Thrift Finds – cheap baby girl clothes!
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Thrift Finds – cheap baby girl clothes!

I just want to share some of the baby
stuff I got from the thrift store with you guys. So I’ve divided them into
newborns, three months, six months and then I only have one that one year old
.So for the newborns I have onesies first.
They’re just cute little dot onesies but they have these, uh what is it called, scallop
collars that’s really cute. this one’s with a doggie even though we don’t
have dogs but super cute. We have some giraffes. I think we
got these before we found out we’re having a girl so everything is kind of
gray or yellow or white okay and because she’s coming in the winter we bought a
bunch of sleepers these are all onesies or these are all newborn size too. These
cute little elephants and they’re nice because zippers! We did get some pink stuff after me
found out she’s gonna be a baby girl. This one is so cute because the feet
look at the booties, and then there’s a little bee on the
back. Still some
unisex ones. There are all really good quality and they’re
all really good because they all have zippers. This one doesn’t have a zipper but it’s
just one so. And a moose, and I think this is our
favorite because it’s a fuzzy polar bear so it’s
gonna be nice and warm. And then for three months we’ve got
these cute little dresses. This yellow one. There’s this nice little out like
halter-top ish one and this is a pretty good find, little blue ones and it comes with like
little undies Just more onesies. Onesies. And…six months ones. Six months we just got onesies because I think by then…six months…by
then it would be summertime so I don’t think she needs a full on sleeper if we’re
gonna swaddle her or have baby blanket on her. And then this this is for like a one-year-old or 12
months but it’s overalls! Can’t pass on overalls. Tut these are so nice because
the bottom…you can open all of them so it makes it easy for changing. And we also got these two little…baby caps, they’re from Baby Gap. Just like that. And we also got these two little…baby caps. They’re from Baby Gap. yeah three to six months
and the only thing that we bought there I think it says…these are…for three to six months. So we still need one for newborn, but I’m pretty sure my mom’s gonna knit or crochet one for us. Yeah, three to six months. And the only thing we bought that was brand new so far are these socks we got from the Children’s Place. It’s just six pairs of socks in
there for 20 bucks So all the thrift this stuff we’ve got…
at the first time when we went there there was a 50% off and the second time
we when everything was regular price but still with everything included it’s only
around $50 and it’s a bunch of baby stuff so they’re really good deal

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  • CE Ben

    I like your videos 🙂 Will you make a new update in the future ? i'd be glad to see that 🙂 and to see a bumpshot …the baby getting big now right?

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