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What is Micro Mosaic Jewelry | Tesserae

(upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute, and today I’m answering the question, what is micromosaic? A mosaic is a piece of art that is made up of little
pieces of hard fragments. They can be made from
stone or tile or glass. Micromosaic is the same thing, just on a very small scale. They’re made up of little pieces, it could be glass or enamel, and these little pieces
are called tesserae. And the GIA has said that there can be as many as 1,400 pieces per
square inch in a micromosaic, so they can be very small and very fine. The overall effect can
look like a painting, and this art form was started in Italy, and it is the Italians who
continue to do it today. There are other people who do it, but it’s really known
as an Italian art form, and micromosaics have been
sold to tourists in Italy since the 1700s. The heyday was really during the 1800s, when a lot of wealthy Europeans were doing their grand tour of Europe and were collecting different items from different countries, so
that’s when you’ll see it. The value of micromosaic has to do with how fine the piece is,
how fine the art form is, and some of them are very, very intricate and very skilled, the people who do them. And some are coarser,
they’re a little rougher. The subject can vary, but
often in micromosaics, because they were meant to
commemorate a trip to Rome, they’re usually ancient ruins. They’re depicting ancient architecture and ancient ruins of Rome. They can also be done
as flowers or people. There are a variety of different subjects. You can still find
micromosaics pretty abundantly in estate jewelry cases. They are collected today. This has been Your Jewelry
Minute with Jill Maurer. If you have a jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (upbeat music)


  • Autumn Beckman

    Have you seen the mosaics on the walls of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican that look like paintings? They're pretty incredible. As is your bright green top. It looks great on you.

  • Bobster92

    Your outfit is very nice Jill!!!! You are glowing!!! How interesting this type of jewelry. I haven't heard of micro mosaic. Quite interesting how many little pieces can construct such a beautiful item. Thank you for sharing this information with all of us! Can't wait for tomorrow's video!

  • Michele Salter

    Something to be looking for at estate sales or antique shops. It would be interesting to see what type of jewelry equipment was used to create these pieces, such as the magnifier. You are extra extraordinaire in the green today! Wednesday Hugs…..it is Wednesday right? So confused after a holiday weekend.

  • Life of MC

    So lovely top color and prints! I thought of these jewelry as ancient too, as i see them on museums… another awesome jewelry minute from you…❤

  • YotaStyle

    Ok first of all, loving the green on you! I am thinking this is your color! You are looking very boobalicious today….wait, did I just say that? LOL You just are a treasure trove of information! I have never thought of mosaics as jewlery. Thanks Jill

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