Top 10 Shocking Facts About Birth
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Top 10 Shocking Facts About Birth

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we
are talking the Top 10 Shocking Facts about Birth. Before we get into this video – if you know
the answer to this – let me know how much you weighed when you were born. I was 7 lbs and 3 oz. Baby becca! Also leave a thumbs up…. Share …description box. While one day I want to have kids – I don’t
have any right now. Before we launch into the video I want to
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back into your own hands without having to rely on other people, then check it out. OKAY SHOCKING FACTS about BIRTH! 10 – Five Years, Seven Months, 21 Days
That was the age of the youngest mother in history. Five years old. That is honestly and truly very messed up. Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado gave birth in
the late 1930s age 5, and didn’t marry until the 1970s when she was in her late 30s. She had a second child in 1972, putting her
kids 33 years apart. Obviously having a baby at 5 – she was abused
but she never revealed the identity of the child’s father… many suspected it was
her own father but he was never convicted. Lina is still alive but her first child, Gerardo
died age 40. 9 – The Reason We’re So Weak
Danny Burke actually told me this at the weekend and it was really interesting ! Have you ever
noticed how some animals come into the world way more self sufficient than others – like
deer are standing up and running around later that day? A lot of newborns can almost fend for themselves
but us humans are stuck there like….waa…? Well this is all to do with evolution. The trade off for being able to walk on two
legs is having to be born pretty weak. Pelvises are about as wide as they can be
to allow walking and birth, humans cannot gestate any longer than 9 months as if they
do babies are born too big to birth naturally. Also, the attachment babies have to their
parents means that they have ample time to learn from them, another reason why we are
more intelligent than other animals. 8 – The UK Vs Africa
Wonder what it is like bringing a baby into the world in one of the poorest nations vs
one of the richest with the best universal free healthcare? Well it seems in Africa, 1 out of every 22
women dies during childbirth or pregnancy, while in the UK it is 1 out of every 8,000
women. I absolutely cannot believe those statistics. For every birth in Africa there is a 1 in
22 chance the woman will die? Seriously the NHS in the UK is an absolute
blessing and we should protect it at all costs. 7 – Birth Rate
Alarmingly, It took over 200,000 years of human history for the world’s population to
reach 1 billion; and only 200 years more to reach 7 billion. In my life time, the population of the world
has boomed by over 2 billion. There are 135 million babies born each year,
but just 56 million deaths. Experts think the birth rate has peaked and
moving forward the death rate will increase while the birth rate will decline slightly. 6 – Testicles vs Childbirth
The age old question ehy – so does childbirth hurt more than being kicked in the testicles! Well it is complicated but the answer – factoring
in the duration of childbirth – seems to point to yes, childbirth is more painful. The story goes that testicles are organs that
live outside the body. They are very sensitive and are covered in
Nociceptors – like super nerves. Testicles are also attached to nerves in the
stomach which makes a person feel super sick…so…not great. But then females have these nociceptors too
– and they have to push a babies head out of comparatively small pelvises and can tear
themselves in doing so. This goes on for on average 8 hours. There is no accurate universal measure of
pain as it is subjective to the person experiencing it so we cant definitively answer the question,
but the duration a person in labour feels pain last much longer than a person who has
had a blow to the testicles. 5 – The Placenta is a Superfood
You may be aware that some women eat their placentas. The idea comes from the animal kingdom where
it is common for afterbirths to eaten. The Placenta is rich in nutrients and for
generations has been studied for its health benefits. In ancient Chinese medicine placenta would
be eaten to help treat infertility and liver issues. These days placentas can be made into pills
and taken as a daily supplement, buuuut others choose to eat theirs raw or cook with them…. There are recipes out there for placenta lasagna
or placenta spaghetti…. Carbs and placenta…. Mmmm… ackk…. 4 – Bury It
In a lot of first nations cultures, including Navajo and New Zealand’s Maori, bury placentas
after child birth. Some bury it on the day of the child’s birth,
while others wait up to a week – often the burial is part of a wider ritual and often
this also includes planting a tree. The reason varies from culture to culture
but generally the unifying factor is to give thanks for the baby and return nutrients to
the earth. Often if a person moves home they take some
soil with them from the area they buried the placenta in. Hospitals tend to hold on to placentas for
a few days for pathological reasons – after that, they incinerate them. 3 – The 75 Day Labor
Meet the woman who holds the record for the longest labor – Joanna Krzystonek – The
31 year old went into labor at 21 weeks, and sadly lost one of her three babies that was
born prematurely – it seemed likely she would lose her other babies so doctors delayed
her labor by giving her medication to stop her contractions. She then had to lay upside down for 24 hours
a day for two and a half months to allow her babies to finish developing. Her 75 days of labour are thought to be the
longest ever suffered by a woman. Joanna was over the moon when her two other
babies, a boy and a girl, were born healthy. She said I want to do is express my gratitude
to the staff of this hospital for their wisdom and helpfulness. I would never have been able to get through
this without them.” 2 – The 22lb baby
The heaviest baby ever born and officially recorded was 22lbs…which is 10 kilos and
nearly 2 stone. Big baby! The baby boy was born to a seven foot 11 inch
giantess Anna Bates in 1879. The father was Martin Van Buren, who was 7ft
9 – and the pair travelled in a show billing themselves as the tallest couple alive. When Anna’s waters broke, she lost over
22 litres of fluid! The baby was born the size of a 6 month old,
and was 28 inches tall. Sadly the boy died shortly after childbirth. In 1982 a 22 and 8oz lb baby was born to Christina
Samane but for some reason she doesnt get the Guinness world record as her child had
a birth defect. The size of these babies reallllly puts me
off. Want to hear the craziest story you are going
to hear today! But really though 1 – The Miracle Baby
A woman had a baby on the toilet of a moving train in India. If that wasn’t crazy enough, in India they
don’t go in for a flushing train loo… they’re more about dumping that waste directly
on the train track ….soooo…. where did the baby go… urm… out the hole. The mother fainted after giving birth to the
baby boy and wasn’t found until the train reached the end destination. Luckily the baby was later found on the tracks
alive. He had no serious injuries… he was underweight
though. What a start to life! What a miracle! WELL that was the top 10 shocking facts about
birth ! Which did you find to be the most shocking! I imagine some of you watching have had kids
although most of you probably don’t – either way I hope that you learned something! Again thank you to our video sponsor Simple
Health – if you want to take control of your birth control then check out our promo
link in the description box. Leave a comment letting us know your birth
weight – any massive babies?! Comments from Scary Deep Space Stories. Rcrazywolf YT was paying homage to the Mars
Rover Opportunity – they said – Rip opportunity, you really were one of humanity’s greatest… Opportunities… Right! Danny Burke bought me a cactus recently and
I called it opportunity after the Rover. Opportunity forever. Josi said: I saw some NASA footage years ago
that featured a somewhat translucent and pastel color-changing “snake” that tumbled and writhed
around outside one of the shuttles. It appeared organic and was absolutely fascinating. In the years since I’ve been unable to find
that footage again, to my regret. It
was mesmerizing and deeply weird.?


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