“Transgender man gives birth to a boy…”
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“Transgender man gives birth to a boy…”

Every journalist hates the term “fake news”. They want to be taken seriously. But sometimes they justify the label. For example, this headline. Transgender man gives birth to a boy? Seriously?! A transgender man gives birth to a boy?? I could have sworn I saw this headline on
the cover of the National Enquirer about fifteen years ago when the line between the intentionally
ridiculous and the serious wasn’t quite so fuzzy. Let’s break this down for a moment. If you believe in biology and objective reality,
you know that men don’t give birth to anything. So the phrase “man gives birth…” is
a non-starter. If you’re giving birth, you’re a woman. But let’s say you are a reality denier. Let’s say you will deny any objective truth
in order to avoid offending someone you view as being part of a victim class. Shouldn’t you at least do so consistently? When you say “Transgender man gives birth
to boy” you initially deny the connection between gender and biology, but then–two
words later–assume the gender of the baby based on his biology. Of course there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging
when a baby is a boy. Nor is there anything wrong with acknowledging
that people who give birth to baby humans are called women. Both are observations, not judgments. But the fact that CNN is willing to assume
the gender of the baby but not the mother indicates that communicating truth is not
their first priority. Like a virus taking over a computer, the mind
that writes the sentence “Transgender man gives birth to boy” has been completely
corrupted by political pressure. It can no longer be trusted to perform the
function for which it was created until it undergoes serious repair. If they were to write, “Man gives birth
to homo sapien of undetermined gender” people – it would be a little clunky… But we might respect
the desire for consistency. As currently written, they’re just letting
us know that they know what is true but they’re happy to lie about it if the social pressure
is strong enough. Which gets us back to the “fake news”
bit. If you want people to take you seriously,
you have to take yourself seriously. At a bare minimum, that should require the
courage to call a spade a spade, even if you heard it would prefer to be a heart.


  • calendarphotoscamera Canuck

    Have you ever noticed when trans "women" make headlines, it's always about some sort of sports, or political achievement or award? But when trans "men" get headlines it's about them giving birth? Think about that. They are still being treated as men and women.

  • Reason Rules

    The only reason this is even news is to advance the leftist agenda. This news story has nothing to do with truth or biology. Media bias is so out in the open now that they have already permanently damaged their credibility.

  • Shojoerday

    How about the headline: " Wo-MAN Gives birth to baby" it collectively emphasizes the parent's male identity, while acknowledging that women give birth NOT men. Also while leaving out the specifics of the baby's gender, because it's irrelevant.

  • WittyNotes

    I think you're confusing 'sex' with 'gender' again. Because of transgender individuals, some men have a uterus, and some women have a penis.

    But more importantly: what does this have to do with family policy? Shouldn't the FPIW be celebrating the start of this new family?

  • the Q&A

    Actually, men CAN give birth!
    "Behold, the wicked man conceives evil and is pregnant with mischief and gives birth to lies." (Psalm 7:14) 💥

  • TheSplendidChild

    "Transgender" is an adjective which specifies the noun "man" making it known that the man was once (or still is) a woman/female biologically. A grown adult can have a gender identity whereas a newborn, who doesn't even have a concept of object permanence yet, can not actualize their own gender identity. The term boy could just refer to the babies sex, which is separate from its gender identity, a claim that is consistent with my previous statement. The title isn't inconsistent. Your channel does this often when it's trying to make something seem illegitimate. Like in your video College Kids Say The Darndest Things On: Identity. You asked them if they could agree if your host claimed to be a woman and they agreed that that decision was beyond their control and something they were willing to be open about. But then you asked if they agreed if your host was Chinese and 6'5 and six years old. And since they had just claimed to be okay with him claiming to be a woman they then seemed to have felt convicted to be okay with him claiming to be these other things although they weren't. But your nationality/ethnicity is a not a concept. Your age is not a concept. Your height is not a concept. These are all finite circumstances. Whereas GENDER is a concept. Gender and sex are no longer as interchangeable as they once were. Your channel is a stones throw away from those "feminist recked" channels made by teenaged boys. Please try to form better arguments if you're capable.

  • Squid Bomb Productions

    Why do we judge each other is my question. Maybe people should think about others more, and what it may be like to live in someone else's shoes before making a judgement. The right and left BOTH have this problem and it can be sad. Then again, we're only human…

  • Gwenyth Puddester

    why… do you even give a shit?? i thought you were supposed to be happy about people starting families. maybe you’re just trying to shove your ~political agenda~ down other people’s throats.

  • VII

    Well, you believe that a virgin can give birth? And somehow Jesus has XY chromosomes? And you believe that Eve was created from Adam's rib? And yet Eve is a female with XX chromosomes. So why is so hard to accept that a trans male to give birth?

  • Yin Yang

    some Trangender Individuals retain they’re Cisgender reproductive system for to utilize as a reproductive method
    can’t believe you snowflakes ❄️ folks have aneurisms over this 🙄

  • Joe Lavigne

    We have to let them know that there are bad people for trying to push this crap on us…… Don't be manipulated by political correctness

  • Anthony Taylor

    Exactly, a man cannot be a woman, nor can a woman be a man…ever.
    you can remove your gender birth parts (breat, penis, etc) and change how you look or dress, but you're still a man without his penis, not a woman and vice versa, you're still a woman but without breast.
    Woman have thier breast removed due to cancer…we don't call these women transgender, nor are they called men
    Democrats are in sane, don't believe the lies

  • Jay Redd

    Since now the right is trying to employ science to win their superficial perfect society war, my question is how would Jesus son of Mary have a Y chromosome if he had no father? And if he had no Y chromosome, would he be a man or would he not? Or would God have supplied him with a Y chromosome by miracle?

  • Maria Dias

    When I was young, I used to play with boys, fight with them and I had more cars than dolls . I was not a boy. I was viewed as a girl by the boys. I wasn’t considered masculine by them nor I considered myself as a boy. I’m a woman and I still like man . A lot!

  • David Vanpatten

    This is so stupid it's a women
    Now thay even changing the packaging on feminine hygeine products becouse men have periods too

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