TOY STORY BIRTHDAY PARTY SURPRISE! 🚀 (Finn Turns 3 Birthday Special!)

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Finn ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (fun exciting music) ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live forever ♪ (fun rhythmic music) – Buzz Lightyear reporting for duty! What is up, you guys? The last time I was
dressed as Buzz Lightyear, I looked a lot different. (deep tense music) (yodeling) A toy in trouble, to infinity and beyond! (deep tense music) Approaching destination. If you guys haven’t seen that video, I’m gonna have it linked
in the I card because it’s a really funny one
and it’s kind of like a full circle moment. We dressed up as Toy Story
characters for Halloween, Ollie’s second birthday party was a Toy Story themed birthday. We are huge Toy Story, huge Disney fans. And this year, Finn
wanted his third birthday party to be Toy Story also. So it’s super fun. If you haven’t seen the
entire family make complete fool of ourselves and dress up like all the Toy Story characters,
be sure to click the I card and go watch that video
because it was so funny. Oh, hey, babe. – Hey! – [Man] Can you believe
Finn is three today? – Oh my gosh, I know. – [Man] Is he our baby, he’s
our baby and he’s three. – He’s three, that’s
not even a baby anymore. He’s fully potty trained. – [Man] Do you know where he is? – Actually, no, I haven’t seen him. (light talking) – [Man] Hello? – [Woman] Hello? – [Man] All right, let’s play
search for the birthday boy. – Where’s the birthday boy? (yelling) – [Man] What? Is he in here? Oh, you’re not the birthday boy! – You’re Buzz Lightyear. – [Man] Happy birthday! – Happy birthday! – He’s like, too much attention. – Happy birthday Finny,
how old are you, dude? (yelling) All right, Finny, show me how old you are? You’ve been working on
this all day, right. – How old are you? – [Man] Show me with your fingers. – I’m– – [Man] No. – And. – [Man] So hard. This many, yay! – Remember, I told you you
could do it this way too. – [Man] Good morning, Buzz. – You could do that, I mean, that is– – Yeah, that’s a good way to say three. Yes, Finn, is three, you guys! Smash that thumbs up button
and comment down below, happy birthday, Finn, because we love this little dude. – Guess what, Finn. – [Woman] What? – I have a surprise for you. – [Man] Finn, he’s got a surprise. The first birthday
surprise, what is it, buddy? (yelling) Silly string! – You love silly string. So I am actually decorating
right now, setting up, and I’ve got actually a Zurg
here that I wanna set up somewhere like where he’s
looking over the party. What do you think of Zurg? – Yeah, there’s two of them. – [Woman] Yeah, there’s two Zurgs. (child yelling) Wait, Finn’s really
excited about something. What do you see? What do you see? (gasping) What is that? – I wanna crawl in it! – [Woman] Let’s wait until
it’s fully set up, okay. (exciting inspiring music) – [Man] Hey Woody, hey Buzz, I brought you here
because I want you to see Finn’s new costume! – Say, hi! – [Man] Look at him, he
looks like Woody, you guys. – He’s so shy but look how cute he looks. – [Man] He looks so cute,
he’s got the Woody hat, the cowhide vest. Wow, look at this costume,
this is detailed, you guys. – I actually have a
special surprise for you. Do you wanna see what I got for you? – Yeah. – Okay. – [Man] Momma’s got a
surprise for you, Finny. – You wanna see? I got a happy birthday boy sign! – [Man] It’s a birthday ribbon. – A little badge. – He’s so shy. He’s three today, Missy,
and he’s our little shy boy. What’s going on? It’s so crazy because our
Finn is always full of energy and he always is like
the life of the party, he loves having fun with all the kids. But I feel like whenever
the attention is on him, he kind of clams up and
he like gets all shy. Happy birthday, Finny, I love you, dude. Looking cool. – Working on this awesome
