The Day Of Birth!
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The Day Of Birth!

Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye, and today is my birthday. You know what that means? I’m one year closer to dying. Yay! Happy video! (laughs) I am 27 years old today. I’m closer to 30 than I’ve ever been in my life. I can’t believe in 3 more years I’m going to be 30. And I’m here making a video with super bright green hair and a bow on my head. (laughs) God I’m the biggest fucking child ever (laughs) I was gonna make a video today, like some sort of like, funny birthday themed thing and I was trying to find games like stupid flash games that I could play, make some jokes out of it and everything. But, I didn’t want to make a video All about me. I didn’t want to make a video all about celebrating my birthday. Cause, and the reason for that is because I started to look around on-line, and I started to see, the amount of people who are celebrating me today. Just because it’s my birthday. And, it felt a little weird, it felt a little I don’t know, it felt a little self involved if I just made a whole video about my birthday, well, I guess this kinda what this is anyway, because I drew attention to it. But what I wanted to is because there were so many people celebrating me today I wanted to like, throw it back. and celebrate some of you. Because you there are so many people out there who are wishing me a happy birthday. And have been, for like a whole week. People on tumblr did a whole like boss week thing. Where each day, they went through a different thing about me, or about the channel. It was like, “How has Jack changed your life” or “What’s your favourite thing about the channel?” or “What’s your favourite thing about Jack himself?”, “What’s your favourite series Jack has done?” and “What’s your favourite quote?” stuff like that for a whole 7 days. Leading up to my birthday. And that, was so incredibly sweet to see. And, I don’t know, I felt like, I didn’t deserve it because it’s, it’s a birthday, I don’t normally celebrate my birthday that much, it’s a regular day. I still sit here, and I get stuff done, and I make videos and yell at things, as always, and maybe I’ll go to the cinema, or maybe I’ll have like a nice dinner, or something, but. Normally not a whole lot happens. I don’t celebrate my birthdays that much. But there’s so many of you out there who had me in your thoughts today, because of that, and it really, really touches me. Because not everyone has someone out there that will say to them when it is their birthday. And I see a lot of people online All the time, saying that it’s their birthday today, and I always try to reply to somebody and say Happy Birthday to them. Because, I know it means a lot to them. And people like to feel good about themselves on their birthday, and just to see that there was thousands of people wishing me happy birthday blows my mind. Because, again, like 5 years ago, it was just like close friends, and family who would say happy birthday to me. And now I’m just inundated, with just goodwill, good messages, Happiness Positivity, really great vibes and energy from people all over the world, Just because it’s my birthday. And that blows me away. So sincerely, thank you so much for that. That is really, incredibly sweet of all of you to do, And I know, some people will be like, “Yeah, well, isn’t it expected that you’d say happy birthday to somebody?” Like, nobody had to. Nobody had to say anything to me today, but the fact that you guys thought about me today, in any sort of regard, at all, and any other day, really means a lot to me. And I really do appreciate everybody here, and everything that you guys do for me. And I don’t just say that. So as I said, what i want to do is just throw it back, kinda to you guys, and show off some of the things that people have been doing. Because, there’s so much, there’s so much fanart that’s done all the time, theres so many like, great messages that people send me all the time, and I feel like I don’t showcase that enough. I mean I interact with it, all the time, on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, anyway, but. I don’t think you guys actually get to see What that looks like. And like, here, you can just see, I just searched Jacksepticeye Birthday, and you can see like, the really the cool, creative, awesome things that people are making. The cookies and the little woollen, knitted Jacksepticeye, nice Jabba the Hutt in the background by the way. Um, and just really cool fanart, and really cool pictures And it, it means so much to me. Because I go through this stuff all the time, especially tumblr, cause I feel like These are, these are really sweet. Um, There’s a lot of stuff there all the time, and it’s very easy to access and very easy to show that I’ve seen the stuff that people have seen the stuff that people have done. So, I’m here a lot, and I go through the tags quite often. So… (laughs) hands are hard. Believe me, I know. Um, I’m not an artist, but even I know, (laughing) how difficult hands are to draw. There’s so many sweet messages from people wishing me nothing but joy. And, Again, it’s very, very surreal to have that. To go, like anytime of day, I can go like, on any of my social medias and there’s always people there, saying really nice things. And trying to support me, and trying to support the channel, and this community, and trying to