The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)
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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)

Let’s go in. Take off your shoes… Wait, shoes. That’s it. When you shot the music video, I was the director. I’m not the director today but the photographer. Okay? Should I use honorifics with you? This is a self-studio with small props… What brought them here? The holidays are around the corner. I’m grateful and I’d like to take pictures for a holiday card though I’m not a pro or anything. I want to send them to people I appreciate. What’s important is that you’ll be angels today. So you need to dress as angels. Angels use this. Yeah. And wear this. Seoeon, Seoeon, try this on just once. No. (Shaking his head emphatically) Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. No. No. Dad! We’re going to send photos to those we appreciate. Then what do you want to wear? – You want to be nude angels? / – Yes! (Totally care-free) Wow. (Baby angels are born) Seoeon, act cute. That’s it. Wow! (Aren’t I cute?) Oh, nice. – Give it to me now. / – Oh, nice. Say please. – Please. / – Give it to me please. – Now please. / – No way. Please… Hold on. Oh, I like the angel two-shot. (Jump) (Taking shots of the moment) (He still wants the toy airplane) – I want it too. / – The airplane? Let’s give it to him. Seoeon. – You played enough with it. / – No. Seoeon, this. Seoeon, here. (Thinking carefully) Now give me the plane. Good boy. Stay right there. Good boy. (Bubbly) (Photographer Lee seizes the moment) (Innocent baby angels) (A shot is taken) (He grabs attention with a balloon) This is a professional method. (Dad, look at the balloon) Seojun, nice. That’s it. – Give me the balloon too. / – Oh, that’s it. Seoeon, what’s that? (How do I look?) Okay. Wow, cute, cute. (That’s it!) Hey! Nice. (He takes shots at the kids’ height) (I am the best) (How do I look?) (Decalcomania twin angels) (Photographer Lee is skilled) Good job. Thanks to people’s love, the twins are nice and healthy. Dad takes cute shots of them. We look forward to the twin angels’ cards. – Models. / – Yes? Take a break, models. I want water. That’s not water. – Vitamin. / – Oh! – Vitamin drink. / – How’d he know? Me too, dad. Let’s have Seoeon have some too. You have some too. – But… / – Me too. I think if you put on the wings and hairbands, you’d be perfect models. (His cough doesn’t sound good) Are you okay? (Give me some since I’m coughing) You’re acting so you’d get some? Geez. (Cough, cough) (Hwijae does a fake cough too) (Seoeon coughs like his dad too) (Give me some too since I’m coughing) Stop drinking that. That’s enough, models. I want to try this too. – You want to try? / – Yes. Seojun, press this. Try pressing it. See? This, this. (Give a shot of dad too) Press it. Ah. See? (Seojun’s very first photo) By myself… Press it here. – Dad, by myself… / – You’ll do it by yourself? This isn’t dad’s. That’s expensive. (Photographer Lee Junior has a nice pose) No. Take his shot. Press this. I took your picture. Oh, the model is hiding. He’s hiding. Where is the model? I’ll find him. No, no. (Scream) Peek-a-boo. Come here, dad. I’ll take your picture. Take a picture of me. That’s it. Press that. Photo Lee. I’m not Toto. – Who are you? / – I’m Lee Seojun. When you’re taking shots, you’re Photo Lee. – Photo Lee? / – Yeah. There you go. Are you done? (This is it) (Huh? It’s out of focus) (Satisfied) Let’s have Seoeon do it too. Seoeon, just press this. Just press this. (Checking here and there) Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, press this. Press that! (Though it’s unfocused…) (It is Seoeon’s first photo) Cue! Cue! Oh, oh. Wait. Be careful, be careful. (Smile) (Seoeon’s photo of dad) The boys were both quite good. Since they’re the twins’ very first photos, I’ll keep them no matter how they turned out. I’ll tell them they’re the first shots taken of me. The Return of Superman. Chapter 107. “The Long-Awaited Moment.” Seojun, Seoeon, you guys will go to daycare. Then when it’s a green light… (Running) – Seojun! / – Seojun! (Catch me) Come here. There’s a man there. (Reckless) (Running to catch Seojun) Wait for me, dad! (Got you!) (Hanging on one arm) Sorry, sorry. Hold my hand. Come on. (The trio is gathered) Seojun, Seoeon, you need to tell sidewalks and streets apart and cross the street on green lights, okay? – Red lights of crosswalks mean no, right? / – Right. What about green lights? You cross with your hand up. Come on. You see the red light? – What do you do? / – No. What about the green light? That’s it. You cross. – Holding my hand. / – Okay! Good boy. No, not now. Wait till the light is green. Ding. – Huh? / – Green light. – Dad, there. / – The light is green. Raise your hand. Seoeon, you too. That’s it. Seoeon, raise your hand. Seojun, raise your hand. – That’s it. / – Green light. You need to go fast when the green light blinks. Raise your hand. Seoeon, raise your hand. Seoeon, raise your hand. That’s it. Good job. Good job. High-five. Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Good job. Let’s go take the village bus. Hold my hand. – It’s here. / – Dad. We’ll take the village bus here. I can’t see it. It’s coming! (A bus for home arrives) – It’s here! It’s here! / – It’s coming. – It’s here! / – It’s here! It’s here! (Nice to see you, bus) It’s here. – Hi. / – Hello. Go up. Go up. Bow low to the driver. Seoeon, you bow low to the driver too. No… Hello. You sit with us, dad. (Excuse me) It’s too tight. The robus is moving. Vroom. I want to sit by myself too. I want to sit by myself here. Here… Wow. Hold on tight. – Seoeon, Seojun, check if you see home. / – Okay. – Seoeon, is this home? / – No. It’s not here? (Staring) (This is what they see out their window) – It’s not here. / – It’s not here? You know very well. (Oh, right!) (Bell to stop the bus) (Are we here?) That up there. Not yet. – There… / – Not yet. This… We need to go one more stop. The next