Trick to unlock #1/100 Title Fast! | Happy Birthday Achievement | Cake Locations
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Trick to unlock #1/100 Title Fast! | Happy Birthday Achievement | Cake Locations

Hello YouTube, welcome to my channel In this video, I’ll show you how to unlock #1/100 title also, I’ll tell a trick to unlock it faster If you find this video helpful, then please like it and subscribe my channel to watch future videos 🙂 On 26th march, I’ll giveaway 600 UC Royal Pass to 2 people To participate in this giveaway, follow the instructions on the screen I’ll announce the winners on Instagram Without further delay, lets start! So Season 6 has finally arrived, along with a new achievement As you can see on the screen Achievement is called “Happy Birthday!” On unlocking it, you will get 10 achievement points and this super cool #1/100 title To unlock it, you simply have to light up 6 birthday cakes Now you must be thinking where the f are the cakes in the game, and how tf you’re gonna light them This task is super simple and easy, in the new update sometimes you find cakes in the game As you can see one now on screen I found this 6 times in Vikendi, you will too find it there easily In Vikendi, you may find it in 2-3 locations but I will tell you only the best one, so you find it easily I will cover the rest of the locations in another video In Vikendi, inside the castle there are two spots where you can find this cake and in order to unlock the achievement you must light it up first I’ll show you both the locations in a moment, first let me tell you the trick to unlock it faster You need to do 4 things for the trick Number 1, READ ABOVE Number 2, if you see the cake, land near it and light it up quickly Number 3, READ ABOVE Number 4, Play solo matches only, so that the achievement information gets updated as soon as the match ends also, random teammates can’t be trusted, they may light up the cake themselves also, you will not have to face full squads in Castle, so play solo only I’ll unlock it right now, watch both the locations in Castle carefully This was the simple trick to unlock this title Check out my other videos, they are very beneficial for you Hopefully you guys liked this video If you liked it then comment 🙂 If you didn’t like it, then tell me why 🙂 and… share it with your friends, so they are too able to unlock this title See you guys in the next video


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