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What’s going on guys I am Matthias -This is my amazing, beautiful wife
-You’re in the middle of the road There’s no one coming There’s no one coming Except a giant plane or a helicopter But, uh… We’re here to get our first ultrasound because we’re gonna have a baby! We are pregnant! Well, you are pregnant Oh, that’s the alert for our appointment We don’t wanna be late Um, we’ll give you more details later but, we’re having a baby. and we’re beyond excited right now I couldn’t even sleep all night I was- I was so nervous for this I don’t even know why Well, right now we’re late so we- You’re the one that’s gotta perform Well, the baby has to perform The baby better perform I’m telling you Ahh, here we go! Alright, so we just walked out of the imaging center is what they call it and, uh- why don’t you come over here Oh, wait, you like the sun, don’t you? ’cause you’re cold -I am a little chilly
-Well let’s go stand in the sun, then And we got the… we got the ultrasound and everything is good um, we heard the baby’s heartbeat -yes
-which is crazy cool um, what else? how big is the baby? I don’t know They didn’t tell us anything Well, what does your app say? -that’s following
-it says, um the size of a blueberry The size of a blueberry is how big our baby is We don’t know we obviously don’t know the gender of the baby and, uh, she was going so fast in there that it was, like, hard to tell anything but I was, I was looking at it as, uh, she was going it and definitely the baby had a strong heartbeat -yeah
-It’s so crazy to hear that! -It was so crazy to hear that
-So early so early, yeah But, uh, ok so here-here are the ultrasounds So here are the ultrasounds So, point to the baby That’s the baby and this is what’s going to be the placenta yeah, ok, so that’s going to be the placenta that’s incredible that’s so cool to see that what do ya think? It’s so surreal like, it doesn’t feel real still yeah like it feels like…I don’t know I don’t know how to explain it it just… so many of you are so attuned to how Amanda was feeling and that’s one of the reasons we wanna tell you guys because, you know, worst case senario if like, if a miscarriage were to ever happen um, I feel like this community would support us You know what I mean? like, I feel like, and understandably so, people keep, uh, pregnancies this early In the, in the stages private because people don’t know much about miscarriages and they don’t- and people blame themselves for miscarriages and there’s a lot of shame about it and stuff like that but we really wanna focus on positivity and in the event that that would ever happen um, that you guys are so amazing and, like, all the hard times that we’ve had to support us and we have amazing family to support us it’s our- my personal opinion and I know you feel the same way that, uh, communication is always key um, when you’re struggling with anything but, right now we wanna focus on positivity yes and positivity is, I think, the most important thing to focus on and, uh, and with that in mind I think just announcing it to everyone and having everyone rejoice in- in our -little baby
-baby! in our baby alright, but, uh, right now we gotta go back home yup there’s work to be done work to be done not too much for you that’s why she’s been on the couch all these-all these days And everyone’s like “Why is Amanda always on the couch and always sleeping in all of the videos?” -‘Cause I’m so tired!
-And we’re just like “Well, ” because she’s tired and she needs to sleep” alright, let’s go, yeah? yes let’s-let’s go! and maybe you’ll get a nap, too maybe I think you need one more -yeah maybe
-he was up all night stressing I was. I did not sleep at all Alright Back home! And uh…. this is, uh, the first time we’re staying since the painters have come So, there’s still a lot of work to do But the main thing we gotta do- Bladder’s full? They made her drink 32 fluid oz of water um… to do the ultrasound And I was like “32 fluid oz?” “I’m pretty sure my bladder would explode with 32 fluid oz” “And my bladder is probably twice the size of hers!” Now, what we gotta do is clean the floors once and for all so, we finally don’t need to have shoes in the house um, I’m excited about that ’cause it’s gonna finally start feeling like home so you guys know that we bought a new vacuum um, but I still had to vacuum all this carpet All upstairs um, because you know the movers came, we were walking around with shoes um…the painters are walking around with shoes and put down that plastic tarp Just to let you know in that one week of putting down shoes and stuff This is how much dirt this vacuum- and this vacuum is three years old ok it’s not the best vacuum look how much dirt look how much dirt I picked up This is why you clean your floors kids I don’t want baby breathing in all that stuff You’re so excited that you can say all of that now you know I am! you having some trouble? yes these things never work! I never understand how to use them And Matthias threw away the manual Wa-! I- Wa-! How dare you! -I did not!
-So now I’m just looking it up Like how….eh….it…uh.. It would be impressive if I didn’t throw away the manual with the amount of boxes that I had to throw away yeah, I understand -but uh…
-Why can’t all the- why can’t the instructions just be like printed on here? Well I mean the- it’s pretty simple All you have to do is hit rinse or wash No! It’s not simple! oooooh!! She got some sass! (laughter) ahhh….well um… cool I’m about to upload the vlog that’s announcing our pregnancy -Are you good with that?
-I’m excited Are you pushing live, like, right now? I’m gonna push it live with your thumbs up ok! Give me the thumbs up thumbs up Alright I’m gonna go push it live We were always kinda nervous about this um… but uh… obviously super super excited um… check this out! see that right there? All you gotta do… is that Boom! The world knows! of our excitement and Amanda’s troubles with a vacuum cleaner K, I vacuumed ok you guys don’t even know I vacuumed um, the entire upstairs but before I vacuumed I swear Amanda had not emptied out this vacuum or cleaned the filter in a, like, years It’s been like 1 year I cleaned the-I haven’t cleaned the filter in like a year I emptied all the [inaudible] [laughing] That’s terrible! You can’t, vacuum is no good if it doesn’t have proper air flow it doesn’t suck! it’s supposed to suck! all right, check it out. piano movers are literally driving away they just brought my baby here i’m already here!
finally no, my baby piano my baby grand piano your babies are already here!
yeah [laughing] she thinks she’s so funny you are hilarious but, uh, I’m so excited to finally be able to play this my grandmother gave this to me like 3-4 years ago and it’s been at my parents ever since until I get a space big enough and i finally got a space big enough and look! someone cleaning up around it for me [laughing] thanks, baby! of course! it’s beautiful! i love it! i might just start song writing again i’m excited we just went to pizza rev brought back some pizzas ’cause J-Fred is obsessed with pizza rev my dad and J-Fred are over because we’re gonna check out the first episode of- we’re gonna try and watch all of the star wars episodes before the actual premiere of the force awakens obviously, not tonight tonight we’re starting with episode 1 you know, laugh at it, make some fun at it cause it’s goofy but, uh, got some pizza right here you can eat in there, if you want are we gonna watch tv as we- hi, doggie! hi, callie! no, no, no! and what are you doing, baby? i’m going to a woman christmas party! a woman christmas party? it’s only girls allowed! oh! that sounds fun? [laughing] hey, today is the next day and i forgot to end out the vlog i’d end it out with amanda, but right now she’s upstairs asleep feeling nauseous, it’s about 9 o’clock she’s been getting morning sickness um, all throughout the day and night i don’t know why they call it morning sickness i guess most women typically get it in the morning but hers is pretty much like 24/7 sickness but, uh, she is a trooper she is getting through it and pushing through it with such a positive attitude um, it inspires me but, uh, yea we’re really excited about this process and we’re honestly so thankful to have you guys along for the journey so thank you very much guys if you enjoyed this video, give it a like subscribe and we will see you tomorrow
high five!


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