stop is “x” apartments. This is home. – Is this home? / – Yeah. Then should we get off? We need to get ready to get off. We’re here. Bow low. Okay. Which way is home? Guide me now. You crossed on the green light, took the village bus and pressed the bell before getting off. Now you just have to go home. Seoeon, Seojun, which way is home now? I don’t know. – This way. / – Which way? – This way? / – Yeah. Which way? This way? – Yeah. / – Go. Please go. It’s this way? – Yes. / – Then go. Then let’s go home. – I’ll just follow you guys. / – This way. – This way? / – This way. (Seoeon walks energetically) Dad. Seoeon, which way is it now? – This way or that way? / – This way. Go on. (Just follow me) – This way. / – Yeah? Oh, amazing. (Taking each step firmly) Fallen leaf. Seoeon, which way? – This way. / – Yeah? – Which way? / – This way. It’s the playground. (Proud) Wow, they made it. – Seoeon, where’s home? / – This way. – Really? / – Yes. Wow. (Good job, Seoeon) (Seojun follows afterward) Seojun! Seojun, where’s home? Over there. Exactly. Can they go home? I wasn’t sure. But I was surprised they knew the way. They’re big boys now. Meanwhile the 5 siblings visit a park near home. (It’s clearly late autumn) (They’re all wearing colorful clothes) ‘As you hop, hop’ ‘Where are you going?’ We need to prepare the 1st birthday photos. I want to help out with that. When she was pregnant with Seola and Sua, I took her pictures in the park. My wife liked them more than I’d expected. – There’s a swing. / – Swing. – Will you ride it? / – Yes. Who will go first? – Seola. / – Sua. Huh? Seola, Seola, Seola. – Seola, you go first. / – What about Sua? Sua should look after Daebak. What’s this? Sit down. Hold the ropes. (Daebak looks like a big boy) Lee Chunhyang… And Master Daebak. Master Daebak. Oh, I’m scared. – I’m scared. / – Scared? Now Sua? Come here, Sua. I need to sit. – Huh? / – Sit. – Sit down. / – Okay. – Hold on tight. / – Okay. Seola, go next to Daebak. 2… Good girl. Seong Chunhyang. – Is it fun? / – Yeah. Seola… Among Daehan, Minguk, Manse, who should I ask to come? Among Daehan, Minguk, Manse, who should I ask to come? Manse. – Manse? / – Yeah. Seola wants Manse to come. And Sua? Who should I ask to come? – Minguk. / – You want Minguk to come? Yeah. – I’ll send you to Minguk. / – Okay. Look at the sky and go. – Say Minguk! / – Minguk! Minguk! Let’s go now. Daebak, we need to take pictures. Let’s go see fish. – Let’s go. / – Yeah, fish. Yeah, let’s go see fish. How many fish do you want to see? 3. 3. – 3 fish? / – Yeah. And Seola? A lot. – A lot? / – Yeah. – How much is that? / – This much. A lot. Yeah, Daebak. (A pavilion in the park) Let’s see what’s up there. – Be careful. / – Be careful. – Be careful. / – Be careful. Wow. This is new to me. – Fish. / – The fish are this way. – The fish are this way? / – Come here. The fish… Fish… (You need to be ladies) Where are the fish? Fish! (Dim recollection) Daebak, you seem to have come here before. Fish! You’re deep in thought. Stand here. Hold onto that. Daebak. Walk over here. (Dad, take care of me) Look. Daebak. Here. (Turning away) (Disappointed) I don’t think it’s a good birthday picture. (This time, he lies down) Oh, this looks good. Wow. – Daebak. / – No. Wow, this looks good. – Stop, daddy. / – What? Why are you lying down? – You want me to get up? / – Yeah. This is looking good. Move a bit. Move back. (Click) Wow, I finally got it. Daddy? Yeah, I think I’m talented in art. (Praising himself) Daebak… 1, 2, 3. (This time?) What’s this? Hey, your nose. Seola, take that cracker off his nose. (Big sis is going) (She grabs his head and does the job) Get off. Get off. Get off, Sua. Look here. (Ta-da) (Swift MVP of the K League) (Sua comes into the shot just then) (He tries again) Daebak! (Quickly) (Seola runs after the soap bubbles) Hey! (What?) Oh… (In a split second) (Seola hides Daebak completely) Seola, you… Press that. (Seola is the new assistant) (The artist uses his whole body) Daebak! I want to do it. Give it to me. Sua… Sua? Press it now. Don’t press it there. Then I have to go there. Press it here. Hey, hey, press it over there. Hey, hey, press it over there. – Where Daebak is? / – Yeah, there. No, no, no. Do it there. There. Here. – Here? / – No, to the sky. Right, right. (Diligently) (This time?) Good job. (But) Look at that. It’s pouring. Let’s go for now. I’m so tired. This isn’t good. It’s raining too. Let’s do it again when it’s sunny. – Okay? / – Yeah. Let’s go, let’s go. They returned the next day. The weather is good today, right? It’s a bit chilly but it’s great because it’s not raining. – Pictures will look great today. / – Yes. You two will be autumn girls and Daebak will be an autumn boy. Let’s go in now. – Pretty… / – Let’s go see fish. – Fish. / – Fish. Wow, fish. There will be fish too. It’s so cool here. Stand right there. Look. 1, 2. (Sua is getting sentimental in autumn?) Look at me. (Seola and Sua look calm) Daebak, let’s finish taking pictures here. Okay? – Seola, Sua, come help me. / – Okay. That’s it. Let’s place it with the black side up. Okay, right there. Get up! 1, 2, 3! (I’ll be two soon) Daebak, come here. (Following dad’s orders) (A shot of Daebak) (Though his back hurts…) Okay. Look here. Look here. Look here. ‘Clap, clap, clap’ ‘Clap, clap, clap’ Daebak. Daebak! Camera, camera, camera! (The picturesque photo is created with dad’s effort) Okay! Good job, Daebak. Good job, Daebak. Daebak, sit down. Oh, Daebak. (Daebak’s car starts moving today) Okay, Daebak. That’s it. (Sister no. 3 suddenly appears) (Sister no. 4 appears soon afterwards) That’s it. You’re bodyguards. Good job, bodyguards. That’s it. Go, bodyguards. Nice. Face forward. Go! Go! Daebak! Go! Beep, beep! Beep, beep! Move over! This picture is looking good. Seola, Sua, go walk over there. Go walk over there. That’s it! Sua’s going! Seola, let’s go! Go walk over there. (Running) Okay, Daebak. (He takes pictures of Daebak alone) Hi, Daebak. Hi, dad. Look at me. Hi. Daebak. (Donggook’s photo work) They say pictures taken by the ones who love you, are the best. Though he’s not a professional, dad’s love is in the shots. Today’s best shot is complete. (He loves his son so much) You’re happy? You’re happy? You’re happy? (Then) (What’s this sound?) (The sisters are coming) I forgot about you girls. Daebak will go to you. Daebak will go give you a lift. Let’s go now. Let’s go. Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Let’s go. Yeah! We’re going home. Bye. (1st birthday pictures for Daebak…) (A great success) Early in the morning at the triplets’ house. As always, Minguk gets up the earliest. (He stretches first) (Scratching) (Half-awake) (No one’s up yet) (Minguk goes to the living room) (Manse gets up too) (His hair is a mess) (He passes the first gate) (Quietly) (Hesitating) I’m scared to go out alone. Scared? Come with me. Over there? Yeah, here. (The fence is gone) (Fenced forbidden area) (Staring at the dark hallway) I’m too scared to go. (I can do it) (Humming Manse goes in) (That’s not good) Manse, don’t go over that line. (I want to go over there) What sound is that? Where? That’s a hand. There’s a monster in the bathroom. Manse, come to the bathroom. (Where?) (Minguk and Manse’s adventure into the hallway) I’ll go. You too, chief? Report it if you’re scared. Call me if you catch it. I’ll be at the headquarters. (Chief Minguk returns leaving his subordinate behind) (Eventually Manse goes on the adventure alone) Oh, who is it? Who caught Manse cat’s tail? Why? No, no, why? Hold on. Wait! Suddenly from the wrecked ship, I heard a ghost. Hoo… Like that. No. It was a long-legged squid. It was a long-legged squid from the wrecked ship. Where… Then I’ll go there. Hold the rope! (Rescuing Manse who’s in danger) You should call from outside. Calling Manse. Yes. The connection got cut off. (The triplets’ theater is over with the cut-off) Manse, come here. What can they be? They’re from fans in Thailand. Wow, they’re boxing gloves. Look. They’re from faraway fans in Thailand. The triplets are world stars. – Put them on. / – What are they? They’re boxing shorts. You need to take off your shirt for boxing shorts. That’s it. Minguk. – Father, why aren’t we dressed? / – Now… You’re done getting dressed. Minguk, your thumb goes here. Punch. Punch. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. (Daehan and Minguk are excited by the new outfits) Manse, you come here too. Okay. I’ll wear mine too. Look, I’ll become a boxer too! Look! They’re tight on me. Punch, Daehan. (Having fun together) (It looks like high-fiving, not boxing) Punch them. Punch them. That’s it. Punch. Punch. Duck. Duck. Here it comes. That’s it. Punch now. That’s it. Duck. That’s it. (Kicking practice too) Wow, you dodged it, you dodged it. Again. (A match is happening already here) Come here, boxing… Let’s wrestle. Pro-wrestling… Come here. Pro-wrestling… (A wrestling match with the trio) Now I’m the king! – The king? / – Yeah. (Dad’s knocked out) (The triplets go somewhere) Daehan, Minguk, Manse! – Yes! / – Where are we going now? Umm… To work out. Right. What kind of workout? Umm… I don’t know. My wish will come true today. With Daehan, Minguk, Manse, I’ll be in our first marathon! Yay, applaud! Clap, clap! (Ending with Manse’s fanfare) When the kids were too young to run… Help me. Ilkook ran in various events carrying the kids and pulling them in strollers. Go, Daehan! Even ironman triathlons which are hard alone too. He was amazing. 1, 2, 3, go! Will dad’s dream come true? Let’s go! Let’s go! Stop, dad! We’ll run in the kids’ marathon. Are you confident? – Yes. / – Yes. Running is too tough for me. Running is too tough for me. Minguk, running is too tough? – I want to walk. / – Then you walk, Minguk, okay? – Yes. / – Okay. You can do well, right? – Yes! / – Yes! Okay. Sing a song of celebration. ‘Happy birthday to you’ ‘Happy birthday to you’ ‘Happy birthday, dear father’ ‘Happy birthday to you’ Thanks. The international children’s marathon will be here. Kids and their parents can run together. Come here. Put your number on. (Each runner gets their number) Each of you, choose pastry and put it in the bag. – Yeah. / – I want this. Choose one more, everyone. – I want this. / – Yeah? Okay. When you’re low on blood sugar, eat two of these chocolate bars. Come here. Dad, I want three. If you eat three, you’ll get fat. I want three. – I want three. / – Manse will eat three? – You can do well, right? / – Yes! – You will complete the course. / – Yes! Okay. 1, 2, 3, let’s go! That’s it. We’ll be starting over there. Hello. Hello. We’ll run with the bigger boys and girls. Let’s run behind them since we’re not fast. Manse, come here. Let’s run behind the bigger boys and girls. It’s the first marathon for the 45-month-old kids. – We’ll start now! / – We’re starting. Go! (The marathon finally begins) (A big crowd) We should go too. Ready. 1, 2, 3, go! (Minguk runs out ahead) – I’m the fastest! / – Slow down. This is long-distance. (Minguk runs with his own background music) (So exciting) (Bump) (A collision occurs) Why are you all so excited? Running is too tough for me. I want to walk. Run! Run! Let’s catch up with them! Like this! We have to catch up. We have to catch up. 1, 2, 3, 4! So fast… (Manse just runs) ‘We must run, run, run with glee’ (Daehan is going as he holds hands with dad) (Manse goes out of the boundary line) Father… Go on ahead, people! (Running) Let’s run. We must run hard. Right? Come on! That’s it. Let’s catch up with those older boys and girls. Nice. No. 1, no. 2… Say your numbers. Stop, dad. – 2. / – Dad. 3. You’re tired after that? – Father, I want water. / – Water? Okay. – Who wants water? / – Me. Okay, drink water. – Me too. / – Okay, drink water. Who first? – Okay, Manse. / – Father. (Gulping down) (Manly Manse drinks his water) – The run must’ve been tough. / – Yeah. – Is it tough? / – Yes. Don’t get tired already. We have a long way to go. Let’s go. (Somewhat sad) Come