The miracle birth of three foals
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The miracle birth of three foals

super-friendly at just a week-and-a-half this beautiful foal Epona gets her first taste of fun in a grass paddock Lisa Gaudio and her husband Jimmy can’t get enough of their feisty girl and her antics at their Chadds Ford farm really good to get spread out and run you know shes a runner. The foal was born at Penn Vet’s New Bolten center on january 16 this video of her surrogate mother mercy delivering the precious cargo at 306 in the morning never in a million years that we think they would have this. Epona is the first foal in a triple miracle birth a second, the only boy big man in town arrived on sunday january twenty second at three thirty six in the morning carried by his surrogate mom Peace Third surrogate grace was the last to deliver her filly on february first Elle Vitorina making her entrance at one minute before midnight. These sweet foals all have the same biological mother and father thanks to amazing advances in veterinary medicine its Kyrie’s babies there’s no really reason other than our hearts Kyrie Eleison was Lisa’s beloved half arabian a national champion she raised the horse from a foal the bond between the two immediate and strong was the horse that was just do so different human-like touch everybody’s heart Lisa will be separated from Kyrie a foursome 15 years due to personal circumstances but always vowing to find her she tracked the mayor down and scottsdale in 2013 sadly though Kyrie a had developed severe laminitis after bringing a girl home and despite getting the best veterinary care Kyrie was in pain and was declining Lisa was forced to make the tough decision to let her go but she wanted create legacy to live on she was used euthanized in her own stall and they took the ovaries within 20 minutes after Lisa that’s harvested Kyries ovaries they were immediately taken to New Bolton’s reproduction center where dr. tamara dobbie recovered 16 eggs and those were then packaged and shipped overnight to Texas A and M where they performed the actual XE procedure where they inject a single sperm cell a difficult and delicate procedure done under a microscope frozen sperm coming from a stunning stallion named Vitorio the results for embryos that matured in the lab at Texas A&M University and were then transferred into recipient mare’s there three successful pregnancies with peace grace and mercy all becoming surrogates it is unusual to get so many pregnancies from a deceased mares ovaries you know we’re always very thrilled if we get one pregnancy three is pretty uncommon it was a shot in the dark you know it really was important to me to develop a good relationship with the mares and veterinarian dr. Michelle linton and caring for the mares before delivery and then bringing the foals into the world eat sleep play and that’s kind of what their job is it was also personal for dr. Linton special for us here because you know there’s so many people have been involved in the care of of Kyrie when she was alive and I knew her from being here and so we will have a special relationship with them there what are you doing space girl and the foals a lot like their mom Kyrie a pretty remarkable to make these foals that are her foals and seeing the similarities to her getting her back with a dream come true and then we lost her these miracles were just you know something I could never imagine three very special fold to honor create memory the matter that we lost you know still here we’re here little eyes every day Lisa definitely has her hands full he plans on keeping them all the three foals and the three surrogates who gave her such an amazing gift when she wants other horse lovers to know about


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