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Toddler & Newborn Baby Bonding Tips | Sibling Bonding | Toddler Care | Mothercare

This is about how you can involve older brothers
and sisters in the routines to start with when you have a new baby. And how you can get them involved and to make
it more enjoyable, and also for them to feel very included. One of the things that you can do, that can
be really helpful is that if you are breastfeeding baby, is to get the older child to get a book
and read to you or could read to the baby, and it’s a really nice way of involving other
children. One of the things you can do is give safe,
suitable, jobs for older siblings to do to help you with as well. Maybe they can choose what the outfit for
the day is, for the baby to wear. When baby is about 4-5 months old, bath time
can be great fun for older siblings to be involved in so they can bathe together. One of the things that can also help at this
point is to use a bath support of some kind, this can help you to have your hands free
a little bit more for bath time as well. One of the things that can be quite good,
is to get older children involved with various things, maybe changing baby’s nappy or fetching
a nappy for you. Again, depending on the age of the child, but it can be they can be enthusiastic
and it’s really good to get them involved. The last point, is not to force older children
to get involved with a new baby. Sometimes they might get tired and be less enthusiastic
on certain days, so be guided by what your child wants to do and also to praise them
if they do get involved – even if they just do small tasks for you, to let them know how
well they have done. Even if it’s only a very small thing they have done. And they can start to feel very good about
being involved.


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