say, like, really nice things and spread happiness and that, that’s so cool. Like all the time, so many great messages, and I know, I know it looks like I’m just flying through here, I have sat down, and like, read a good amount of these, before I got through, or before I started recording this. But I just wanted to show you guys, like look how cool this is. That’s fucking awesome, like spinning glowsticks! That’s so impressive. You guys are so talented. That’s fucking cool Is this like, ClusterTruck? That’s so awesome, everyone’s heading to the giant Sam. Makes you look terrifying, Sam. I mean, if your that big you kinda would be. And this, this is what really blows me away. I remember, this is a cake, somebody made for their sons first birthday. Which is absolutely mind boggling. Because I remember, when I was younger, well not when I was 1, because I couldn’t think for myself back then, But I remember when I was younger, and having a birthday, was a really, really big thing. You’d get gifts, your friends would come over for parties, you’d get a cake, And the cakes were always stuff like, your favourite cartoon character, your favourite superhero, sometimes one and the same, And these different types of things, so to see somebody make a cake based around the Septiceye, for someones birthday, is the coolest thing ever. It’s so flattering, it’s so beyond what I thought YouTube could be part of. Yeah, I play video games, and I scream at them, and laugh, and try to make people smile or whatever, but to see it have such and impact that they’d go to these types of lengths to honour, that sort of commitment, is outstanding. And it’s really cool looking as well. Like look at these. So awesome, they look delicious as well by the way. Oh this was last years. When, I was, I was in L.A. for my birthday last year, it was actually on Superbowl Sunday! Last year, and we went to DisneyLand, Not on the day of my birthday. We celebrated at Marks house, and they gave me cakes and everything. And that was really cool, and a lot of people came over, the Grumps came over and everything, I made a vlog about it last year. And it really meant a lot to me. And this was like at DisneyLand, they brought out stuff cause’ it was Matt’s birthday close to that as well. So they brought out stuff, 2 little cakes for us. With candles on them, and it was super sweet, and it really meant a lot to me. There’s a bunch of stuff on Twitter, as well. From people, this is really fucking cool. Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you, oh, it’s Princess Jackonoke! It’s me, as Princess Mononoke, from Princess Mononoke, cause it’s my favourite Ghibli movie. And somebody made me, but in the style of the character, which is really fucking cool. Here we have more cakes. That’s awesome. Aw that’s super cute. Level 27. Yay! (Laughs) I leveled up! Oh, man, it’s crazy to think I’m 27 now. See more cakes! Happy 13th birthday Josh! Happy Birthday Josh! This was January 21 though, so I’m, I’m a bit late Josh. I’m sorry but so many nice messages from people. I could spend ages going through that, and I could stay here all day going through the tag There was a lot of stuff in there from last year as well. But, I don’t want this to seem like it’s too self indugent, I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m making a video all about myself. And that people should be aware of my birthday or anything like that, Just, thanks. Thank you, for the really nice messages, and thank you for being here all the time. Not just on my birthday, but every other day. And thank you for sending me nice, positive messages all the time, And just being generally all around nice. And being really supportive, and being really supportive of each other, as well. And if any of you out there are celebrating your birthday today as well, Happy Birthday. I hope you have the absolute best day, and you share it with loved ones, and if you don’t have loved ones to share it with, Then I’ll be here. To share a birthday with you. I’ll be here, and I’ll keep making videos, and hopefully, you have a great day nonetheless. And believe it or not, Okay, I should take the bow off my head, cause it makes it seem like I’m not actually being sincere. Believe it or not, I actually am going to go relax. For a little while. I don’t normally relax, well, sometimes I play games or whatever in my spare time, but today, I’m just going to take it easy. I usually work my ass of all the time to get YouTube videos out, So today, I’m just gonna sit back, relax a small bit more, videos will still be coming, of course. But I’m just gonna, soak it in, for today. But thank you, for the really nice messages, and thank you for being here, day after day. Hopefully you will be here again, this time next year, and we’ll be doing even greater things, and bigger and better things, I love you guys, and I’m really happy that we’re all here together in this community, doing cool things on YouTube. I feel like I don’t say it enough, that I’m grateful, for what you guys have done for me. So thank you. But also, Thank you guys, so much for watching this video, If you liked it, PUNCH LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS and, highfives all ’round. *wapsh* *wapsh* Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes In the next video! (outro music) The meadow has consumed my head What do we do?


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