Welcome Baby Sullivan! Positive C-Section Birth Vlog
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Welcome Baby Sullivan! Positive C-Section Birth Vlog

Angel: ready to have another baby? (Piano music) Justin: “Are you nervous?” Angel: “No” (Piano music) Dr B: “good decision” (Piano music) Dr B: “Mama! Papa! Here’s your baby” Justin: “yep, look at that. Hey buddy” (Piano music) Justin: “huh?” Justin: “yeah, of course” (Baby cries) (Piano music) Good morning, guys! It’s go time! We broke the water at twoooo thirty… now they’re… pretty close together so yeah, they’re like, very hopeful that this
will be pretty quick I mean, they literally brought the warmer in… (Piano music) (deep breaths) (Piano music) (Deep breaths/moaning) He was having decels during most of them, but now he doesn’t have them anymore, so that’s good that there’s this one less thing
for them to worry about right now (Piano and violin music) (break in music, sound of fetal heart rate slows. Deep breath/Moan) (Piano music) (Piano and violin music builds) Alright, well we tried and there’s still no change so it’s time to go in the OR and meet our baby (Piano music) (Piano and violin music swells) (Piano and violin music) (Baby cries) (Dr B giving instructions to staff) Dr B: Mama! Papa! Here’s your baby Justin: Yeah, look at that. Hey buddy. Dr B: there ya go (Violin and piano music) Dr B: How many weeks are we? (Baby cries) Nurse: 37 and 2 Dr B: yeah (Baby cries) Dr B: a little bit early (Baby cries) Anesthesiologist: Yeah, I was gonna say… (Doctors talking, Nurses talking to baby, camera shutter clicking) (Nurse says something about the cord. Baby Cries) Nurse: Oh yeah, really squishy Justin: Hey, little buddy (Baby crying) Nurse: Placenta! (Baby crying) Justin: So… gooey… (Baby crying) Nurse: Yeah..? Nurse: You have a big cord! (Baby Crying, emotional piano music begins playing) (Doctors talking) Nurse: It’s so fat! Nurse, agreeing: Yeah it is (Baby crying) (Baby crying, nurses talking) (Baby crying, piano music) (Baby crying, nurses talking) Dr B: Good decision (Baby crying, piano music playing) Justin: Huh? Justin: Yeah, of course Justin: What you talkin about? Don’t you worry (Piano music) Justin: Just concentrate on the breathing (Piano Music) (Nurse speaks inaudibly) Justin: So ooey gooey Nurse: very fat Nurse: very, very fat Justin: Really? Nurses: yeah Justin: what is he, uh…? (Thud) (Nurse speaks inaudibly) (Woman laughs) Justin: oh, dang! Nurse: they’re not usually that big Doctor: Oh, excellent
Justin: Have we weight him yet? Nurse: No, we won’t.. Justin: ok Nurse: Um, when the NICU needs it… Nurse: … the weight or something… Justin: Alright (Piano music) Justin: so how long before she gets to hold him? Nurse: um, we have to wait till the five-minute mark Justin: Five minute mark? ok Nurse: yeah Justin: Alright (Piano music swells. Doctors and nurses speaking inaudibly) Justin: Because it really matters to her Nurse: Yeah (Piano music swells) (No audio while piano music plays) (No audio while calm piano music plays) (No audio while piano music slows and concludes) Ohhh Mommy’s here (Monitor beeping) (Doctors speak inaudibly) Dr B: Lots
(Kiss) (Doctors speak inaudibly) Oh, Honey.. (Doctors and nurses speak inaudibly)
(Monitor beeping) Nurse: can you hold this for a second?
(Doctors speak inaudibly while monitor beeps) Nurse: ok
(Doctors speak inaudibly, clanging sounds) (Doctors speak inaudibly, clanging sounds) (Monitor beeping, kiss sound) Dr B: She’s still a little boggy.. Dr M: Ok
Dr B: And I don’t blame her because this has been a Dr B: four-day induction
Angel: yes Dr M: yeah Angel: Yeah Dr B: she’s been here since Monday
Angel: looonggg process Dr M: Do you want anything else? Dr M: Like Cytotec, or..? Dr B: yes, Cytotec would be
great Angel: Oh, baby
(Baby sneezes) Doctor: Can you organize that, please?
Nurse: Yes Dr B: She’s… for now
Dr M: ok (No audio, happy piano music begins playing) (No audio while piano music plays) (No audio while piano music plays) (No audio while piano music plays) (No audio while piano music swells) Angel: There you go Angel: that’s your daddy (No audio while piano music plays triumphantly) (No audio while piano music plays) (No audio while piano music plays louder) (No audio while piano music builds) (No audio while piano music swells) (Baby Crying)
(Piano music plays) (No audio while piano music plays triumphantly) Nurse: six pounds eight ounces Angel: he’s so tiny, little peanut! Kerrigan: Hi!
Angel: Hi, Baby! Kids: Awww
Grandma: Look at how beautiful he is! Kerrigan: Oh, hi baby Angel: Yeah (Grandma and photographer laughing)
(Piano music plays softly) Angel: Be really gentle, ok? (Kids speak inaudibly)
(Piano music builds) Angel: are you a big sister now? Kerrigan: Yeah! Caledon: Awww
Angel: Yeah? (Monitor beeping, piano music)
Angel: What do you think? He’s so little, huh? (No audio, piano music) Kerrigan: Hi, little baby brother (Grandma chuckles) Angel: Do you love him?
Caledon & Kerrigan:Yeah Angel: you love him? Kerrigan: Little baby brother.. I am here too (Camera shutter clicking, piano music playing) Grandma: Oh, he’s so beautiful, Angel! (No audio, piano music swells) (No audio, piano music plays) (No audio, piano music builds) (No audio, piano music swells) Kerrigan: Awwwww!
Angel: Yeah, he’s home! Angel: welcome home, Buddy! (Piano music concludes) (Calm piano music begins) Angel: Oh my God! Oh my God! We’re gonna have another baby! Caledon: Mommy is having a baby!
Angel: yeah! Caledon: (laughs) Nice! Angel: You’re gonna be a big sister! Caledon: And I’m gonna be a big brother! Angel: Again! Yeah! Caledon: This is so exciting! (No audio, piano music plays slowly) I’m getting emotional… (Sighs) I know I can do it, I’m really- (Sighs) I don’t feel like I got this (Sniffs) I’m really scared How hard this is gonna be And- (Sniffs) (No audio, piano music plays slowly) (No audio, piano music builds) (No audio, piano music swells) (No audio, piano music slows) (No audio, piano music concludes)


