What is a RIVIERA Necklace? |Rivière Necklace
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What is a RIVIERA Necklace? |Rivière Necklace

(cheery music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the question “What is a riviera necklace?”. And this can be spelled two ways. Riviera is the French word for brook. It can be spelled this way,
which is the French way. Or this way, which is the English way. You will see it spelled both ways. But what is a riviera necklace? A riviera necklace is a gemstone necklace where all the gems are the same. They may be all amethyst. They may be all diamond. But they’re all the same stone. They can be all the same shape and size or they can be a variety of shapes and sizes. Today we often think of
a riviera necklace as a diamond necklace where the diamond at the bottom is
the biggest and then they graduate smaller as they go up. That is what we think of
today as a riviera necklace. But in fact riviera
necklaces have been made for a very long time. There are a lot of examples
of riviera necklaces from the Georgian period. And often you’ll see them
as say, oval amethyst. Where you might have a bigger size, then a
smaller size, a bigger size and a smaller size going around. There are a variety of shapes. And these do continue to
be made in varying styles. Through to the Victorian period,
Edwardian, going on and on. Riviera necklaces are very popular. They are a single line. If you start getting
double, they’re not really then considered a riviera necklace. You might see it referred
to a double riviera. But to be a riviera necklace, it is one line of the same gem. The same type of gem going all
the way around the necklace. You can kind of think of
it as a tennis necklace, although that’s not really the right term. There is no tennis necklace. If you want to know the
history of the tennis bracelet and why we call
it that I’ll put it here. Another important thing to know about a riviera necklace when
you are buying one is if it says it is a 3kt
diamond riviera necklace. For example lets take the modern example and they say it is a 3kt
diamond riviera necklace. That does not mean that that center stone, that big stone is 3kt. It means that the total weight of the entire necklace has 3kt of diamonds. So that’s an important
thing to understand. So there you have it. The riviera necklace. If you have jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time! (cheery music)


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