The fight for access to birth control and abortion, explained
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The fight for access to birth control and abortion, explained

-More than 50 years ago,
the FDA approved the first oral contraceptive
in the United States, and since then, contraceptives
have been controversial for some Americans. -In the state of Connecticut,
where an old Comstock Law, making it a crime
to practice contraception, is still on the books. -In the 1960s, James Norris
made the first complaint against a clinic
offering birth control. That eventually led to
a landmark case in the Supreme Court
about access to contraception. -Well, I’m 100% against birth
control because it’s immoral. It’s the same as prostitution
or abortion. -I naturally didn’t want to see
women take all the suffering of child-bearing
and pregnancies. -While their medical uses aren’t
in question and many women in favor
of access to contraception say that the medications
are critical for women’s health and preventing
unwanted pregnancies, some say there’s
a moral argument against using contraceptives, and laws related to access
to contraceptives have sometimes been labeled
as an attack of religion. In 2012, the Obama
administration approved a mandate for employers to provide
contraceptive coverage without out-of-pocket costs as part of
the Affordable Care Act. Seven years later, the Trump
White House wants to roll that mandate back nationwide
and allow nearly any employer with a religious
or moral objection to opt out. -A believer should not be forced
by the government to have to choose between following
his faith and following the law. -We are the majority vote!
We are the majority vote! -But women’s health advocates
are bracing for a fight. -And my pledge today
is our doors stay open! -Despite the legal fight, the U.
S. has extensive
contraceptive deserts. The lack of access to at least
one clinic that provides the full range of publicly
funded birth control methods. Data gathered and tracked
by Power to Decide, a nonprofit focused
on women’s health, shows Texas, the Dakotas,
Montana, and Nebraska with some of the hardest access
points around the country. Ginny Ehrlich,
the nonprofit’s C. E.
O. , says even some women living
in large cities need to drive for hours
to reach a health center that provides what they need. -When women have the opportunity
to decide if, when, and under what circumstances
to get pregnant, they have more agency
and control over their lives, and the next generation
does better, as well. So we know that access to contraception
really contributes to that. And, in fact, the vast majority
of unplanned pregnancies can be avoided
if women are able to access the contraceptive method
that works for them. -The Title X Family Planning
Program is also under scrutiny, a top priority of conservatives
who helped elect the president. Planned Parenthood is
its biggest beneficiary. It operates about 41% of the 4,000 Title X clinics
in the country. -That’s why this administration
will work with the Congress to end taxpayer funding of
abortion and abortion providers, and we will devote
those resources to healthcare services
for women across America. -20 states have sued
the Trump administration for what they see
as wanting to shift millions of dollars
from Planned Parenthood towards faith-based clinics. Despite facing an unprecedented
number of lawsuits and lower-court losses, the Trump administration is
betting big on the Supreme Court to uphold its
controversial policies.


  • Right-Leaning Moderate

    If you choose to have an abortion, I won't stop you. Just know that you are costing yourself time and bringing yourself pain during the procedure. Except in cases of rape, the choice to abstain or even just use a condom is present. Save yourself the suffering and in some states the money of others.

  • Ross Carlson

    It's time for us to stop legislating based on thousand year old fairy tales. If you want to believe these absurd fairy tales go right ahead but DO NOT force me into these bullshit beliefs. Your rights end where mine begin and when you tell me or anyone else what to do with their bodies you have gone TOO FAR.

  • Gabriel Castaneda

    No one is taking away access to birth control. It's just not right to force ppl who don't believe in it to buy it for their employees.

  • Cinnamon Astroid

    Let’s put it this way. If, I F, a 14 year old girl gets pregnant, are you saying she can’t get an abortion? She has to keep the baby because it has a life and deserves to be born? It will suck all of the nutrients out of that girl to keep the baby alive. And she will probably be scared out of her mind. And you are saying she has to do this? It needs to be an option. Only used in very rare occasions, yes. But it needs to be an option!

  • Ritakus 98

    Like President Trump said, We will keep winning, and winning, and winning.
    Be sure to cover the news in the media when abortion is stopped in its tracks. This is a hideous crime against humanity, and the 60 companies plus which invest in Planned Parenthood, in order to increase the value of stocks, to purchase these dead babies for using other marketing aspects, and hire people to work at these companies without telling them they support pro-choice, is pathetic.
    These 60 companies plus should be investing in other businesses which will help provide better opportunities for the mothers and the children they carry.
    Enough is enough. We deserve transparency when looking for jobs. Obviously there is a high demand for jobs and will continue to increase over time, we the people deserve to know which companies support abortion. Then stick those companies in New York, and let them be taxed 20 fold. These corporations need to be held accountable for turning it into an industry of profit, and have disregarded the meaning of humanity, manipulated the minds of millions, and deceived the mothers by not letting them watch a video of what abortion looks like prior to deciding on an abortion.
    hold these businesses accountable, bring their actions into the light, and let the people know on every job application if they support abortion. I assure you thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people will not work for these companies.

  • Not to be racist, but

    Birth control and condoms are all great, but when it comes to a baby, all of you people support is taking a life that someone will never have again.

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