  • Miss Ann Thrope

    I’m at a higher chance of having a C-Section and watching this made me cry 😭💙 congratulations. I’m having a boy too 💙

  • Rhinestone Cowgirl

    I’m having my c section tomorrow. My first baby. I was scared but after watching this I feel so much better. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Aimee Stewart

    I’m having a planned c section on 28th of this month. I haven’t really seen any posts or videos about them. I’m so grateful for this video as it’s made me feel so much better.

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations! 🙂

  • Sydney Moore

    I had type 2 diabetes before I got pregnant, and I am in my almost 14th week. This seriously gives me so much hope that everything will be okay. It is so hard to feel like you just aren't hitting the mark sometimes. Thank you for sharing your story it means so much!

  • Meagen Griffin

    I had my first baby almost 2 years ago. I barely remember it because I was scared. Had my second baby (who I sadly gave up for adoption) and I didn’t want to remember the birth because it didn’t want to become attached. Now I’m having our third baby in October and I’m crying tears of joy. I will take this one in and remember every little detail!!

  • Tori’s Channel

    Birth makes me emotional when I’m pregnant. So beautiful 😍. I’m always more scared of the epidural more than the c section.

  • Miss Girl Girl

    How was the recovery ?? My c section will be early next month . I’m scared about the surgery plus the recovery

  • jennifer jenkins

    I’m having a scheduled C-section next month this is my third baby and still scared this is my first baby I’m 15 years

  • Whynottho

    My baby is breech right now at 34 weeks.. they say I could have a C-section.. I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. I’m more anxious. I can’t wait to hold my baby. Thank you for this video. It was beautiful & so is your baby❤️🤧

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