Top 10 Pregnant Superheroes Who Can’t Die
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Top 10 Pregnant Superheroes Who Can’t Die

What is one of the hardest things to endure
super or not? Pregnancy. It’s a physical and mental process that
takes a toll on your body, your mind, your spirit. It’s a journey. And those that choose to raise children are
some of the bravest I know, be they in the real world or in comics. Many mothers and fathers around the world
are basically performing real-world heroics on a daily basis. I know my parents were and honestly, even
though I’m pretty much grown up, still are. Today we’d like to pay homage to some of
these real-world heroes as we count down the top 10 pregnant superheroes who can’t die. Meaning we’ll be looking at some of the
most indestructible superheroes who beared children and impressed us with their mental,
emotional and/or physical strength in the process. These are heroes who can’t be stopped or
put down and always seem to bounce back from whatever we throw at them. If you have a parental figure in your life,
be they biological or not, that is your own real-world superhero be sure to show them
some respect by giving this list a thumbs up. And be sure to stick around till the end of
this list where I will have some bonus content coming your way. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Harley Quinn I would argue at this point in the comics,
Harley is more hero than villain. After being seperated from the Joker for quite
awhile, she spends most of her time hanging out with Poison Ivy and working with the Suicide
Squad while ocassionally going on her own adventures which usually showcase her in a
heroic light. She was pregnant once to though not many may
know this. During a fight with Black Canary, Harley offers
to take a break when she realises Black Canary is not feeling well because she is pregnant. Harley then confesses that she once pregnant
so she can empathize. What made her and her pregnancy so untouchable? The fact that it apparently happened off panel. Harley confesses that she took some time away
from Joker while pregnant to give birth and that her daughter has been convinced that
Harley is not her mother but her aunt for her own protection. And death doesn’t usually come to heroes
or villains while they are off panel. Because we kind of want to read it. Meaning that she would have been untouchable
at this time. Also despite being absent and deranged, Harley
actually sounds like a pretty decent mom. 9
Siryn The daughter of Banshee, Theresa became pregnant
after sleeping with Jamie Madrox, her boyfriend at the time, known as Multiple Man. Turns out that Multiple Man was using his
ability to create a duplicate of himself so he could maintain a relationship with both
Siryn and Monet at the time. He later confessed this, pissing off both
women but especially Siryn who was pregnant. She ended up keeping the baby and even asked
Jamie to marry her when she went into labour. He accepted and their son Sean was born. The only problem was that it turned out Siryn
had slept with a duplicate of Madrox. Meaning that when Jamie held Sean in his arms
for the first time, the baby was absorbed back into him as a product of his duplicate. Siryn was understandably pissed and while
she has never died, Jamie should have been very afraid of meeting his maker after causing
Siryn so much grief. Fortunately she did not choose to end him
but did break his fingers and threatened to break his neck if they ever met again. 8
Angel Salvadore While Angel’s pregnancy was unexpected and
kinda weird. It has to be said that there was likely no
harming this mother-to-be. Angel and her classmate, Beak found themselves
pregnant after a dared kiss grew into a romance between the two young mutants. Still students at Charles Xavier’s Institute,
they feared they would be expelled for this unplanned pregnancy. Surprisingly, they were not but found themselves
fully supported instead. With all of the mutant community supporting
and protecting them, Angel and her children would be therefore untouchable. While she would turn evil momentarily under
the guidance of Xorn who revealed himself to be Magneto, her lover Beak would lead her
and the other members of Special Class to rise up against Magneto, turning them back
into heroes who helped to win the day. Angel still thrives in the comics. 7
Jessica Jones Jessica became pregnant with Luke Cage’s baby
after one of their passionate and casual hookups. While Luke and Jess were more of a casual
think, Jessica ended up dating Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man in a more serious capacity. She discovered she was pregnant and told Scott,
confessing that the baby wasn’t his. It turned out it was Luke Cage’s baby, which
she in turn told him. Luke confessed that he cared for Jess and
asked her what she wanted to do. She told him she wanted to keep it and he
supported her and suggested they move in together. Thus began one of the most famous and cutest
comic book romances. Jessica’s pregnancy appeared pretty routine
and she spent most of it working for the Daily Bugle. After their daughter, Danielle was born she
felt inspired to return to a life of heroics. And while many may not think of Jessica as
being quite as indestructible as some of her fellow superhero counterparts, including her
husband, Luke Cage, she has never died in the comics and while her pregnancy was relatively
uncomplicated, her life has been anything but. It has been filled with emotional trauma:
from the loss of her parents; to being mind-controlled by Killgrave; to fearing that Danielle actually
might be the Purple Man’s baby, concieved from rape. Jessica is definitely a hero who is invincible
in more than just the physical sense. 6
Invisible Woman Invisible Woman has actually survived two
challenging births. And for that she deserves some props. It’s amazing that she didn’t die during
either of them and that her children also managed to survive. Although granted the first time around Valeria
did not, so really, three challenging births. Valeria was originally born after Franklin
but due to complications and radiation that the unborn baby was emitting, ended up being
a stillborn. However Franklin weirdly saved the day when
it was later revealed that he had saved his unborn sister using his powers, allowing her
to be raised in alternate timeline. But then this all got reset due to some timey
wimey stuff and Valeria ended up as an unborn child again in her mother’s womb, meaning
Sue now how to relieve the pain of giving birth to Valeria all over again. Miraculously, and with the help of Doctor
Doom, she survived once again and so did Valeria this time, whom Doctor Doom named after his
first love. And in a weird twist Victor also ended up
joining the family, becoming Valeria’s godfather and gloating that he was better than Reed
