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We Wore Pregnancy Bellies • Ladylike

– Babies and bellies. – They’re all involved in this magical thing called pregnancy. – None of us are pregnant. – [Jen] I think. – I know. – [Jen] Yeah, I know.
(laughs) – We wanted to know a little
bit about what it’s like to go through the world
as a pregnant person. – So we’re going to bring in some moms and we’re going to bring
in some baby bumps. – It’s Ladylike and we’re
wearing pregnancy bellies. (Jazz music) – We’re going to be
wearing these simulation pregnancy bellies for a weekend that look like we’re about
six to seven months pregnant. – I think pregnancy is so cool. I think being able to grow another human inside of your body is insane and I don’t think that it’s something I’ll ever be able to wrap
my head around fully. – I, in no way, think that this is going to be like an accurate experience of what it’s actually like to be pregnant. This is going to be just
like a social experiment to see how the rest of the
world reacts to us differently. – How do people treat you, do
you feel more self conscious. Do people touch your stomach all the time. Do they? – [Jen] Do they?
– Do they? – [Jen] Do they, Karen?
(laughs) – Hi, my name is Ellen
Crafts and I am a mom of one daughter who is 21 months old and I am Kristen’s aunt. – Hi
– Hi – Hi honey. – Hello, my name is Shanique, and I have a 14 month
old daughter and today I’m going to be speaking with
Chantelle about pregnancies. – So, pregnancy.
– Mm-hmm. – So much stuff.
– Yes. – So much stuff to talk about. – All good stuff. – I’m Kate, I have a baby
girl and she’s 18 months. – So what was it like being
pregnant in a public space? – You know, I’m kind of
just like a reserved person, I just want to blend in, I mean, there’s like a lot of attention on me that I just felt very
nervous about all the time. – So we talked about this before. – Mm-hmm. – You didn’t like being pregnant. – You know (laughs) it was really hot. (laughs) – I started to show like maybe in the middle of my second trimester. I didn’t get too many people
wanting to touch my stomach but they were asking
questions around, well, is it a boy or a girl? – Uh-huh. – What is that … you
know, what’s her name? And I’m like, you know, we’re
not really sharing that yet. – My favorite part, is they love to tell you gory birth stories that in some way you’re
supposed to find helpful when you’re just terrified in general because as a first time mom, you haven’t gone through any of it. And then you get these
unsolicited stories, that you’re like are you
kidding me right now. – It’s almost like people just see you and they’re just like well
you are a mobile therapist for all of my issues. – As an introvert, being pregnant must be kind of like four or
five months of like hell. – (laughs) – Because it’s like your obviously
always in the public eye. – Which is kind of funny
because once Lynn was born people would come up and be
like this is a gorgeous baby, I was like, I’m taking all
the compliments, yes she is. – (laughs) – Every woman is different, so, my experience will not be your experience. – Yeah. – For me, I was just
so excited to be a mom and excited to experience these
feelings for the first time so I embraced every
component of my pregnancy. – Mm-hmm. – The good and the not so good. – Okay.
– Okay. – This is going to be my belly. – (laughs) I love it. – Now, this is supposed to be a belly for like a six month pregnant lady. – You may have to put it on
like right underneath the girls. – Really? – Oh yeah, so you’re just bump-bump. – Okay.
– Yeah. – So you’re just like you are
literally just a capital B. – We’ll be back. – Okay, (laughs) And I’ll ask
you if I can kiss your belly. I’m not going to just … – (laughs) Wow. – I hate this. – How do you feel? – I hate this. – So I’m going to try to sit down like a pregnant lady would. – (laughs) – Right, is that right? – Yup. – Wow, it’s weird having a thing on. – Does this feel accurate? – A little bit. – I’ve never needed to grow a third boob. – (laughs) – So like now that I have one. – Yeah. – I don’t feel more fulfilled. – I’m going to go alert my
coworkers that I’m now pregnant. – Great, that’s how it happens, just boop. – And I’m going to go scare my boyfriend and I’ll let you know how it goes. (techno music) – Hi everyone! – You’re pregnant! – Can I touch, does that
work if we’re friends? – It’s very weird when someone is like can I touch but they’re
just already touching. – Yeah. – It’s feeling conscious
like, hey, can I touch? – Kind of feels good, I
have a lot of gas right now. – Okay (laughs). – So, it’s a really warm day outside and I was just sitting outside chatting with a friend and it’s hot. There’s like sweat in
between me and the belly. – It’s me and my pregnancy belly and I’m going to go to the grocery store to see how this works. – How’s it feeling? – It’s heavy. – Yeah, you look cute though. – That’s what everyone keeps saying. It’s really annoying because I feel like without this, I’m just like fat. But with like an extra 30 pounds, it’s like oh you’re adorable. – That’s annoying though. – Yeah.
