Think Only Kids Are Scared Of Needles? Ask This Baby Deer | Kritter Klub
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Think Only Kids Are Scared Of Needles? Ask This Baby Deer | Kritter Klub

Starting now a chase begins WANTED: Baby deer ‘seum’ “Can you see her up there?” Hidden in the hill during winter “Over there! There, there, there!!!” A hill next to the zoo Zookeeper: While moving to try to give her vaccination Seum got shook and ran away Ye. What. Can’t I be scared of needles T – T 6-month-old Seum who ran away to the mountain If you take a step towards her she only gets further away T – T Zookeeper: She’s become more sensitive..I think it’ll be hard to approach her Gonna lure her to this side 1st try: Tempt her with comfort food “Ah…this smell!” Sniff sniff The smell of comfort food seems to have gotten her attention ^-^ Good! Just a 2m distance between Seum and the zookeeper Nom nom But… Zoom~ Zookeeper: Her reaction speed is 0.1 seconds Woo~ so fast 0_0 2nd try: An irresistible carrot wrap Again, the distance between them gets closer PD: Oh! Feels like you could catch her now! NOPE. Even a slight movement elicits an immediate response! Zookeeper: You can also go backwards? You have reverse skills lol Seum has a highly sensitive sensor Spills all them cabbage Nervous The most important thing is.. spee–ee-d! Too slow!!!! T-T Ah… OTL 3rd try 3rd try: Capture frame + Carrot bait Once again, Seum arrives Nom nom As soon as she bites the bait! Captures! Zookeeper: Seum, it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay!! She squirms furiously and in the process.. her collar got unleashed O_o;;; Suddenly this has turned into an Animal in Crisis episode PD: Oh no! What to do! At a loss for what to think (A senior enters)
Zookeeper: How did it go? (Explains the situation) Zookeeper: Ah how could you lose her! Zookeeper: Wah I feel like going crazy… After that day, didn’t see Seum for two days..T – T Day 5 of Seum’s escape from home Witness: The deer comes here (the golf course) now She was spotted on a nearby golf course! There she is!! Zookeeper: If she crosses over the golf course, the customers will be shook and Seum will also get shook.. For everyone’s safety The final try:
“I think we’ll have to use a tranquillizer gun” There’s nervous tension in the air Got the runaway deer Seum who wandered around alone in the mountain So is her healthy okay, Doctor? Vet: I think the time that she got shook and was stressed kept repeating She’s partially dehydrated as she couldn’t eat properly and there wasn’t adequate water intake but relatively, her condition is good Finally getting dat vaccination too! Seum: I might as well have gotten it sooner..T.T Zookeeper: Seum, time to eat After she found stability Zookeeper: Seum, come out come out! Returned to home ^-^ Seum’s mom who couldn’t sleep well because she was worried about her daughter 🙁 Mom: Are you going to do this again? +.+ :


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