here. Manse! That’s it. Bring him, Minguk. Bring Manse, Minguk. That’s it. Good boy. Bring your brother over. Good boy. You need to overcome the hardship. A marathon is a battle with oneself. They pass the first part of the 4.2km course. – Dad, balloons are over there. / – Many balloons. – Mosquitoes… / – Catch the mosquitoes of malaria. Each of you, hold a balloon. – Hold one each. / – Catch the mosquitoes of malaria. – Hold one each. / – We’re catching mosquitoes. We caught mosquitoes. I did too. Thank you. Let’s run now. You have to keep going. That’s it. You can walk if you can’t run. (My path is that way) Manse, come on! (Free-spirited Manse goes his own way) Don’t go the opposite direction! Go get Manse now. You better go get Manse. – Manse! / – You go get Manse too, Minguk. Hold his hand. (It looks fun over there) Daehan! Minguk! Bring Manse over here! (Why aren’t they coming?) (They already joined in on the fun) (The triplets’ playground is open) I said bring him over! Why are you playing with him? Father! (Father eventually goes after them) Daehan, we have to go that way. Let’s go. Let’s walk hard. Geez, it’s easier for me to carry you kids. This is tougher than the ironman triathlon. (Wait up, father) I thought it would be a piece of cake. When I actually tried it, I realized it’s easier for me to carry them. The kids wouldn’t listen. So it was tougher than the ironman triathlon. Oh! 1, 2, 3. (Manse runs again) (Daehan also runs as he breathes hard) (So tough) You need to overcome this. You can overcome it. You can do it. (Out of energy already) (Slowing down) Father, don’t run. Don’t run? Dad, I want to ride that. We want to but we must be patient. Father, stop… Dad. Dad. Minguk, come here! Minguk! – Dad. / – Minguk, come here! Minguk! Meanwhile, what is older Sarang doing? Sarang, shall we go check out a couple look? This is a date with mommy. Date. Date, date. I want to buy another one. Dresses together… I want to buy dresses together. Good afternoon. Sunghoon needs lots of training before the match. Spending time with Sarang is important too but I wanted him to focus on training now. So I decided to spend time with Sarang. (Full of nice dresses) Wow, cute. Another dress. Again? – Another dress? / – Yeah. – Let’s buy 2. / – No. (Her mom likes chic styles) (But) (Sarang likes girly princess dresses) You and I will get the couple look. I’ll choose. This? I’ll choose. Shiho is a top model. Her white shirt was a big sensation. She preferred a modern and sophisticated style that suits the occasion and location. But Sarang liked to look like a princess from head to toe. The big pastel-toned dresses with lace look great. I’ll choose. It might be small. We were like this before too, right? (She probably won’t buy me a dress) (Sarang and Shiho are getting down to business) (She tries on a jacket first) (I don’t like it…) (Sarang knows what she wants) (She tries on glasses) (Sarang looks good with glasses too) (I like this) (She pulls her mom’s hand to what she wants) (Sarang finds an outfit she likes) This bag too. – You want this whole set? / – Yeah. (Necklace too) (Mommy, don’t forget the bag) It’s cute. (They finally agree on an outfit) Okay. – Mommy too. / – Okay. (She goes in to get changed) (How will she look?) (Ta-da!) (Shy) Mommy too. (Sarang likes the new outfit) (Sarang has never looked like this before) Sarang is usually energetic. She never lost matches with boys. She’s a cute, strong girl. Higher kick! Higher kick! That’s it. Oh, no! Oh, no! She looks like a lady today. (Her mom goes to change too) Bye-bye. I won’t let you see. You can’t see? You can’t see? You can see? (She calmly sits down while her shoes are put on) What about mommy? (Finally her mom appears) Nice. Sarang, we’re the same. (The model clearly looks better than others) (A model’s charisma) (I like it) (I like it too) (She tries walking with her mom) (A perfect couple look) (Call me Fashionista Choo) Where did fashionistas Sarang and Shiho come? It’s the youthful site, Harajuku. This is a fun place for girls. (Surprised) They’ll take pictures of today’s complete look. (I want cute pictures) (It’s been a long time for the mom and she forgot) (Choosing her favorite style) Shiho hasn’t taken sticker photos in a long time. The eyes are much bigger. (Magical correction effect that doubles the eye size) (Sarang copies her mom’s pose) (It’s fun) Now for the whole body. (Skilled) (Awkward) (As she copies her mom) (She becomes more and more natural) (Her mom’s genes come into play today) At these times… – She acts just like her model mom. / – Am I good? – Sarang is good too. / – Good, good, mommy’s good. (That was funny, mommy) (Her eyes are twice as big) (The pictures finally come out) (Excited) Sarang… Pretty? (Mommy, let’s take them again) (Tokyo has gotten dark) (A coffin with roses) (Candles are lit on top) (An unidentified woman is waiting for someone) (Where is this creepy place?) (Mommy cat woman and Sarang baby cat enter) What’s this? (What’s that?) (Bat on the ceiling) Hello. (Who is this woman?) Are you okay? Are you okay? – Are you scared, Sarang? / – Yeah. This place is awesome. (The woman guides Sarang to her table) (Politely) (Be my guest) There’s a popular vampire cafe in Japan. She had fun in costumes with Yuto last Halloween. I wonder how she’ll like that place. I don’t know if she’ll be scared or if she’ll like it. I can’t wait to see her reaction. (About to call the waitress to make their order) You’re scared? I’ll call her now. (Ring, ring) (Calling the scary lady) (Coffin menu) It’s a magic book. Thank you. (Creepy menu) They’re burnt alive… Chicken and… (Looking) Roll cake. (The order is complete) (Her eyes are fixed on the woman) Let’s say cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. (Drinking) Wow, yummy. You remember what you wore last year? Hold on. Hold on. Listen to mommy first. What did you wear last year? Spider-Man. (Spider-Man Sarang) Next question. What did mommy wear last year? You