– That’s irritating. – I’m walking back from Trader
Joe’s now with my groceries and one thing I did not
expect when I was in there, was there was this guy who was young like a fairly attractive looking young guy and he was making the
strongest eye contact with me and was like circling back
multiple times to look at me. I don’t even think that
someone has checked me out that aggressively when
I haven’t been pregnant. – Last minute decided to go
out for a coworker’s birthday. And, so this is Freddy’s
dress that I’m borrowing. And these are my own Birkenstocks and so together we have a
Friday night out on the town. – [Camera Operator] You have Freddy and then you have Chantie. – Mm-hmm. – I just bumped Brian with this and he got mad because it was cold. Geez, this looks insanely real. (dance music) – Okay so I’m leaving the bar right now and I’m about to drive home and there are a couple
things I noticed in the bar normally since I’m smaller, I’m always getting like tousled
and jostled to the side. But wearing my belly, I never
once even got remotely bumped. People were like very, very lightly grazing my back to get around me. That is something that has never happened to me in my entire life. I’m sure there were
people doing double takes but I only caught one which was a girl and so she saw me from across the way and she goes … And then she like looked away. – All right, time to put on my belly. So I left my car at work yesterday and I’m about to go pick it up
in a Lyft as a pregnant lady. – Well seat belts are pretty pointless. I kind of just feel like I’m going to slip out the bottom baby and all. – This Lyft driver, I got in the car and his eyes went immediately to my belly. Just like immediately to my belly. And then he did not say a
word to me the entire trip. – We just left brunch, a lot happened. When you look this visibly pregnant you are so aware of
everything you’re doing. It’s like your body feels so big that it’s like you can’t help but think about what other people
are thinking about. I think the weirdest thing that happened was a gentleman came in off the street who wasn’t eating at the restaurant and grabbed me by the arm and like asked me something
I didn’t quite hear and then the restaurant
staff quickly hustled in to get him away from
me very, very fast. I don’t know how people actually
go through life like this. I mean, I’m really
excited to take this off. – All right, I’m about
to go shopping right now in a big old grocery
store and so here we are. Let’s see if I can cut some lines. – I wonder what my life would’ve been like if I’d had a kid by now. Probably would have had
to have seen Cars 3. – Now I’m going to drive
my car to my dance classes. I typically take S Factor
classes on the weekend. For people who don’t know me, walking into a pole dancing studio when you’re pregnant is funny. – So, the store was very, very crowded. There was a lot of people
which normally results in a lot of cart jostling. But this time, people were
moving their carts aside for me telling other people get out of the way and I went through without
any problem whatsoever. I had a clear path. There was also behind me
in line was a kid screaming at his mom and kicking his mom. And I was like, oh my god. – Wearing a pregnancy belly
over a weekend was weird. I could feel people’s eyes on me more. My response is I felt a
little bit more judged. – This tiny, small, little slice, I was like wow, I’m glad that
I’m not pregnant right now. Excited to be that in the
future, but not right now. – If you see someone who’s
visibly pregnant in public just be cool, don’t stare at them. If they need a seat, offer them a seat. But like, you know, just
keep your eyes to your self. They see you, because I definitely saw all the people who were looking at me. – I think now going forward
after this experiment I’m probably going to be a
little more conscientious of like how I look at pregnant women. – I got the tiniest experience with it, but I definitely think that I have a lot more appreciation for people
that are carrying children with them every day for so long. That’s a lot.


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