The Happy Family Show – S5 E2 “Is Midge Pregnant?” | The Barbie Happy Family Show
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The Happy Family Show – S5 E2 “Is Midge Pregnant?” | The Barbie Happy Family Show

(classical jazz music) – [Voiceover] Wait you mean? – Yes, I’m going
to have a new baby. – Really? A new one? Really? Number four? – Aww that’s so sweet. Mom, what was it like
when you told dad you were pregnant for the
first time, with Ryan? – Well that’s actually
quite a good story isn’t it Alan? – Yeah, it actually took your
mom quite a while to tell me ’cause she could never
get my attention. – Oh yeah, remember
the football game? – Yeah. – What football game? – Only the best football
game in NFL history. – Yeah, I guess it was. One Sunday afternoon,
Alan and I were all alone. So I decided I would tell him while we were watching the game. – [Voiceover] Well
folks, it looks like it’s all over now
for the Broncos. – Aww now they’re gonna lose. – Hey Alan, I think
I have some news that might cheer you up. – Oh, what is it? – You see, this is something we’ve been wanting
for a long time. – Wait, what’s happening? (game play) Four interceptions in one play? How is that even possible? – Wow, I don’t know. – Umm Alan, as I was saying.. – Oh, oh right, sorry Midge. What were you saying? – Well you see something very special has
happened to us Alan. (game play) – Did you see that Midge? An 85 yard field goal. They might actually do it. – Oh, yeah, right hunny, but I’ve been trying to say.. (game play) – Oh my gosh, the coin
toss landed on its side. Oh this is exciting. – So then I decided to
make a romantic dinner and try telling him then. – This dinner looks
delicious Midge. – Thank you dear. Oh could you get some napkins? – Oh sure. – Now hunny, you’re
sure you aren’t going to have any
distractions tonight, right? – Are you kidding me Midge? Nothing could possibly
distract me from you tonight. (stove sizzling) – Alan wait. – Oh, oh, hot, stove, oh gosh. – Hunny are you okay? – Oh, oh gosh. – So then we had to go to the
hospital to fix dad’s arm. – Oh no, really? – What happened next? – Well the next day, I was
having lunch with grandma Rema. – So how’ve you been Midge? – Oh, okay… it’s just been really hard to
get Alan’s attention lately. First, with the
football game on Sunday and then he ended up burning his arm on the stove last night. – Yeah, I know. But wasn’t that game amazing? – Yeah, I guess. But I just have some
important things to tell him. Oh that broccoli. – What’s the matter? – Just that broccoli
the waiter was carrying, smells seem to be a lot
stronger to me lately. – Are you ladies ready to order? – Why yes, I believe so. I’ll have the
chicken salad please. – And for you ma’am? – Yes, I’ll have
the dill pickle soup with pickle chips and extra
pickles on the side please. – Alright, right away ladies. (grandma laughing) – What? – I think I might know what
it is you need to tell Alan. – What, what are
you talking about? – Midge, are you pregnant? – Oh, alright, yes. (grandma laughing) – Alan’s gonna be so surprised. – But what can I do
to get his attention? – Oh don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure you
get to tell him in the most romantic
way possible. – Really, how? – Okay, here’s what
we’re gonna do. – So we decided
that the next day, Alan and I should have
a picnic in the park. – Oh what a beautiful
day to come to the park. This was a great idea Midge. – Thanks dear. – Okay, the coast is
clear for now Midge. – Thanks Rema. Alan, how ’bout we go
put our picnic blanket down by the lake? – Sounds perfect, let’s go. – Oh no, Midge, football
players at your nine o’clock. – Oh, oh, I got it, I got it. – Oops. – Woah, great save Midge. – Oh hey Midge, look at
this giant pile of acorns. I wonder if a squirrel
collected all of these. (squirrel growling) – Oh no, rabid squirrel
at your three o’clock. (squirrel angrily growling) – Oh well, guess I’ll leave
this for the squirrels. Come on Midge. – Whew, ah yeah, good job Midge. – Oh wow, look at
this amazing bush. Aww, it has a bunch of
little pink flowers. (smells flowers) – Oh my gosh, piano incoming. – Wait, what? – Is something wrong Midge? – Nothing, come on, let’s put
our picnic blanket over here. – Okay. – Oh my gosh, that was amazing. They were about to
be flat, get it? Be flat, okay. Hey Midge, yeah,
congratulations. You made it to the lake. – Now Alan, you aren’t
going to be distracted by anything all the
way out here, right? – Of course not hunny. See no TV, no hot stoves, just you and me by the lake. – Okay, well I have a bit
of a surprise for you. – Oh, you do? – Alan, I’m going
to have a baby. – Wait, really? – Yes Alan, it’s true. – Oh Midge, this is amazing. I’m gonna be a father. – You’ll be the best
father ever Alan. – And you’ll be the
best mother ever. – Oh, it’s so beautiful. (blows nose) Oh no, Midge, fist
pincher three o’clock. – Huh? – Oh, oh, my head. – Hunny are you okay? – Are there attack dogs? (dogs barking) – So then, we had to take
Alan to the hospital again to get stitches in his head. – Oh no, that’s terrible. – But it all turned
out well in the end. In fact, that was when I
coined my famous catch phrase. – I’m really sorry those
dumb frisbee players had to ruin our
perfect day Alan. – Are you kidding me Midge? With this kind of news,
nothing could ruin this day. In fact, I’d say, it’s
been an insanely happy day. – Oh Alan. (jazz music)


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