What Clothing does a Newborn Need? | mothercare baby advice

Baby’s arrival is such an exciting time. To
help you plan baby’s first wardrobe mothercare’s qualified parenting consultant Elizabeth Day
gives you the top tips on what to buy for baby. New babies usually spend a lot of time sleeping,
so you’ll need enough sleepsuits for a couple of changes each day, and for in between washes. Mothercare’s sleepsuits have fold back scratchmitts
to stop sharp nails from scratching baby’s delicate skin. We also use 100% soft, breathable cotton,
which is interwoven so it’s thick and super soft on baby’s skin. Our unique toe safe design prevents loose
threads from wrapping around tiny toes. And once babies are on the move, our sleepsuits
have non-slip soles. Bodysuits are great for keeping nappies in
place and mothercare also does a wrapover vest which is ideal for the early days when
the umbilical cord is healing. Babies are less able to control their body
temperatures, so cardigans are great for layering. The general rule is: add one extra layer than
you would be wearing yourself. To keep baby’s feet warm especially in the
winter months you’ll need around 6 pairs of socks and also some soft baby shoes. You’ll need a hat in the summer and a warm
jacket or snowsuit in the winter – mothercare snowsuits have detachable mittens so they’re
on hand to prevent frosty fingers. A cellular blanket with tiny holes allows
fresh air to circulate to help prevent overheating. Bibs and muslins squares are invaluable for
feed times, you’ll need a good supply of these. Nearly 50 years of knowledge and expertise
has gone into mothercare’s baby essentials range. Developed hand in hand, with industry
experts, midwives and real mums and babies – every detail has been carefully designed
for baby’s comfort and safety. There’s mothercare in everything we do.

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