as succeeded where he could not. Sue has been through so many difficult pregnancies
that she definitely deserved a medal of invincibility for being near death during childbirth so
many times. What a tank. 5
Power Girl Honestly if Kara could survive this insane
pregnancy story, she could survive just about anything, surely. Power Girl immaculately conceived and had
a baby and went to great lengths to protect it. She had kissed Hal Jordan and had a brief
romantic moment with Aquaman previous to her conception so originally we thought they might
be the father but it was later revealed that she hadn’t slept with anyone so there apparently
was no father. This was during the retcon that made Power
Girl a descendent of Atlantis, making her a proud Atlantean like Aquaman. She discovered this by meeting part of her
grandfather in spirit form who told her that she was. And of course she believed him. Getting a hug and getting zapped a memento
on her belt of heritage. After her baby is born we find out that during
this moment with her grandfather’s sort of ghost she was impregnated. Her grandfather is actually still around and
he explains this to her when her baby magically takes her to see him. But he also has no idea why or how it really
happened. Power Girl is pissed but she gets over it
and raises the baby, which she oddly refuses to name. The baby grows up at an accelerated rate and
leaves her. She runs into him when he is man, still calling
him baby, and learns from a demon that the baby is actually his magical baby, part demon,
part Atlantean, created by her grandfather in her womb using both sets of genes, destined
to become Atlantis’ champion. Her man-baby defeats the demon getting power
from his mother, names himself Equinox and is basically never heard from again. Power Girl survives this whole ordeal with
psyche somehow intact when most people would surely die from the trauma. 4
Scarlet Witch Despite the fact that Wanda ended up with
the synthezoid being, Vision, who while resembling a human is not one and therefore can’t really
reproduce, Wanda still managed to get herself pregnant and bear two twin children. How did she does this with a bit of magic
and sheer willpower. Well mostly willpower to be honest as it was
later revealed that the babies she had given birth to were simply constructs of her subconscious. Despite the fact that others deemed them not
real children, this didn’t stop Wanda for very much believing in their existence and
fighting to prove that they were real. There was nothing she wouldn’t have done
for them until it was revealed that they had actually come from magic energy belonging
to Mephisto and were reabsorbed. With her chaos magic and reality altering
abilities, Scarlet Witch is a hero who has never really been forced to face the grim
reaper. Despite losing her children, they would eventually
return to her, somehow reincarnated and inspire her to seek to give back all those who had
lost their powers after the events of M-Day and Decimation. 3
Jean Grey You might be thinking but have we ever seen
Jean pregnant? Well no, not really. But she has so many alternate reality kids
and is so invincible, I couldn’t not mention her. Sadly, because a lot of her children come
from alternate realities, I don’t have any awesome stories of her being a badass mom. Mostly to be honest a lot of her alternate
reality kids just seemed to pop up and surprise her and Scott every now and then and let them
know that they were the worst future parents. However I will say that she has an army of
unstoppable alternate children at her back despite the fact that they didn’t agree with
her parenting. Rachel Summers herself made sure that there
were people there to keep watch over her parents and protect them. So even if we are ignoring the fact that Jean
has been resurrected enough times that her death can never be permanent and the fact
that she can exist purely as psychic energy, she also has her kids, some of whom are even
more powerful than her, to safeguard her from death as well. 2
Spider Woman One of the strongest endurances around, Jessica
Drew has been all around force to be reckoned with as a new mom and as a pregnant woman. She continued to fight crime and villains
right up until giving birth and even immediately after. During her time visiting an alien maternity
ward that Carol Danvers had recommended to her good friend, Jess, it was invaded by Skrulls. Jessica didn’t hesitate to fight back, despite
being very hesitant. She had to take a break to give birth, having
an emergency c-section and then got right back into the fray, defeating the Skrulls
just as Captain Marvel arrived to help but discovered that she didn’t need to as Jessica
had handled it. Granted she did need to help Spider Woman
who then collapsed from likely reopening some of her surgical wounds whilst fighting. Still the fact that Jessica survived that
entire experience and commits so hardily to being a mom goes to show she doesn’t plan
on dying. And honestly her separation anxiety from her
newborn simply wouldn’t allow it! She’s got to be there for that little bean. 1
Wonder Woman The most remembered and perhaps celebrated
time that Wonder Woman had a child in the comics was in the alternate universe of the
Kingdom Come series. Wonder Woman is one of the most undefeatable
heroes, period. Sure she may have had a death here or there
in the comics, but I’m more looking at heroes who have never permanently died in the list
and Wonder Woman definitely falls into this category as she always lives again. Her immortality lies in popularity which means
as a comic book icon, she can never really die. The thing I really love about her as a mom
in Kingdom Come is how her and Clark who hook up and create little baby Jonathan, decide
to also welcome Batman in their parenting. Bruce ends up helping to raise Jonathan as
well and the three make an insanely strong parenting unit. I mean who wouldn’t want Superman as dad,
Wonder Woman as a mom and Batman as a surrogate bonus dad? No wonder their son grows up to be so strong. Thanks for watching, nerd squad. I hope you found this list both informative
and inspiring. I felt pretty inspired writing it to be honest. So many strong women in comics who do all
the things! Did you also know that Gal Gadot was even
pregnant herself during the filming of Wonder Woman? And with another daughter no less! How do you feel about the depiction of pregnancy
in comics? Which superhero do you think showed the most
resilience during the pregnancy? Who are some of your favourite pregnant superheroes? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to comment below as well for a chance
to have your words featured in a future list. This has been top 10 nerd and I’m your host,
Amanda McKnight, reminding you as always to stay nerdy, YouTube. Oh, and watch out for that bonus content.


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