Very Pity newborn baby BUDDY still very weak Processing|Mom don’t know what to do|Monkey Daily 603
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Very Pity newborn baby BUDDY still very weak Processing|Mom don’t know what to do|Monkey Daily 603


  • Coach 4lyfe

    Wow. I hate to see another monkey mom go through what the other one did. Wonder if this is the same troop?

    This baby looks almost exactly as the other baby did and he has some sort of rash or bumps on his face like the other baby, causing me to wonder if this is another herpes outbreak… Baby also looks blind.. Mom is crying.. obviously she knows he is dying..she sounds so sad. smh.. I pray if its gods will he survive.. Hate to see this.. so heartbreaking.

  • Sharron Hicks

    That poor mom looks like she wants to go right along wirh him. So sad. But, does that really look like a rash on the baby? Or, could she have dropped it on it's head? Could she have given birth in a tree? Wouldn't the mom have some kind of a sign of herpes, too? I'm just guessing!!??

  • Tina mani

    Why you all just stand there taken videos and knowing that the baby is not well you get some kind of kick watching them. And not one person went and got help for the baby. Just like we saw the other little one die and you keep following her around. Why don't you leave them alone. So upsetting to watch

  • Laura Burdett

    Looks like Buddy is dying as well. I wonder if there is a virus or something going through the colony. Or it could simply be natural die off. Poor little fella.

  • Anita Brewer

    He seems not to have blinked one time in entire video; Eyes are unfocused and do not track together; ability to hold on is not good. RIP little fella…

  • Linda Valdez

    Kripto poor baby had yellow jaundice and he died por baby it was sad broke my ❤ heart. These monkey's need help. Medical, privacy, food the sense of security. Where they're not always being watched by humans. Humans disrupt everything.

  • Lisa Love

    I think this video is older the baby will only live maybe 3 days without nutritional colostrum it would also help fight the virus in his body . But every one needs to stop asking these VO's to try and help the infant they are not professionals to touch that baby if it is the herpes virus it's highly contagious to humans also.. let's hope it don't spend the the healthy baby's we see daily!!

  • Gloria Brawldy

    This baby is almost dead, maybe some kind of virus going around and affecting the newborns. Something is going on. Maybe moms contracted some unknown disease and given to the babies in the womb.

  • Marisa Alaniz

    Que mala persona que sos
    Porque en lugar de filmar como muere no buscas un biberón pequeño y lo ayudaste hasta q tenga un poquito de fuerza y pueda mamar por sí solo
    Todo se paga en esta vida y tu maldad también no tenes perdón. Voy a denunciar este lugar por todas las redes mostrando el maltrato animal

  • crayzeebee

    Actually, it's a miracle any of the babies are born healthy. The mothers are all overweight, and probably diabetic. They have difficult labor and large babies. I'm going to guess there is brain damage from getting stuck in the canal too long. They never get to video the actual birth, so we can't know for sure.

  • David C.

    With the feeding intrusion of garbage food being given to this troop over many years they have developed horrible cases of primate diabetes along with other health issues prompting birth defect occurrences to rise. Also the mother doesn't appear to have milk, her breast seem very flat.

  • Becky Rogers

    Baby isn't feeding, and in pain, good job mom, keep flipping him over and checking his ass, worrying way to much about the wrong end…it's just so hard to watch. I just want to help it.

  • Christine Sutters

    Are you just going to stand by again and watch another baby die or maybe what you could do is get it some help I don't know how you could be there day after day after day and watched his poor helpless week beautiful little baby die and not do anything about it. When you stand by and watch something die that means that you are heartless cuz I don't know who could do this and not do anything about it. What you should do is get some Enfamil baby milk and make one bottle for the mommy cuz I'm sure she needs all the nutrients she can get and make one for the baby as you are feeding the mom you can feed one to the baby and if you don't do something you are a heartless piece of garbage and I will never watch another video of yours again

  • David Hall

    Born with bleeding looks like from the brain. It is all but dead, while the Mum don't understand death she knows something is wrong and does not want to expend any energy to help the baby. Which would be useless anyway. He is suffering greatly though and wish he would hurry and die to keep him from suffering like he is.

  • jambo1989r cassagnol

    The organs are starting to shut down. One indication is the blinking instinct has drastically slowed; that's the 1st to go. Kris lasted about 5 days and that was because his mom managed to get him to her breast several times and he did get some sustenance, but, if the videos are showing everything, this one is severely dehydrated from lack of milk and starving much more quickly than Krito. I'd imagine that this will last only another 24-48 hours. I'd bet it's a congenital defect from the father that's affecting these babies with undeveloped immune systems.

