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as a matter of fact I have been
convinced over the years that the greatest tragedy in life is not death I
thought I found something more tragic in life than death what is more troubling in life than
death life without a purpose it is more tragic to be a while alive or
not know why than to be dead not know life what a tragedy to wake up every
morning but sit in the same car get stuck in the same traffic go to the same
place that you hate work with people you can’t stand get paid far less than you
worth do things that don’t bring out your gifts go back home to a place call
home turn the TV on and watch sports go to bed and get stuck in traffic the next
morning again go into the same place you don’t like doing something you don’t
want to do getting paid for less than you’re worth I’m did I tell you 65 and
then they make you go and give you a clock on a rocking chair what a tragedy we call that life I call it waste you were born to fulfill an assignment
you were born to contribute to the world before you died you were born to make a
difference in your generation you were born to deliver something to us and God
deep he divinely imparted that gift inside of you you came to hurt because
there’s something that was created for you to do that’s waiting for you to do
it that’s why you’re not happy on your job you’re not happy because you’re
doing something you ain’t born to do your vision will always disturb your
sight purpose will always make your jar of uncomfortable because you’re born
with it on the inside inside of you is your purpose screaming and you are on a
job and it’s making your job uncomfortable because what you were born
to do will always come against what you’re doing unless you’re doing it please buy the CD when you hear this
again you’ll hear things you never heard you are not a mistake you are a divine
deposit on planet Earth not born here just to pay a mortgage off the source of divine impartation is the
inspiration you get from purpose hey boys a purpose
the greatest tragedy life is to live without purpose proverbs 19 verse 21 is
a verse you want to definitely turn to before we close I got a quick business
and so much I want to say about time listen turn to it for these proverbs
chapter 19 verse 21 probably 19 verse 21 it’s a powerful verse proverbs 19 verse
21 NIV version says many other plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s
purpose that will prevail this is beautiful let me quote it again
many other plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail
over all of his plans the King James Version says many of the devices in a
man’s heart but it is the Lord’s Council that will prevail this verse is powerful let me tell you
what it means from the Hebrew language it means this you have many ideas many
plans for your own life what you want to do where you want to go
or where you want to marry what kind of career you want vocation what you want
to invest in but you want to live what you want to build even your ministry you
got all these plans for your life he says he said but I really got a purpose
for your life and then he says my purpose will prevail over all of your
plans this means three things write this down number one purpose is more
important than plans number two purpose is more powerful than plans it prevails
over them and number three purpose precedes plans I repeat
purpose is more important than plans purpose is more powerful than plans and
purpose precedes plans God says I don’t care what you plan my purpose will
prevail over all of your plans that means you will never be happy
now be satisfied until you are doing what I purpose for your birth purpose therefore will make you
uncomfortable until you find it if purpose is more important than
anything in your life to God then it’s more important for you to know about
purpose than to know plans in other words God is saying before you
make plans for your life consult me for your purpose and make your plans
according to my purpose for your life so you don’t waste your time because you
see if you make plans that are not God’s purpose for your life you are wasting
time energy resources investment ideas investment of your character you are
wasting your life it’s possible to be successfully wrong purpose is God’s
number one desire what is purpose i just i studied this
word for 32 years in my book so they on it please get all the books on there
it’s very important right away purpose down the word purpose actually means
original intent I denied original intent it’s a powerful word the word purpose
means reason for creation the word purpose means reason for existence the
word purpose is simply rendered as why Lord purpose means original idea in
other words purpose is what was the motivation the intent that made a
manufacturer create a product because every product exists for the
purpose in the mind of the manufacturer that says before you were even born and
conceived to make plans I already had an idea with your lives you are not a
mistake I didn’t create you on the side now what am I gonna do with this one
let’s see what am I gonna do this one No he had something already established
then he produced you to get it for him hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah I may disclose on a verse trend is a of
46 Isaiah 46 everyone Claude young people please turn there because if you
get this you’ll never make a dumb mistake in your life you won’t marry the
wrong person you won’t study the wrong career if you
understand this this vision for your life everybody got it
Isaiah 46 that boys a purpose say it loud and in louder louder come on say it
loud purpose is the most important thing to go
my father word purpose actually means will will intent original intent purpose is the established intent that
caused production please listen to me this is a get this he says purpose but
purpose means the original intent what you intend to achieve that was
established that caused you to create a product to get it for you in other words
purpose precedes production no manufacturer makes a product and then
try to figure out what he’s gonna use it for no manufacturer does that he’s
purposes first purpose motivates production


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