What Happens In Belgium, Stays In Belgium | Travel Vlog
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What Happens In Belgium, Stays In Belgium | Travel Vlog

hey guys we are taking a very short weekend get away with the family it’s exactly a day after Valentine’s Day
today is the 15th of what February so we decided to just drive off to Belgium
we’ve been driving now for three hours and we are just three minutes away from
our destination so we just have about a kilometer to go and then we’ll finally
get to the hotel freshen up settle down and maybe go into
town and see what we can eat and maybe go for shopping
I’ve been kind of like checking online to see what they have well I didn’t
mention we are actually going to Brussels that’s our base and then from there we’re gonna travel to Antwerp is that
how you say it in English oh yeah so actually it’s our very first time doing
a road trip as a family well we have traveled together all three of us we’ve
gone to the UK together as a family but this is the first time we’re actually
driving out of the Netherlands so yeah it was like just taking a stroll it
didn’t feel like we were travelling travelling if you know what I mean so
baby slept for I think about 45 minutes and he’s been cool he’s a very
chill baby like he doesn’t disturb he’s really you
know he’s a cool-headed baby okay so since it’s a family vacation I cannot promise I’m
going to be recording a lot because I want it to really be a quality time with
the family you know what I mean so I’m not going to be vlogging too much but
I’m gonna try as much as possible to show you guys the highlights of this
trip like why do I always have to miss something if I don’t
miss a flight I miss the train or I miss the bus
like why is this always happening to me I think I don’t want us to miss the
train We are on the train now so what happened was we decided to leave the car at the
hotel and just like hop on the train in order to be you know a bit free to be
able to take our time look around the shops and really find something to eat and then we
missed the first train so we decided okay let’s you know start to walk up to
the station and then we got here and then we just realised we had just missed
the second train well finally we on the third one and we are heading to
Brussels Central that’s like this centre of the city of Brussels
what else what else we ended up in Antwerp it’s a brand new day and we
are in Antwerp we came in here in the early hours of this morning after having
driven about 45 minutes to get here Antwerp is actually a totally different
city from Brussels in my opinion Antwerp is more organized while the vibe I got
from Brussels was more chaotic and everything just all over the place like
all the buildings all the shops it was just like very disorganized in my
view you are not going to believe that this building is a train station when I
first saw it I initially thought it was either a Cathedral or a renovated 16th
century Palace I was flabbergasted when I was told that this is actually a train
station this is definitely the most impressive station I have ever seen my
entire life and trust me I have seen quite a number of train stations in my
lifetime and this one just really stands out I mean check out the unique
architecture it is just remarkably beautiful so after standing there for a
few minutes just gazing at this wonder we decided to just walk through the
shopping district and of course there is so much to see and with that I will sign
out but before I do that let me remind you to go ahead and subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already and I’ll catch you on my next vlog


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