  • Pauline Ng

    Baby eye still strong, mum never try put baby on her tit. Without water also cannot live. Please god dont let baby suffer if cannot make it.

  • Bianca

    OMG 😢 the poor newborn looks very weak and dehydrated !! The poor baby will die the next days or hour 😭😢
    Please help the poor baby, please 😦😢
    I hope it gets better soon 😔
    Heartbreaking 💔

  • Hope Martin

    She needs to try and lift him so he can at least try so suck on that nipple it’s like he is not a fighter cause he probably has a numerological problem and he is dehydrated rapid breathing he not gonna make it! Has moms milk come in or has she eaten? I wish these babies could get some kind of help or help the mom to feed her baby.

  • fairylovr33

    You can literally feel her pain. She knows something is wrong just has no clue and no idea what to do. Poor baby poor mum.

  • Lana H

    His mother needs to hold him up to her nipples and help him to know where they r! All she does is make sure she's eating! There's no kisses, she's not holding him right or helping him at all. I said like a week ago he was gonna die, and he did! It's all his mothers fault!! He can't even hold his head up at all, or pull himself up to her nipples so he can at least get some milk. This is really so sad to watch this little guy die right before our eyes!

  • Leilani K

    Why doesn't someone just shoot the poor thing in the head with a pellet gun? This is horrible watching him suffer. I know , I know. Then don't watch right? Can't help myself. An animal I have hated my entire life, to me they are worse than rats. I can stop watching.I read up on the herpes virus these guys have and it causes severe brain damage in newborns. I can't believe people actually go around these animals. Nasty herpes spreading rats.

  • Lisa Murphy

    It appears that the baby is starving and too weak to nurse. The mother has no idea that she needs to help him. So sad.



  • Robert Lollathin

    That poor little monkey is trying so hard to live, all mommy has to do is pick it up put it on the tit. But she just sets and watches her baby starving to death while it has tried desperately to clean to what little life it has left. So heartbreaking and such a shame.

  • Jen Fox

    Maybe his nose was smashed in or something like that? He's breathing through his mouth and if he can't breathe through his nose he wont be able to suckle and breathe 🙁 It looked like the baby's nose was bleeding in an earlier video 🙁

  • Filthy Derty

    He's seizures back to back wen I see the videos, I see brain damage and empty eyes he's not aware because he doesn't even know how to blink his eyes or that he's supposed to blink he can't cling on it even pick it's head up starvation isn't helping the situation either all this stress and sadness is causing her stress and frustration. And the seizures are coming back to back every time his whole body shakes and twitches. It's a lose,lose situation

  • Judy Holiday

    This has to be old footage because he was basically dead Sunday or Monday their time..She had finally stopped walking around with him and had laid him down and seemed to be waiting for him to stop moving which by that time he wasn't doing anything ..he had that awful look like little Krito  had with the sunk in eyes and he was nothing but skin on bones as well.I just do not believe he ever got back up after that last video that I watched of them over the weekend..

  • Мэри Мэри

    Чтстенький, вылизанный, малышу уже несколько дней ( пупок высох и отвалился), значит сосал матер.молоко нес- ко дней и все было хорошо.Но отчего вдруг он умер?

  • Adam Hastings

    Good riddance little tree rat. Its the moms fault nasty bitch eat up with VD monkeys are nasty ass creatures everyone if them are so fucking fat

  • Sandy Heredia

    Stop taping this baby dying and its last moments and get him/her veterinarian help as soon as possible. Like right now guys. This is so sad to watch.

  • dizzychizzy

    Mom needs to take baby for a swim, or a walk in a tall tree if ya get my drift… BRAIN DEAD poor lad, and poor mom.


    Will mom let you take it to vet or maybe just needs milk are we going to watch till it dies please help baby

  • Галина Мишина

    Твой канал самый плохой.Сьемки очень жестокие,нет доброты.Детям показывать нельзя.Работай над своими видео,а то смотреть никто Не будет.К……ДИЗ,ДИЗ,ДИЗ

  • susi ghezzani

    Che felicità infinita vederli così ridotti male… e ancora respirano comunque ma ha gli occhi già con il velo della morte… adesso crepa lo schifoso…..

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