little box fort right here. Check it out. What do you think I’m making, guys? – [Man] Oh, that’s awesome. So let me guess, are those, is that a strainer to strain pasta? – Almost, close. – What else, oh, these could be bars. Oh, is that like a jail? Oh, cool, it’s like a
little cardboard jail. Oh, like Andy made in Toy Story, huh. We have got a criminal
on the loose, you guys. Be on the lookout for Mr. Potato Head. Apparently there’s a 50
bazillion dollar reward for this guy, so if you see
him anywhere, let me know. I honestly haven’t seen
any type of Mr. Potato Head anywhere, so if you guys see him anywhere, please let us know because like I said, there’s a 50 bazillion dollar reward and that’s a lot of money. (fun exciting music) She’s recruited you, huh, Jessica? Poor Jessie. Where’s your Jessie costume, Jessie? – I should’ve. – [Man] You should be wearing one! Oh, this is looking cool. So you’re taping the bars with black tape. – Yeah, that was we don’t
have to use a marker. – [Man] Oh hey, it’s Live
and Kay, what’s up, girls? Welcome to the party. Whoa, what is it, dude? – Cars. – [Man] Cars! The girls are here and they
showed up with air chargers, that’s so cool, Finn. What do you say, dude? – Thank you. – [Man] Thank you! Finn loves anything Cars right
now, it’s the funniest thing. Look at these center pieces
Missy made, you guys. It’s a little cardboard box, it says toys, and then she put packing peanuts and the actual toys in it, it’s so funny. Giant bounce house time! Look, we got a giant
Toy Story bounce house. CJ and Bailey out here,
you guys having fun? – Yeah. (playful rhythmic music) – [Man] Kiddos are getting
their face painted. Ollie, what did you choose? – Spiderman. – [Man] Spiderman, that’s a great choice. (lighthearted music) Check this out, you guys, we even have Pizza Planet
deliver Ollie and Finn’s favorite pizza. What’s going on here, babe? – Mr. Potato Head needed a new identity. – [Man] Oh, because
he’s on the run, right? So Missy is transferring
all of the Mr. Potato Head parts from the hat to the cantaloupe. That’s amazing, babe. (fun rhythmic music) Dude, I love it. Do you feel like Spiderman? Do you have magic web powers now? – No, I’m gonna have Flash powers. – [Man] Oh really, whoa, he’s so fast! Now it’s Finn’s turn, is
he doing Spiderman too? – Yeah. – [Man] Oh my gosh, you’re so funny. Check it out, you guys,
Buzz Lightyear’s got a face. This is the weirdest mask ever but look at it with my shirt, it totally looks like
a mini buzz, he’s like. (shooting) This looks like one of those
masks that someone would wear to rob a bank in, if I was robbing a bank as Buzz Lightyear, that wouldn’t be a good idea though. All right, it’s time to play pin the face on Mr. Potato Head. – Eyeballs. – [Man] Put the eyeballs on, buddy. – This is the nose. – [Man] Whoa. Is he cheating, babe, is he cheating? – He’s cheating. – [Man] Oh my gosh. – Let’s see! – [Man] Look at him! – [Missy] Oh my goodness. – [Man] He’s so silly.
(laughing) (fun rhythmic music) All right, Ollie, you got this? (fun rhythmic music) Ollie! Ollie, look, you almost had
a centaur Mr. Potato Head with one eye, huh? How’s it going there, Jessie? – You guys should just go
take a break or something. Get the next game. – [Man] There you go, that’s
the mustache, perfect. – It is, I thought that was the mouth. – [Man] Yeah, that’s the mustache again. There’s three mustaches. Did she… She took it apart. (laughing)
– What? – [Man] No, it’s okay. Oh my gosh. (fun energetic music) There you go. – What happened? – It’s horrible. You ripped it apart! You made an extra piece. Poor Mr. Potato Head cannot
catch a break today, you guys. (fun rhythmic music) So, we just got a knock at the door and look who’s here,
it’s Mr. Buzz Lightyear! Welcome to the party, yo. Hey guys, someone here’s to say hi! Go Finn, go, go, go, you’re so excited. – It’s Buzz Lightyear? – [Man] Yeah, he came to see you, dude! Finn, say hi! – Hi!
