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Treat Yo Self | Pregnancy Update Week 34 | Mommy and Me

You’re back. This is Mommy and Me and I’m
Mandi. I’m on week 34 of this pregnancy journey. Treat yo self ladies.
Treat Yo Self. I’m Mandi.Subscribe to Buzzchomp.
whoa If you’re on my journey with me and you’re around my time week 34 whoo. It’s
coming. I know I say it like I’m gonna say it every time on all these videos.
That’s coming to a close. You’re down to the wire. It’s gonna
happen sooner than later. Treat yourself. You know, I’m not shy
about saying pregnancy isn’t my favorite time of life. It just isn’t my favorite
time, but I love the end results of it. As I’ve said before it’s uncomfortable and
definitely I think after having been pregnant before and already experiencing
it, a second pregnancy is definitely even more uncomfortable. I think because my
body knows what’s gonna happen and all of that and also it’s just it’s a hike
anytime you put a large amount of weight on in a short amount of time, your body’s
gonna like feel that. So now it’s all about treat yourself.
There’s that adage that everyone says get sleep now before your baby comes, but
then there’s that double-edged sword and the double-edged sword is the fact that
it’s hard to sleep when you’re pregnant. It’s recommended you sleep on your
side. I hate sleeping on my side. Pillows don’t help. I just want to sleep on my
back and be comfy. I just want to close my eyes and wake up when my alarm goes
off. I don’t want to have to wake up to pee. I don’t want to have to wake up
because I’m flying my back and I’m like oh damn I gotta go on my side, but that
happens. Something I do is I definitely don’t push myself. I’ve definitely found
myself on Friday and Saturday night it being like 9:30 and look at my husband
being like I’m done. We’ve watched a show or we watched a movie and I’m like
I’m gonna go to bed now. I found myself lying in bed and falling back to sleep
after my husband and my daughter wake up and like it being like 8 o’clock. Like
last Sunday it was like 8 o’clock and I was like whoa. I haven’t slept at 8
o’clock, I thought it wasn’t be like 7:00 7:15
maybe, but nope those are ways that like even though you’re not like I know I’m
not getting the soundest of sleeps. You’re still clocking those hours. You’re
still resting resting your body. Get a massage. Get your hubby to give you a
massage. I need to cash in on my hubby for this because I haven’t really that
much during this pregnancy. Just my body is sore. My body is sore. Get a prenatal
massage now. Do something like that for you. If it’s not prenatal massage. If it’s
a facial, if it’s a mani and pedi. Whatever it is, treat yourself.
Do that. Make sure that you do that for yourself. I already got a haircut last
month. Get yourself looking pretty before you
baby comes. Get a haircut you know. Do something nice. So you’re all fresh for
when that baby comes.I like love that my hair I got some inches chopped off of it.
I got it cleaned up and all of that. Just take some you time. This might be harder
if you already have another child or multiple children, but you got a cash-in
on your partner. You got a cash-in on someone. If you’re a single mom,
cash in on a friend, cash in on a family member and just take some you time. Whether
that’s just going to see a movie by yourself. Going shopping. Doing something
just for you or just going into your bedroom and watch a movie by yourself,
taking that time to be by yourself and just taking it for you. We all live busy
lives, but this I think is like a really important time for women who are
pregnant to put themselves first and to realize like okay hey I got to slow down.
I gotta do something. Yes I know, there are a lot of things that we need to do
before this baby comes, I get it. I get it, but if you’re not a hundred percent
fully prepared do not worry it will all work out. Trust me when I say it will all
work out. So that’s why I think you need to put yourself first in this situation.
Indulge a little. Now is the time to indulge a little right? I mean honestly
you’re gonna be putting on weight from now. The baby is growing in size the baby
is growing in size. I think it’s like once you’re at about 36 weeks or so your
baby is like completely fine and normal to like come. So your baby will still
continue to grow inside of you during that time, but just treat yourself a
little bit. If you want to indulge in some cake. If you want to indulge in some
ice cream. If you want to indulge in some chocolate. Do it do it.
Don’t let anyone judge you. Just do you and do what you need to do for
you. That’s all this is about. That’s why I say treat yo self ladies. Treat
yo self. I’m Mandi. Subscribe to Mommy and Me for
more of our pregnancy journey and share with me. How did you treat yourself? Or
how you treating yourself during your pregnancy? Yeah kids yeah. Thanks for
watching BuzzChomp. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and share. Subscribe and Share. Woo.

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