Vlogmas 17| Newborn Bathe Routine | Taglish
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Vlogmas 17| Newborn Bathe Routine | Taglish

good morning guys today, we’re going to take a bath, so so On today’s vlogmas guys, I’m going to show you how I give my baby a sponge bath So I will start with a wet cotton ball Wiping his eyes his whole face and his neck Just a plain cotton ball that is wet with lukewarm water And I will go ahead and get a wet wipes to just clear his nose And the other side of that wet wipe the part that I didn’t use I’m going to use it to Clean my baby’s tounge so that there are no left over milk on his tounge Okay shampoo time, shampoo time of my baby And for his shampoo what I do is the wash shampoo vanilla dry technique that I learned from school so basically you use a wet towel to get everything put shampoo on it and then use that Use some water to remove the shampoo and then dry it out using Another drive towel or better yet the blanket that you’re using to sponge bath your baby Right after I shampoo my baby’s head I like putting a newborn cap on him so that he will not feel cold through out the bathing experience and I usually this is the practice at the hospitals and Right after the head we move on to the arms same technique wet the part then shampoo wash And then dry it out using the blanket now you listen to back your baby on you can use a parallel this example and I’m using a Muslin blanket, so you do the same thing or throughout the whole body and we do it on the belly Yesterday And then you also do the same thing on baby’s back and his legs and Basically every part of him, but right after you wash a part of baby You have to cover them with a blanket like what I’m doing right now his arms are covered after normal wash, so that the baby will not feel cold through out the experience By the way by the Recording of this video baby river is already Seven days old we lost his umbilical cord on his sixth day And right now. We are moving onto the legs. I just removed his diaper you can see that there still Bondage on his circumcision cut that’s the reason why we’re doing sponge bath right now, even there is no umbilical cord because they were still healing his circumcision wound so I have another video Detailing how I care for my baby’s circumcision After and he was circumcised it’s kind of like a delicate video but yeah, and after you wash the whole Legs change the diaper of course. I’ll do some care for the bum bum and all And the next part of our bath is a baby massage I’m just using a baby ocean from cetaphil so I would massage his feet first and a little bit of a Swedish massage for baby. Do you like it? Seems like baby likes the massage and now we’re going to move on put some lotion all over the rest of his body his arms we’re gonna do a little bit of a message then over that and at the back and Frank We’re gonna move him to another clean blanket Not dry just to find out It’s a final blanket for him to dry him off But it also is – Amelia at this point which I forgot to use Input Pal comprado on his head if your traditional like that and put powder So on this video, I forgot to put all those other goodies stuff for babies and right now we’re just Putting on some clothes for you here Aren’t baby clothes so cute major modification – yeah He’s such a little tiny baby. So we make sure that he has mittens so he wouldn’t feel cold or prevent Scratching of his face and a bootie because the baby’s feet are always cold So yeah, this is how baby river dresses up on a daily basis because it’s hot Very simple right? and very light clothes And we’re almost done with our babies sponge bath after we put all his accessories We are just done. I wrap him up in a blanket He’ll the only all snug and ready for the day Thank you everyone for watching this video Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to my mommy channel for more videos of me bye seems an excellent


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