What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Official Trailer – Bette Davis Movie
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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Official Trailer – Bette Davis Movie

Sister, sister, oh so fair… Why is there blood all over your hair? “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” To seek the answer to that question, we will follow a man plotting a murder. Highly specialized work. But Robert Aldrich has considerable experience in such matters. He has a dozen successful pictures to his credit. His stars are Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The scene: an Italianate villa in a once fashionable section of Los Angeles. Its halls, once crowded with the bright, the beautiful and the celebrated, now echo only to hectic whispers. The insistent call of a buzzer better left unanswered. A telephone that has become an object of fear. A supper tray that will not be touched. A window barred against the world. A hammer. A mute scrawl crying for help. From these elements, director Aldrich has fashioned a motion picture with a curious title. “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” Bette Davis is Jane Hudson. Joan Crawford is Blanche Hudson. But we must warn you. If you’re long-standing fans of Miss Davis and Miss Crawford, this motion picture is quite unlike anything they have ever done. It is a bold essay in the art of the macabre. An adventure to the ultimate reaches of terror. A motion picture definitely not for the squeamish. And we beg you. As the tension builds to the screaming point… As shock after shock assaults your senses… Try to remember that this is only a motion picture. Try… And remember. No. We… We can’t show you any more. Only when you see “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” will you know. And the answer is total suspense.


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