What is a Signet Ring | Seal Ring
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What is a Signet Ring | Seal Ring

(bright upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute, and today I’m answering the question, What is a signet ring? And a signet ring or a seal ring is a very old type of ring. It has something carved into it. So it can be all metal or it
can have a stone on the top, and it is, has been carved into, and the purpose for this
carving is that signet rings were used as an official form
of signature for a long time. And you’d either use the ring
to stamp your seal into wax that was closing a document, or you could even rub it with ink and stamp it on to a piece of paper, and that was your official signature for a very long time. Today’s signet rings are
not generally used for that, but we still call it a signet
ring, even if it isn’t. And also, we call it a signet ring if it has not yet been carved, so you can buy a blank signet ring and then have something carved into it. You can do that, again, even
all metal or with a stone. And some of the things
that people carve into it are their family crest, or their initials, that kind of a thing. Also different universities,
and different organizations, each have their own design
for their own signet ring. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (bright upbeat music)


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