What is RUBELLITE? | Rubellite Tourmaline
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What is RUBELLITE? | Rubellite Tourmaline

(playful music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute. And today I’m answering the
question, what is rubellite? Some people think that
rubellite isn’t real because it kind of
sounds like a fake ruby. And it does get its name because
it looks a lot like a ruby. But a rubellite is a natural stone. It is a tourmaline in the
pink or red color family. And it can very much
be confused for a ruby. In fact, there are a lot
of famous, ancient pieces that were thought to have a ruby in them that turned out to be rubellite. They turned out to be
pink or red tourmalines. Perhaps the biggest lover of tourmalines and also of rubellite in history was the empress of
China, Empress Tz’u Hsi. She loved tourmalines, and in particular pink
and red tourmalines. She collected more of these stones than anyone in the world at the time. And she actually made a lot of people very,
very wealthy doing it. So if you’re looking for a tourmaline, or maybe you’re an October baby and tourmaline is one of your birthstones, remember that if you
want it in pink or red, a rubellite is an option. So if you really like a ruby, but maybe they’re just a
little too pricey for you, check out the tourmaline. It is still an expensive stone, but not as expensive as a ruby. And they are quite beautiful. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (playful music)


  • Autumn Beckman

    Do you know how it is that people determined that the stones in the ancient pieces were rubellitea rather than rubies without damaging the pieces?


    I didn’t know that Tourmaline is so precious . Rubellite is very difficult to tell the difference from ruby. Thank You so much for sharing. Love this video ❤️

  • Eva Flores

    Where else can a person get new knowledge almost daily? Why on Jill’s vlog! So happy Autumn’s suggestion has been the best place to learn!

  • Julien Castle

    Hello! 🙂 Are lab-grown "diamonds" as beautiful as real diamonds coming from the Earth according to you?
    Thank you for all your videos! 😉

  • Life of MC

    Your imparting to us of your knowledge on jewelry is amazing. You are a true jewelry designer! Most importantly, you are enhancing our basic knowledge day by day to enable us make good decisions when buying our pieces. Thank you so much! Much love! ❤

  • smscrapper

    I have learned of many stones I had no idea existed thanks to you. Thank you! By the way, I was watching some reality show last night, and some guy was looking at engagement rings at a jewelry store…he went in, the sales associate started showing him beautiful rings…all of a sudden he got his eye on one, asked for the price which was thousands of dollars…he realized all the rings the lady was showing him were completely out of his price range…he proceeded to tell the sales associate his budget was $200, and the sales associate said: oh that’s fine, we definitely have some options for you. She switched trays, and showed him what she called “ lab grown” diamond rings, and immediately took out a ring that was very similar to the one he had just asked about, and with stones just as big as the ones on the more expensive rings. She then said: what do you think of this one? This one’s in your price range, and I almost died…when they showed it, next to the other rings, it looked just as good! Is that even possible, or was this just a scam and this was a cubic zirconia ring? I was under the impression that diamonds grown at a lab where above cubic Zirconia. 🤔

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