Watch How to Make the Light Amethyst Pave Bead Necklace by Fusion Beads
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Watch How to Make the Light Amethyst Pave Bead Necklace by Fusion Beads

Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make our light amethyst pave necklace. This necklace is super quick and easy, and adds the perfect touch
of sparkle to your outfit. (upbeat music) To make this necklace,
you’re gonna need 18 inches of the silver base metal point
8 millimeter beading chain. Two of these silver base
metal thin fold over cord ends with rings. One 12 millimeter silver base
metal lobster claw clasp. Two of these 5 millimeter
silver 19 gauge open jump rings. This 8 millimeter light amethyst Swarovski crystal pave bead, and a pair of chain nose pliers. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay? Let’s get started. So first, you’re going to want
to take your pave bead, and your beading chain, and this bead is just gonna
slide right on the chain. So, you just kind of hold there, and just string it, right through. Here you just wanna add, your fold over cord ends. So to do that, you’re just
gonna need to fold over one side, then the other on top of it. So you just place it right in, just place one end of the beading chain, right in that fold over cord end. You take your chain nose pliers, just wanna hold it in place, and you squeeze. Starting on the right side, squeeze the middle, squeeze the top, and then squeeze the bottom. That’s one side of that fold over. Now you just wanna do that
same thing to this side here. So we’re just gonna take our chain nose, and fold it over, so it’s just gonna sit right on top of that first right side, and then, top and the bottom. Gently squeeze those down. That’s super secure right
inside the fold over cord end. Now you just wanna repeat
that with the other side. So put that end of the beading chain, right in there. Chain nose pliers, just right, starting in the middle, you just wanna squeeze, fold it down onto that beading chain, and do that top of that cord end, and then come to the bottom, squeeze again, then, just wanna do this
other side, right here. Starting in the middle, just fold it, squeeze it down, so it’s just right on top of the other side. Squeeze the top, and then go and squeeze the bottom. Then both ends, just nice and secure. You have these rings on here, so we’re just needing
to add some jump rings, to connect the clasp. Okay, so just open your jump ring, right side bring towards you,
left side, away from you. Open it up, just like that, (materials clinking) then just attach one of your rings. Oops. Go with this one. You can go ahead and
add your lobster clasp. You just add that to the jump ring. Close that up. Just bring those ends back together. (clicking) Okay, so there’s one end. Just again, bring the
right side towards you, with the chain nose pliers, and then the left side away from you. Open it up. Attach the jump ring to that ring, and this time, you’re just
gonna close that jump ring, (clicking) bringing those ends together. There you have it. These ends just clasp together like that. Now you have a super
cute Swarovski necklace to wear day or night. It’s especially perfect
as a gift for anyone that has a birthday in February, since this is an amethyst, is the birthstone for February. You can find all of
the tools and materials to make this light amethyst pave necklace, at (upbeat music)

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