– Hi, Buzz! – [Man] Buzz is here! So we got Woody and now we got our Buzz. Oh, Buzz, you silly goose. (laughing) Hey Finn, did Buzz just put you in jail? – Yeah. – [Man] Yeah, you can’t
get away with nothing with Buzz around, you know that. Oh no, they escaped! I don’t see them anymore. Oh no! (screaming)
(deep tense music) You gotta go the other way! (screaming)
(laughing) – (mumbles) and pass it around. Just toss it (mumbles)
hand on you, you’re out. And the last person holding
Mr. Potato Head gets a prize. – [Man] We’ve got some prizes. Buzz is pretty stoked too. – Pass, pass, pass (mumbles). Pass it! – [Man] Pass it, Ollie, pass it. Oh, he is savage. (fun playful music) Oh! (fun exciting music) Tough luck, buddy, huh. – I really wanted to… (laughing) – [Man] Oh, Buzz is egging him on. (laughing) Final three, hot potato. Who’s it gonna be,
Buzz, who’s it gonna be? He’s voting for CJ. Oh man, who’s gonna be the winner? Who’s gonna be the winner? Oh! (fun exciting music) – All right, ready? – [Woman] We’re gonna sing. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Finn ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (cheering) – [Man] Good job, buddy! Happy birthday, big guy! Oh babe, wait, I forgot to get
a good picture of the cake. Oh. Oh no, just kidding, I
got plenty of pictures. Look at all this yummy cake. – Finn has named the last two from his Buzz Lightyear badge. – Oh, that’s awesome. So we have chocolate and vanilla. Vote in the I card poll above, you guys, what kind of cake you guys want. It’s always chocolate for Missy. (mumbles) Thanks, Buzz! (mumbles) Oh no! Don’t give Finn the mic– (mumbles) This is what happens when
you give Finn the microphone. (mumbles) That’s his talk. Finn, did you get some
presents for your birthday? Look at all these amazing presents. Whoa, what is that? – It’s like a little (mumbles) that– – It turns into a roller,
and then it goes straight, and then it rolls. – Whoa, that is so cool. Finn loves everything like that. – [Missy] All right, this
is from the Martin fam. – [Man] Oh, awesome. – Hot wheels. – Hot Wheels, what is it? Oh yeah, Hot Wheels. This is so cool, look at this
Hot Wheels set he just got. It’s the Thrill Drivers Corkscrew! Whoa, dude, what do you say? – Buzz Lightyear! – [Man] Buzz Lightyear, look
at his Hot Wheels he just got! Aren’t those crazy? Whoa, look at all those cars! – Say thank you! – Hey Finn, what’s your favorite toy? – Hot Wheels! – Hot Wheels, that’s right. Finn loves playing with Hot Wheels, he literally plays with them for hours. So he’s gonna have hours of fun. (playful music) – Say thank you everybody. – Thank you everybody! (laughing) – Happy birthday, buddy! (mumbles) (spitting) (fun rhythmic music) Finn is beat boxing. Hey Finn, are you having
the best party ever? – Yeah. – [Man] I think so. Any luck? Oh, Finn is hanging out by the dispenser, so anytime you put anything in the hole, he can just grab it. Finn, you gotta let them grab their candy or whatever they get, okay. (soft playful music) Whoa, Ollie got himself some cotton candy. That’s awesome. – Thank you, pop pop! – [Man] Nice. – Yes! (laughing) – [Man] Hey, you got some– – I think that’s a spider web. No, it’s not.
