Watch a rare black rhino give birth
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Watch a rare black rhino give birth

Chester Zoo and mummy rhino Ema Elsa have
gained a new addition. The birth of this rare black rhino calf has
been captured on CCTV in the enclosure. Ema Elsa, a 13-year-old black rhino welcomed
this bundle of joy, and her third child, after a 15-month pregnancy. Zoo staff described the perfect birth the
mother not needing assistance and the as-yet unnamed calf landing safely on deep sand. And here the little rhino can be seen making
his way to his feet and taking his first few steps. Due to illegal poaching, the species is critically
endangered in the wild with less than 650 believed to remain across Africa. But the birth of this calf takes the total
number of Eastern Black rhinos at the zoo to10, adding – all be it in a small way – to
the population of these magnificent horned creatures.


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