What is Jewelry Casting? | Lost Wax Casting
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What is Jewelry Casting? | Lost Wax Casting

(upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute, and today I’m answering the question, what is cast jewelry? Casting is a very ancient art form. It dates back 6,000 years, so we’ve been doing this for a long time, and the way casting works is that you carve a piece of wax into the shape of the
jewelry that you would like, and then we take that little piece of wax and we make a mold from it, and it can be a silicone
mold or rubber mold, and oftentimes, you’ll hear
it called lost wax casting and the reason is, in the
process of making that mold, that original thing that you
carved melts away and is lost, but you do now have this mold. You take this mold, and you pour molten, melted metal into it, gold, silver, whatever you’re
going to make the ring out of. You pour that into it, and
let that sit in the mold until it cools, and then you open the mold and then you have your piece of jewelry. And you’re not done yet. It comes out looking very rough. You know, there are rough edges on it. There might be a seam. So from there, you sand
it down, polish it, put whatever kind of
texture you wanna put on it, you set stones. There’s still a lot of
work to be done, usually, when you pull it out of the mold. So that is casting jewelry. It’s a very, very ancient
process that we still use today. If you have a jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (upbeat music)


  • Autumn Beckman

    I know about this process but didn't know what it was called. My favorite jewelers in Houston, Esquivel & Fees, use that process and they have some of the casts and molds on display in their store. It's so interesting to see and they make everything on site in their back room. They're also fun because most of what they make is animal jewelry – they have a section for just about every dog breed – and the owners are two big, muscle men. I think they might even be a couple. One runs the front and the other makes the jewelry. They're always so sweet and have created custom pieces for me. If you're ever in Houston I'll take you there.

  • Gin Kat

    In high school I did a lost wax silver ring that wrapped around a piece of jade. The teacher did the molten part. Now I have to wonder if I didn't know about the silicone step or was it before silicone was invented.lol. sadly the piece has been lost.

  • Leslie Craven

    My friend Sulie Giardi melts down used metal and caste it somehow she taught a class in Wisconsin this summer do you know anything about this

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