lil Baby didn’t really have
any difficulties as you may expect an 18 year old to have because he had cousins who were
facing life sentences in the same penitentiary he was in. In addition to having some family by his side,
it also probably helped that his two year sentence was the shortest one out of all the
inmates, which most likely made him thankful that he’s even going to get out, while other
inmates may never see the light of day again. On July 1, 2016, Lil Baby was released from
prison and returned to his mother’s home in Atlanta. When he got back, Lil Baby realized that a
lot of his street friends such as Marlo and Young Thug, have begun rapping and were actually
developing quite the buzz in the industry. While this was cool and all, Lil Baby had
no desire to rap and planned on going back to hustling in the streets like he had been
doing his whole life. When word of his plans got around town, old
friends such as P and Coach K from Quality Control and even Young Thug encouraged Lil
Baby to start rapping instead of going back to his old ways. Lil Baby soon began entertaining this idea
but never actually got started… until Young Thug paid for Baby’s first ever studio session. This one studio session with Young Thug changed
Lil Baby’s life… forever. Lil Baby soon began to be in the studio non
stop, recording song after song, until he finally dropped his first ever project titled
“Perfect Timing” which had features from Lil Yachty, Gunna, and of course… Young Thug. This project brought a lot of buzz to Lil
Baby, not only because of the good music, but rather due to the fact that everyone discovered
that this was Quality Control’s newest artist. Lil Baby took advantage of all of this new
attention and soon dropped his debut album “Harder Than Ever”. Two of the tracks featured on the album, “My
Dawg” and “Freestyle” went viral online and skyrocketed Lil Baby to mainstream success. This not only allowed him to make incredible
hits with his friends over at Quality Control, but also gave him the ability to link up with
other top tier artists such as Drake. In fact, Drake and Lil Baby’s song titled
“Yes Indeed” is currently 3 times platinum and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot
100 charts. It’s also pretty cool that Gunna, who was
featured on Lil Baby’s first project, started to gain mainstream success as well at around
the same time as Lil Baby. The two eventually went on to release an album
together called “Drip Harder” where the lead single “Drip Too Hard” peaked at
number 4 on the Billboard charts and even went platinum 5 times. Then on February 7, 2019 at around 6 pm, Lil
Baby was cruising around in his orange corvette when a Georgia State Trooper saw the rapper
fail to signal when changing lanes. Lil Baby then proceeded to speed up and pass
other vehicles in a reckless manner while a lot of pedestrians were walking about on
foot. Then as soon as the state trooper got behind
Lil Baby’s corvette to pull him over, Baby realized what was going on and began to accelerate
and change lanes in hopes to avoid being pulled over. That ended up not working out so well because
the state trooper eventually pulled Lil Baby over and arrested him for failing to signal
while changing lanes, reckless driving, and attempting to flee or elude police. Baby was then put in the back of the police
cruiser and then eventually booked into the Fulton county jail. Lil Baby was released later that night after
posting bail for an unknown amount of money. No updates have been released in the media
about this arrest but I have a pretty good feeling that Lil Baby will most likely just
have to pay a fine of some sort and maybe attend some type of traffic school. Overall, I don’t really worry about Lil
Baby ever falling back into his old ways. He claims that he never wants to go back to
prison and really showed everyone that not only is he a talented artist, but that he
also has an extremely good work ethic as well. He seemed to have realized how fortunate he
was to be surrounded by already established rappers and label executives and put everything
he had into the music until he became one of the biggest names in hip hop. I also want to note that I don’t really
consider his last arrest to be anything major whats so ever, or at least nothing major compared
to what Lil Baby came from since it’s basically just a traffic violation. Regardless, I wish for nothing but the best
for Lil Baby and hope he continues to achieve massive success in the industry. Well there you have it, the entire criminal
history of Lil Baby. If you enjoyed this video, then hit the like
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