We Now Understand Why Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Really Split
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We Now Understand Why Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Really Split

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee gave us a rock
and roll love story for the ages: The blonde bombshell and the bad boy rock star fell in
love at first sight, and flamed out with a bang. They may be happily married to new partners
these days, but here’s the reason why Pam and Tommy really split. Despite Anderson once telling Lee not to visit
her on a work trip to Cancun, he did anyway. Lee recalled in Mötley Crüe’s 2001 autobiography,
The Dirt, “Evidently, [Pam] wasn’t even going to return
my call. [But her friends] saw how hard I was working
and begged her: ‘Go out with him for one drink. It couldn’t hurt.’ Well, it did hurt, because four days later
we were married.” “We were just like, ‘Okay, one, two, three,
four, go.’ Like nobody really thought too much about
anything.” Just 96 hours after their first official date,
they tied the knot on the beach in 1995. Lee remembered, “Instead of wedding bands, we went for something
more permanent: Tattoos of each other’s names around our fingers…This was real. We were married.” “I knew him four days.” “Four days any you got married?” “Well, he proposed to me on the first day.” “Great. Showing a lot of restraint, Mom.” At the time, Anderson told People magazine, “It was just instant, mind-blowing animal
attraction. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in somebody.” “Soon, soon, we wanna have babies.” Anderson got pregnant almost immediately after
they got hitched, but suffered a miscarriage that left Lee quote “depressed for months.” When the two welcomed their first son, Brandon,
in 1996, a dark realization hit Lee. He wrote, “Pamela and I got busy having kids so quickly
that we never gave ourselves a chance to build a solid relationship. I asked her much later, ‘Why didn’t we work
on our relationship more?’ ‘We couldn’t,’ she replied. ‘I was pregnant the whole time.'” By Lee’s own account in The Dirt, frustrations
in their relationship had spiraled into full on domestic violence by 1998. During one particular argument, Lee claims
he became violent toward Anderson. He was arrested and charged with felony spousal
abuse. In May of that year, the L.A. Times reported
that Lee pleaded no contest to spousal battery and was sentenced to six months behind bars,
as well as mandatory counseling and community service. During a custody battle years later, Anderson
accused Lee of physical and emotional abuse and cited the same incident, claiming via
the Evening Standard, “Tommy physically attacked me with complete
disregard for my safety and, more importantly, for the safety of our children. Tommy kicked me violently in the back several
times and in the buttocks. He was completely out of control.” Lee was released from prison after serving
four months of his sentence, but in May 2000, Rolling Stone reported that Anderson was a
witness to Lee’s alleged drinking, which violated his probation. Lee was sentenced to just five days behind
bars. With his probation extended to May 2003, he
was ordered to undergo random drug testing and join A.A. Lee, who previously documented his exploits
with alcohol in The Dirt, was later accused of abusing alcohol during a 2018 altercation
with his son Brandon. Brandon later released a statement to People
magazine, alleging that Lee’s alcoholism was the true root cause of the incident and that
he’d tried to organize an intervention. “You know, I was really upset when all that
stuff was going on.” Sources told TMZ, “Brandon claims Tommy was drunk and lunged
at him and he punched his dad in self-defense.” Lee denied this, alleging that he and his
then-future wife Brittany Furlan were in bed when Brandon attacked him. Lee later responded via Twitter, writing, “I’m happier than I’ve been in my entire life. I have a few drinks here & there because I’m
f—ing retired and enjoying my life. I worked 30+ f—ing years. I deserve it. You didn’t arrange any intervention, you barely
spoke to me while u were here.” “I’d like to say that I’m an adventurous person,
but I haven’t had the opportunity to express myself.” Pam and Tommy made what may be the very first
viral dirty celebrity video tape. And according to Rolling Stone, the tape was
stolen from their Malibu home in 1995, and ended up in the hands of a peddler. Lee wrote in The Dirt that his and Anderson’s
attorneys advised them to sign off on a one-time webcast of the video to maintain some control
over its use. But it didn’t matter: The peddler went back
on the deal and mass-produced copies of the tape. The video reportedly showed only a few minutes
of explicit content, but those few minutes made about $77 million in sales in less than
a year. “It was stolen property. Neither of us made anything from it.” Lee admitted that the stress from the tape’s
sale and release exacerbated all of the problems the couple were already experiencing in their
marriage. He wrote, “Pamela and I were fighting all the time. Trying to raise our children, continue the
careers that consumed us, make a new relationship work and deal with the non-stop barrage of
bulls— in the press was more of a challenge than we ever could have expected.” Anderson and Lee’s relationship was anything
but stable. E! News reports that Anderson first filed
for divorce in November 1996. After reconciling and welcoming son Dylan
in December ’97, she filed for divorce again following Lee’s arrest in February ’98. They reconciled briefly following his release,
with Entertainment Weekly reporting that they considered remarrying in ’99. At the time, Anderson told the outlet, “I picture Tommy and me…old, toothless,
on a bench somewhere with our tattoos.” Five years after splitting again in 2000,
Lee told People magazine he was quote “crazy in love” with Anderson and that they were
taking things slow. But in 2006, Anderson shacked up with Kid
Rock and tried to get sole custody of her and Lee’s sons. She and Rock divorced the following January,
and Anderson married Rick Salomon in October 2007, before annulling the marriage two months
later. In 2008, Lee told Rolling Stone that he and
Anderson were giving it another try, but they officially called it quits in 2010. After they were over for good, Anderson told
People magazine in 2015, “There was Tommy and then there was nobody
else. He was the love of my life. We had a wild and crazy beginning that was
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