want a hint? (1st hint) – Bird. / – No. I looked like this. Like Baikinman? (2nd hint) (Mommy was a great witch) What is that? It starts with “Ma.” Ma? Maguro? (Shiho would look good as “maguro” or tuna) (I’m joking) (Again?) (The scary woman is back) (The salad is prepared) Maybe this is blood too. (Curious) (A revival ritual to invite dark entities) (Nervous) (The salad is mixed with reverence) What happens if you eat it? I’ll start the revival ritual. To dark entities… Give roses! To them all… Give blood! (The sauce is thrown in with a commotion) Is it over? (She’s making it fresh?) It’s scary. (Sarang can’t believe it either) (Their food must be really good) Did you say it was scary? (The next dish) (Sacrificial chicken comes) (What will she do now?) (The chicken didn’t do anything wrong) Now we’ll punish traitors. It’s the tragic burning ceremony. (Straight face) (After she lights up the candle…) (It’s over) (The burning ceremony of the traitor chicken) (Blow) (What about the chicken?) (She slowly walks away) (Sinful chicken) No. (Roasted twice with fire) (She tries it, feeling sorry for the chicken) Yummy? We might spend Christmas in Korea. Who will you invite to our party? (Thinking hard) Daehan, Minguk, Manse came to our house. – Who will you invite for Christmas? / – Mommy. – Mommy and who else? / – Daddy. Daddy and… – Daddy and… / – Sarang. Sarang and… Kids. – Kids? / – Yeah. You’ll invite Seojun and Seoeon? Why not? Since they’re babies. (Sarang’s face stiffens) (The scary woman is here again) Happy Halloween! (It surely feels like Halloween) (Happy Halloween) (I like cake!) Which do you like better? Daddy’s Christmas party from last year or mommy’s Halloween party? I don’t like this. I chose this place. I thought you’d like it, Sarang. (It’s scary) So you like things like princesses. If you’re scared, you want to go somewhere else? Kitty. (I like cute things) (It was still fun) (Taking the final picture!) (Meow) (Two cute cats) (A creepy date with mommy!) Daebak’s family is going to do a special rehearsal. Seola, remember… – What you grabbed on your 1st birthday? / – Rice. – Huh? / – Rice. You grabbed rice? What did you grab? I grabbed a turtle. You grabbed father? Turtle. Blanket? Turtle… Huh? Turtle… Abugi? Baby? What did you grab? Daebak. Daebak, it’ll be your 1st birthday soon. What are you doing? What is it? What is it? What is it? (Interesting) Wow, bubbles are coming out of your mouth. Seola. (Staring) What? What? Something’s coming out. Oh, scary. Oh. Oh, scary. Oh, scary. (He must’ve found a new talent) (Take my spit bubbles) Enough. – Enough. Enough. / – She says it’s enough. Don’t you wish Sua were here too? She’s sleeping now. (Sua can see it next time) (I’ll display my talent continually) (I’m happy since you’re happy) Daebak will grab something for his 1st birthday. – I’m so curious. Want to try that? / – Yeah. Okay. Daebak, hold on a minute. Let’s see what Daebak grabs here. Let’s see what Daebak grabs. This is taekwondo… It’s for taekwondo. This is a basketball. Baseball. Tennis ball. Soccer ball. Ballet. Club. Dumbbell. Goggles. It’s for swimming, okay? Let’s see what Daebak grabs. Okay? Wait, Daebak. Come when I say go. Here. Okay. Go. What will you grab? What will you grab? Go. What will you grab? Among the many sports categories… What will you grab? What will Daebak choose? Wow, Daebak! Wow, Daebak! Wow, Daebak! Soccer ball? (1st birthday ceremony) (Bite) Daebak, you grabbed the soccer ball? Wow. You have my genes? Let’s see. Daebak, you have my soccer genes? Huh? How can you grab that just like that? (Interesting) Again. Let’s try again. 2nd time. (2nd challenge to prove his genes) Okay. Go. Go. (Daebak crawls without hesitating) 2nd time. 2nd time. (Will he grab that ball again proving his DNA?) (Everything is prepared) (Only Daebak’s decision remains) (Please, Daebak…) Will Daebak grab the soccer ball again? Wow, he grabbed the soccer ball again. Wow, he grabbed the soccer ball again. (You’re clearly my son!) Will you grab the soccer ball at your birthday party? Huh? (Reporting it to Daebak’s mom right away) Hi. – I had Daebak practice grabbing items… / – Yeah. – At home for his 1st birthday party. / – Oh. We did it twice. He grabbed the soccer ball twice. – Both times? / – Yeah, both times. He just came right over and grabbed it. – Both times. It was interesting. / – Oh, my… Wow… It seems to be in his genes. Yeah. That’s interesting. Wow… What did Seola grab for her birthday? Seola, the stethoscope… The stethoscope, right? She grabbed the tennis ball and threw it. – Oh, and Sua? / – This. The golf ball. Oh… Okay. I didn’t want to call you often. It was just so interesting, so I called. – That’s amazing. Okay. / – Bye. Daebak… Daebak, that’s amazing. I was really scared you’d grab this or something. (Look forward to my birthday party) Who knows what day today is? What day is today? ‘Happy birthday, dear Sian’ ‘Happy birthday to you’ Let’s start now. ‘Happy birthday to you’ ‘Happy birthday, dear Sian’ ‘Happy birthday to you’ Let’s see. Wow, pretty. Those are for Sian. (It’s Daebak’s day) The buttons are done wrong. Daebak, sorry. It’s important to get the first one right. I got the buttons all wrong. Daebak… Come here. You need to come. Don’t go over here. (Wearing his shoes too) (He looks like a young gentleman) It’s a special day, so they should look good. (Women love makeovers) (Lipstick for kids) You look good. (Time to get pretty) Seola is becoming so pretty. (The beagle sisters are so calm) (A neat hairdo) (Dab, dab) (Prettier and prettier) Oh, Daebak’s feet. Oh, your foot. That’s your foot? I have the same style as Daebak, right? You do. – The same as you? / – Yes. (Styling) He wants you to move over. (Making dad look like Daebak) (It’s been a while since he has gotten styled up) (Nice) (The pretty girls are done with their makeovers) Wow, pretty. – Daddy, am I pretty? / – Yeah, you are. I got it on. Oh, you got it on? You shouldn’t eat that. Let’s