Watching her give birth to quadruplets
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Watching her give birth to quadruplets

So they took Amanda in for the
C-section and I am sitting. They told me to put the scrubs on, so,
obviously, I put them on really quick, because I don’t know how long the process
is going to be. I was standing by myself for about 45 minutes while she obviously
got ready and things like that. So I go in, Amanda’s sitting there,
obviously, I could tell it was Amanda, all I saw was her head, so I’m like, okay,
I can go that way. Obviously, she was having a breathing issue, so I’m
like, “Are you okay?” And she said she was, and then I told her, “I think they
just cut you open.” She was, “No, I didn’t feel anything.” I’m like,
“Well, they’re sucking at something,” so she like…in the background. And then…
so she had said, “Doctor Spadola said, if you wanted to see the birth and things
like that.” She’s like, “Okay, so you got to stand up.” So I stood
up so that I could see, and out popped Sullivan, and they’re just
moving everything around, so I sat back down. And then she said,
“Where did you go? Come on, stay back up.” So I stood back up and
watched this one come out, Amelia and Prescott. And then I sat back
down because they’re all moving around and she was maneuvering something in there,
and she’s like, “What are you doing? Go back up!” So I stood back up and then
I’m still standing there and she’s like, “It’s done. You could sit down now.” I’m
like, “I just want to make sure you’re done, like there’s light at the end of the
tunnel, there’s no adding babies, that’s it.” She’s goes, “No, we’re done.”
I’m like, “Okay,” and I sat down. It’s funny because every time a baby came
out, I’m like “Okay, crying. Next. Crying, moving. Next.” I
wanted to know that they were all okay. And once we got all four, it was
fine. And it was funny because we were getting… I wanted to know their
birthweights because obviously, I’m the mediator between the family and
things like that. So I’ve got to go and tell them how they’re doing while they’re
stitching Amanda up and things like that. So Doctor Spadola was on the phone with
the NICU nurse and was getting all the weights, and she’s like, “Uhuh, uhuh.” I
know they’re really cute, I need the weights.
The nurse was like, just, I mean, they all loved them. They
thought that they were just the cutest babies and it made the moment worth it.
It’s like, okay, they’re here.

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