Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe | Michela Chiappa
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Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe | Michela Chiappa

Hi guys welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Michela
Chiappa and I’ve got a channel with my sisters called The Chiappa sisters we do lot’s of
simple recipes lot’s of Italian but also recipes for feeding a family or even baby. But today
we’re gonna be doing the Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie. It’s a brilliant brilliant smoothie
packed with nutrients during pregnancy stage or even pre-pregnancy it’s been developed
with Jamie Oliver’s nutritional team to make sure it’s got lot’s of folic acid, iron and
it’s also two of your five a day. Most importantly it’s delicious and it looks damn cool. So
the great thing is if you’re entering your third trimester which is where i’m at you’re
allowed an extra 250 calories a day and this smoothie is gonna have approximately 175,
well within those limits. So the recipe we’re doing today is enough for two servings so
you can either share it or if you’re a bit like me I like to keep it in the fridge for
the next day. All we need for this recipe is some kiwi, some dried figs, raw beetroot,
one banana, some full fat greek yoghurt and a little bit of almond milk or regular milk.
So we’re gonna start with two kiwis and these have already been peeled these go in our blender
and these are a great source of vitamin c which is really important in pregnancy for
keeping immune health and any infections at bay. We’re gonna put in about 60g of dried
figs about three in quantity. Now these are brilliant because during pregnancy a lot of
women get told that their iron count is low and that they’ve got to get it up because
you can risk low birth weight or anemia. Women often go for the green veggies so spinach,
kale but figs are a brilliant brilliant source of iron and they’ve got that natural sweetness
which is perfect for our smoothie. Now onto our beetroot, now when you’re pregnant you
do need to take double amount of folic acid it’s really really important and by putting
this lovely beetroot in not only are gonna get an amazing colour but this quantity of
beetroot in one serving of the smoothie will give you half the amount you need. So i’m
just gonna take these tops off and they’ve already been washed. Little beetroots, they
go in raw straight into the smoothie. And folic acid is a really really important nutrient
not just for helping the babies spine develop but in pre-pregnancy if you’re out there trying
to get pregnant they really do recommend you up the amount of folic acid up to 12 weeks
before conceiving. This way you can avoid the tablets and have it naturally in your
morning breakfast. SO then we’ve got our banana, again a really really great source of potassium,
this is brilliant for anyone really it’s great for smoothies to give it a great consistency
it’s good for slow releasing energy but its also just a brilliant fruit to add to your
smoothie. Then we’ve got two tablespoons of full fat greek yoghurt and the reason being
that its a great source of protein and that is important for growth and development and
then we’ve got our milk. Now we’ve got 200mls here and i’m using almond milk because it’s
a great source of vitamin D and in my opinion that’s really really important and it’s also
very good for bone development and for avoiding Ricketts. You can also use normal milk which
is also a great source of calcium but the one I would avoid is rice milk because it’s
got traces of arsenic in it and it’s not good for babies. That just needs to be blended
and watch the colours come to life. Ahhh I love this bit. Look at that. That colour is
so intense, brilliant. I’m gonna put this into a chilled glass it’s just been in the
freezer reason being there’s no ice in there and it makes it a little bit more refreshing.
That is so good. It is absolutely packed with nutrients if you’re in pregnancy or even remember
pre-pregnancy stage if you’re trying to get pregnant that folic acid is so important and
that’s just got lots of hidden beetroot in it. If you really don’t like the beetroot
and you do still feel you’re tasting it in there you can always add a nice drizzle of
honey but ultimately this is a fantastic smoothie because this has got iron, folic, acid, it’s
got two of your five a day and it’s absolutely delicious. So if you want anymore healthy
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pregnancy or pre-pregnancy smoothie. Salute.


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