go, kids, kids. We’re late. Let’s go. Let’s go now. They will have Daebak’s 1st birthday here. The pictures taken by dad are all here. It was all worth the effort. (It’s a happy day) (Say cheese altogether) You need to smile. Smile. (Seola the star’s unique smile) (Cute) What a big family. Here we go. 1, 2. Okay. (The party starts with Daebak’s video) (Watching carefully) (Haha) (He was like that) (Daebak’s video) (Mom, give it to me now) He looks like Daebak. – Daebak… / – He looks like Daebak? It is Daebak. She said he looks like Daebak. ‘I love too, I love too’ (Daebak’s exciting baby video is over) Nice to see you. You took time out of your busy schedules. Thank you so much for celebrating Sian’s birthday. Let’s hope that he grows up nice and healthy. Please pray for him today. Thank you. (Daebak, happy 1st birthday) Daebak, you were great today. They chose Daebak’s birthday hanbok last episode. Peek-a-boo. – 1, 2. / – He looked like a cute gentleman. Which hanbok will he wear today? (The inner top goes on first) You look cool. There. It’s clothing for kings. Kings used to wear this. Let’s go there. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Get up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Let’s go. Let’s go. (Tell them to bring the birthday table) What you see is today’s highlight. He’ll grab items for the ceremony. It’s a traditional event. You see the traditional coins. They mean he’ll earn a lot of money. What will he grab? Go. 1, 2, 3. Okay. What? What? That’s it. – What? What? / – What will Daebak grab? What? What? What? Grab something now. Go. – He rehearsed recently. / – What will you grab? Go. What will you grab? Among many other competing sports… He made dad happy by grabbing the soccer ball. Wow, Daebak! – What will he grab today? / – What? What? Grab something now. What? Grab something now. (He grabbed it) Grab something now. (The soccer ball again) (He loves the soccer ball so much) He grabbed the soccer ball! (Did I do well?) He’s the best soccer player of Korea, right? Daebak grabbed the soccer ball. – Another big round of applause. / – Thank you. Congratulations. On the actual birthday, Daebak looked carefully and grabbed the soccer ball. I didn’t really clap out of joy. I laughed because it was so amazing. Regardless of whether he becomes a soccer player, I’m thinking of having him play with the ball a lot, so I think he’ll grow to love soccer balls. It’s a special day for the twins too. Seoeon, Seojun… I’m going to have a video call with mom. When I say I’m sick, you two have to say, “Oh, dad, you’re sick?” You have to say that. Try it. Dad. “Dad, are you sick?” Say, “Are you okay, dad?” Are you okay, dad? Say, “Are you okay, dad?” Seoeon, say it. Are you okay, dad? Put in some soul. Say, “Are you okay, dad?” Come down here. Are you okay? I’m okay. Seoeon too. Come on. Don’t yawn. Come on. Seojun, it’s mom. It’s mom. It’s mom. – Mom. / – Mom, mom, mom. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Honey. – Hi. / – My ache hurts so much. What’s with your voice? I have a cold… – “Are you okay, dad?” / – Yes. Say, “Are you okay, dad?” So? Just come straight home, honey. Seoeon. Oh, no… Just… The kids are giving me a massage. I sprained myself. – Come home, honey. / – Try it. It’s good. – Okay. / – Okay. – Stay in bed, honey. / – Okay. (The call is finally over) Hey. Why don’t you guys help me out? Huh? (What’s going on?) I want to make a nice plan… And have a surprise event. 5 years ago today… They became man and wife. Take Moon Jungwon as your wife… Actually… I don’t know how time flew by so quickly. I just think it has been 5 great years. It was wonderful. I wouldn’t change her with anything. She was the turning point of my life. She suffered a lot and it was tough raising two boys. I’ll do my best to give her a moving 5th anniversary event. (He brings some items) Our honeymoon… (Putting up old pictures) (Pressing hard) It’s like a photo exhibition. After putting the kids to sleep last night, Hwijae wrote a few words from his heart for her. It’s an event prepared with all his love. It’s so touching. (Deciding on the order of the photos) Seoeon, Seojun, you want to put them up with me? – Yes. / – Okay. Come up. (They’ll help out too) Look. Who’s this? (Mom from 20 years ago) – I don’t know. / – You don’t know? It’s mom. Mom from junior high. Look at this. Let’s peel it off and stick it. Seojun, peel it off. Peel it off and stick it. Dad, I peeled it off. Wow, this side too. I think your mom… Wow, good job, Seoeon. (Jealous) Where will you stick it? There? Okay. (Seojun peels it off too) Here, dad. Here. Dad, I’m done. Come down. You’re done. Applause. Applause. – Come here, Seoeon. / – Yes? – What are these? / – I don’t know. Flower petals. Let’s sprinkle them for mom. Here… Today… (Dropping) But the way she’ll come in like this. So that she comes in like this. Come on. That’s it. Here too. Here. Here too. – Here? / – Here. Good job. Here. That’s it. (Hurry up and come, mom) That’s it. Sprinkle them. – Dad. / – Yeah. I… Bam… (Mom, come along these petals) Come on, let’s get dressed. Let’s see who listens to me. – Me. / – Seojun? Put your hand in. Wow, you’re going to work? Seojun, will you go to work and earn lots of money… – And make mom and I happy? / – Yes. What will you buy us with your paycheck? Here. – You’ll buy us this place? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Then mom and I can keep living here? Where will you live, Seojun? – Outside. / – Outside? You’ll live over there? – You’ll live outside over there? / – Yeah. It’ll be cold over there. – Won’t it be cold? / – No. Will it be okay? Seojun, you’re so nice. Okay. Did you pee or not? – Yes. / – Yes. How come kids always pee? Hey! (I’ll think about it over there) Seojun, Seoeon, what happens if mom comes in now? Come on. Let’s get dressed and go. Go! Go! (Let’s go for the event) Following the romantic flower path made by the twins… (Dad set them again) It’s a photo exhibition for one person. The husband’s heart-warming messages too… The special event for mom is all prepared. (Beep, beep) Honey. (It’s her first flower path) Oh, my… What’s this? (She takes a close look) Honey. Oh, my… What’s this? (Big smile) (She sees the pictures on the wall too) (Looking around) (Mom walks along the flower path) (What’s that?) (Pictures on the table too) (Smile) (She looks at the photos and messages carefully) (Who are you? But I love your cute face… Seojun?) (It’s been 5 years already… Remember the proposal?) (It was such a long day but it was so nice…) (We were both chubby on our rough honeymoon) (The first 100th day picture with the kids, time flies) (They grew so much, keep growing healthy…) (Haha, when is this? I can only thank you…) (Things he couldn’t express with words) (She reads Hwijae’s sincere heart) (She tears up) Hwijae… Honey… (Where are you?) (Preparing the cake) Let’s go in. Let’s go in. – Mom! / – Mom! – Mom! / – Mom! ‘Congratulations, mom’ Mom. ‘Congratulations, mom’ – What’s this? / – Congratulations, mom. Give me a hug. – Congratulations. / – I love you. You look so nice. – Mom. / – This way. Come this way with mom. So cute. (Are you happy, mom?) Look at this. Happy birthday, mom. – Thank you. / – Not her birthday. Not her birthday. It’s not her birthday. 1, 2, 3. Applause. – Applause. / – Let’s eat. – Congratulations. / – Let’s eat. – Let’s eat. / – So cute. – Congratulations. / – He must want to eat it. Wow, so exciting. Congratulations, honey. I love you. – Huh? / – Congratulations. – Hwijae. / – Huh? – Huh? / – It’s so… Is your back okay? I bought medical patches. I’m fine, I’m fine. – Honey. / – Huh? You remembered all this? Well, you know… You know… Well… You know… Mom, look at this. – Oh, who stuck them here? / – Me. – Really? / – Seoeon and Seojun helped too. Thanks so much. Happy birthday, mom. – It’s not her birthday. Not her birthday. / – Thanks. – Are you touched? / – Yeah. – Dad. / – You know what got me? Mom… You said thanks and I’m holding the baby. Mom… I knew you’d cry then. – I didn’t think you’d remember them all. / – Mom. (Sorry for not expressing myself before) Mom, don’t cry. – Mom, don’t cry. / – Okay. Mom. Things have been tough… Oh. – Happy birthday, mom. / – Thanks. Dad… Dad, happy… As we got married, so many things happened. When I look back on the 5 years, Hwijae was always there for me and I could overcome all that. He wrote thanks under the photo and I felt so grateful… So right then… I felt he had the same emotions as me. Each and every photo is meaningful. The laughter and memories… As time passes by, they’ll be forgotten and what not. But I want our family to remember them. So even when we have hardships, I hope our family won’t forget those memories. I want our family to get right back up again. (Today becomes memories for the family) Look here. 1, 2. 1, 2, 3. (This is the long-awaited moment) Meanwhile how are the triplets doing? You need to overcome this. You can overcome it. You can do it. (But they run out of energy soon) Father, stop… Dad. Dad. Minguk, come here! Minguk! – Dad. / – Minguk, come here! – Minguk! / – Dad. Minguk, come on! – Minguk, are you tired? / – Yeah. Manse, hold his hand now. – No. / – Hold his hand. – Minguk, hold it. / – No. Then hold the bag. Hold it. That’s it. We just have to go a bit further. We just have to go a bit further. Hang in there. Let’s hang in there and finish it. This is a low-temperature experience zone. You’ll experience sick children’s low temperatures. – Look. / – But why is there smoke? It’s not smoke but water. Let’s see who can go the fastest. Ready. You need to be fast. You need to be fast. Okay? 1, 2, 3, go! Go! Scary. Scary. – Hey, hey, hey. / – I’m too scared to go through. Come on. I can’t go through. Manse, you need to hurry! – Manse. / – Dad. I’m scared, dad. Dad. I’m scared, dad. (To rescue Manse…) (Chief Minguk is on his way) (Operation: Rescue Manse) (I’m here, Manse!) (Holding tight) (Holding his scared brother’s hand) (Running hard) (He succeeds at saving Manse!) Good boy. – We did it. / – Thanks, Minguk. I had a tough time. I just had a tough time. (Cute kids) The older girls are here. Let’s run holding their hands. Manse, you want to run too? Hold hands now. Let’s see who is faster. Let’s see who reaches there first. Let’s see who is faster. 1, 2, 3, run! – Run! / – Who’s faster? – I’ll catch them. / – Yes, Manse! Catch them. – Go, Manse. Catch them. / – Run! Stop! I have to catch you. – Go, Manse. Catch them. / – Run! Dad. Oh, let’s run. Oh, let’s run. Help. Help. (Where are you going, Manse?) (Manse keeps running) Manse! Manse! (Manse suddenly slows down) (Why did he stop?) I want to poop. I want to poop. – Dad, I want to poop. / – Come here, come here. – You want to poop? / – Yeah. (Emergency) (Perplexed) (Whenever they’re out) – Dad, I want to pee. / – Pee? The triplets have emergencies whenever they’re out. – Dad, my tummy hurts. / – Huh? – My tummy hurts. / – It hurts? Dad… – Dad. / – What, Manse? I need to poop. I need to poop. You can’t poop at a time like this. In any situation… – Dad ran hard for the kids. / – Hang in there. – Dad, I want to poop. / – Come here, come here. – You want to poop? / – Yeah. Come here. Manse, come here. Come here. (Dad runs again today) – Dad, you can go downhill there. / – Look. Yeah, you can go downhill. You can fall down there, so be careful. Then we need to go like this. Go like that? Let’s all become tyrannos. Tyrannos. Let’s all become tyrannos. Everyone, run! Everyone, run! Dad Tyranno will catch Daehan. I’m Toyob. Daehan Tyranno is scarier. – I better run. / – I’m Toyob. (Mansesaurus is on the hunt) Run, everyone! That’s the finish line! Look! We just have 100m to go. Let’s run. We’re almost there. We’re almost there. Run! That’s it. – 1… / – Wait up. That’s it. Wait up. Wait up. Manse, wait up. We made it! – We made it! / – We made it! We’re done. (The tall guys give them medals) (Wow, thank you) You got the medal. Go like this. Bite. (Completion ceremony) (Proud) Dad… We completed 4km. Come here. I’ll give you a hug. Manse, come here. I’ll give you a hug. Good job. You completed your first marathon. Minguk, kiss me. You completed your very first marathon. Good job. Good job. It was their very first marathon. To them, it could’ve been just like a full marathon for me. They didn’t give up and I’m so grateful they finished the whole thing. I think it’ll be an unforgettable memory. Now it’s time for them to eat after all that work. We’re here at the beep beep restaurant. Come on. Come on. The triplets love cars. It’s a special gift from dad. Wow, look. (Their favorite, cream pasta) – Father. / – Fork and spoon. – Fork and fork. / – Look, I… ‘Pasta, pasta!’ What’s this smell? It smells yummy, right? Look. Get the noodles and spin it around. Put it here and spin it around. Why is the… Why is the bread sharp? The bread is sharp? Manse, look at me. – Like this and spin it around. / – This is too big. Next, say ah. It’s yummy like this, right? Right? – It’s yummy. / – Minguk loves it. – It’s yummy? / – Cut this for me. Like this. Get the pasta and spin it around. – That person is looking at something. / – Looking? What is it? What is it? The car is about to hit the person. (Over there, dad) (Goosebumps) Huh? What? What? (Look behind, dad) Huh? What? What? (What did he see?) That came through the wall. Came through the wall… The car is about to hit the person. (I was scared to death) But the car won’t move, dad. The car won’t move? It’s a photo. That’s why the car won’t move. It’s not moving because it’s a picture, right? So smart. (Minguk is a genius!) (He can’t cut the bread easily) This bread is too strong. This bread is too strong, right? You enjoy your food too, dad. Okay, I will. Today’s event made you guys thirsty, right? Good job. Alright. Here. Oh! You drank all that? Running was tough. It was tough? – What about this, dad? / – Thanks for finishing it. Wow, what’s this? This is fondue pizza. – Fondue pizza? / – Yes. – Dip it in the fondue cheese. / – Okay. – The pizza is like a full moon. / – Like a full moon? Father, be careful. What’s this? Father, cut it please. It’s a cracker. It’s a cracker? – Have the cracker. / – Cracker? It’s a French fry. Oh, it’s good. So good. (I saw everything) So good. Dad, open your mouth wide. Ah. Oh? You swallowed it. I swallowed it. Daehan, you try cutting the meat. Fork it down and cut it. Cut it. Like this. Daehan cut it! Wow. Have it. – Have it. / – Good boy. You’re giving it to your brother first? (Thanks, Daehan!) That’s it. Cut it small. Like this. It’s yummy. You like the meat? How is Sarang and Shiho’s date going? Wow, it feels good. (Shiho is in a yoga session) (Her face looks comfortable) (Stretching) (She is doing the tough positions easily!) Her stable poses aren’t shaking. You can tell she’s used to them. Shiho is really amazing. Okay. (Director Choo sets it at an angle she wants) Fart. (Don’t film my bottom) I always do yoga in the mornings. Sometimes Sarang gets up then and joins me. But she doesn’t do it properly since she never took any classes. (Planning a yoga class with mom!) Shiho takes care of her body with yoga. She’s known to be quite good. Will Sarang do well too? (Yoga class with mom) (The instructor will do it with her 4-year-old girl) Momo can do it. (Skilled at hand-standing) (Can Sarang do it too?) (Go like this) (How will Sarang do?) (She succeeds at once) (Sarang is amazing) She has the same body shape as you, Shiho. (Momo keeps showing her yoga skills) (A perfect triangle) (Sarang takes on the challenge too!) Wow, you’re good! (The actual class begins) Are you all happy? – Happy! / – Happy! (Put your hands to the center) Where your heart is beating… (Closing their eyes in meditation) (Inhale, exhale!) (Inhaling with the nose and exhaling with the mouth) (Breathing as she makes eye contact with her mom) (Lifting the legs and putting them down) (Supporting yourself with the toes) (Tense down to the toes!) (Sarang is good!) (Lifting the leg this time) (As a phone!) (Sarang enjoys the fun kids’ yoga) (Now they get up) (Mom’s tree pose is stable) (Shaking) (Sarang, elegantly) (The kids lose balance) (All experiencing lack of balance!) (It’s too tough!) (The instructor makes it seem easy as always) (Mom’s elegant pose) (I can’t do it like mommy) (Eventually) No. (This time with mom) (Tough yoga for the moms) (The kids are having fun) (Shiho needs to build her abs) (Holding the kids’ hands together) (Precious time spent making eye contact) (The mom and daughter have grown closer) I love mommy. (They grew closer through the yoga class) The following day… There’s a tense vibe in the gym. (We haven’t seen Sunghoon for a long time) (His UFC match is coming up soon) (Dad is doing his final training) Sunghoon’s match is coming up soon and he’s training hard. (He’s focused more than ever before) (Training just like the actual match) (Choo Sunghoon shines brightly when he fights) For dad who is working so hard, Sarang and Shiho have come. (What’s with these outfits?) (Preparing the choreography too!) Sarang, let’s just practice this part. ‘Hang in there, dad’ ‘We’re here for you’ Okay. Let’s go now. (Meanwhile) (Dad is practicing hard) (Looking in) (He’s practicing so hard, he doesn’t notice) (I’ll surprise daddy!) (1 minute break) (He sees them during the break) I think he saw us. (We were going to surprise him) Will they be able to surprise him? (The triplets meet a special robot friend) Robot! – Play with me. / – There’s a special friend. How will Daehan, Minguk, Manse react to him? The 3 mighty siblings have come to a gym class. – Daebak has his very first race. / – Run! – Who will win? / – Come on! Come on! Come on! Bow low. – The twins become mailmen of love. / – Thank you. (The twins become mailmen of love) Thanks to the cute kids, the dads don’t get tired. The Return of Superman. Chapter 108. “You Are My Energy.” Don’t miss out.


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