(laughing) – [Man] It’s like on your neck. – Hey Buzz Lightyear,
I have another tooth! – [Man] Isn’t that crazy, Buzz? Let’s see it, show him,
open your mouth, show him! Ooh, isn’t that crazy? So you’re basically part robot, huh? – Yeah. – [Man] Maybe you should cool
it on the cotton candy, bro. (laughing) Um, so, this is what’s on the pinata. It’s Buzz Lightyear, right. Hey Buzz, you’re on the
pinata, I’m really sorry, don’t take it personal. It’s just, you know, I apologize. – Down here, Buzz Lightyear. – [Man] That’s you! There it is, get it, swing, oh! Nice! All right! (fun exciting music) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, stop swinging! You almost destroyed Buzz, the wrong Buzz. CJ, you gonna bring this home? – Yeah. – [Man] Spin him. You gotta spin him. (fun rhythmic music) Okay, pretty close but back up, back up. Okay, oh, there it is! (fun exciting music)
(screaming) Candy! (fun rhythmic music) Everyone say, bye, Buzz! – Goodbye, Buzz. – [Missy] Give Buzz a hug and say bye. – He wants his candy now. Thanks for coming, Buzz. Good guy. Bring it in, Buzz. Toy Story 4, let’s make it happen. Aw. – Bye, Buzz. Bye, pa! – [Missy] It’s not papa. – [Man] That’s not papa,
papa’s right over there. He’s Buzz Lightyear. (deep rhythmic music) All right, Buzz Lightyear,
you are clear for take off. Thank you for coming, have a great day. (fun playful music) – [Missy] We’re breaking
out mimi and papa’s present. – [Man] There you go! – [Missy] Why are you
so good at that, Finn? Whoo, press the button again! Go! Roll! You gotta do it while you’re going, bud. – We’re gonna do it, okay, watch this. And roll! – [Missy] Oh! – I wanna do it. – [Missy] I wanna do it. All right, papa set up
a little course here. Hit it, turn, turn, turn! – Police! – [Missy] Okay, daddy’s gonna show him. – Three, two, one, go! (dog barking) – [Missy] Oh, no. (yelling) All right, we got a tower now. Go, go, go! Oh my gosh. (cheering) Yeah, yeah, yeah! – He loves this thing. – [Missy] Kids, time for
our late night baths, huh. – Yeah, bouncy house! – You guys, I have not
even been in the Toy Story bouncy house but I’m gonna
get in now with the kids to bounce a little before we go to sleep. Here we go! Let’s bounce! (lighthearted soft music) (yelling) Falling, fun. (laughing) – Hey (mumbles), who is that? – [Missy] Wait, what is that? – [Ollie] That’s the slide! – [Missy] Wait, show me how it works. (yelling) Show me, Finn! And there’s a monkey up here. Wow, go, Finn, go! Go Finn! – Look, guys! – [Missy] Oh wow, okay,
that’s a little crazy. You’re like a monkey! – I pretend I’m like a spider. – Oh, you’re like a
spider, like Spiderman. Whoa, you’re like a spider too. Okay, I’m going down
the slide, here we go. (yelling) (laughing) Okay, one more time
before bed, here we go! (yelling) Go, Finn! – Hi! – Hi. That was so much fun, it was nice to do one last
jump before bedtime, huh, boys? Finn, did you have the best birthday ever? (gasping) I think that means yes, huh, bud? (laughing) Ollie, did you have the best day? – Yes! – Yeah, that was so much fun, huh! (yelling) I think we had the best day ever. This is a happy boy and
this is a tired boy. I think he’s happy and
he’s tired too though. It’s time for bed. We had so much fun, you guys. Give this video a big thumbs up because Finn just turned three years old! (sobbing) He doesn’t even care. And make sure you leave in the comments, happy birthday, Finn. We had an awesome day
and I gotta tell you, this was kind of a last
minute birthday party thrown together but I think
it turned out amazing. This is like my favorite thing ever. What was your favorite
thing about your party? – That. – That, oh, this is his favorite thing. So easy to impress. – Like this. – Whoo! How about Buzz coming to your
party, was that pretty cool? – Yeah. – Yeah! What about your cake? – Yeah. – What about playing games? – Yeah. – What about opening presents? – Yeah! – Yeah! (mumbles) You really liked that
hot potato game, huh? We’re gonna go ahead and end this video. Make sure you give it a big thumbs up. We’ll see you guys tomorrow! All right, Finn, time to
say bye, what do you say? – Bye bye! (fun lighthearted music)

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