What a Stillbirth Might Mean for Future Pregnancies
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What a Stillbirth Might Mean for Future Pregnancies

Stillbirth rates are down in many developed
countries, and that’s encouraging good news, but unfortunately, a new study shows suffering
through the birth of a stillborn child, may increase your chances of another later on.
I’m Rachelle Grossman with your latest health news. Researchers collected data on more than
3 million women. They found that 7-hundredths of a percent of these women had a stillbirth
in an initial pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies, these women faced four times the risk of having
a second stillborn child. However, the risk overall remained relatively low. Experts say
women should know they risks for stillbirth, including: obesity, smoking, and maternal
age. If you’ve had a stillborn child, counseling is recommended.

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