What’s in my newborn cloth diaper bag? Packing Lily Jade Lorie (2018)
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What’s in my newborn cloth diaper bag? Packing Lily Jade Lorie (2018)

Hi, this is Heidi at EC Peesy. I’m going to share with you “What’s in my
diaper bag?” for my baby girl. We’ve been cloth diapering and we also practice
elimination communication, so the items in our diaper bag might be a little bit different
than what you’re used to seeing, but we’re gonna share what we’ve been carrying with
her as a newborn and then what we’re changing up now that she’s 3-months-old. So the first items I’m going to show you are
our cloth diapers. I like to bring along 6 cloth diapers, which
takes up quite a bit of room. But since we do practice elimination communication
I try to change her after every time she pees or poops and so we go through the diapers
really quick. At first I was hoping to bring 8 cloth diapers
along and there was just no way that was gonna fit in my diaper bag. So we usually do 6. Unless it’s a really short outing then maybe
I’ll do 4. And for cloth wipes I like to bring a couple
extras for patting dry, so I normally bring about 8 cloth wipes. And I just carry them dry. What I’ve learned is that if you pre-moisten
them then they tend to mold really quickly. So I like to bring them dry and also bring
a small bottle of water so I can spray the wipes. But a lot of public bathrooms I can also just
wet the wipes in the sink and then I don’t even need this spray bottle. But maybe at the park I might need it. And I’m afraid of the water leaking and ruining
my diaper bag so I have a little wet/dry bag from Planet Wise that I keep it zipped up
in and then I also try to keep the bottle upright in my bag. And the next thing is a thin Logan and Lenora
change pad. At home I use a wool changing pad from Little
Bunny Bear but it’s a little too bulky because I have so many diapers in my diaper bag I
need a really thin change pad. So I really like the one from Logan and Lenora. It’s easy to fold up and then it has a
little magnetic closure that makes it easy to get it back into the right shape and shove
it back into the diaper bag when you have so many things to juggle in the bathroom when
you are doing a diaper change. And then to pack these items: cloth diapers,
wipes, and change pad, I use a Planet Wise wet/dry bag. So it’s the same size as their medium wet
bag would be, but it has a front pocket where you can keep the dry items and then it has
a bigger pocket for the wet items. That was my son whose playing camera man there. Hopefully he won’t do that again. So I pack up the diapers – put about 3 at
a time in a stack. Put those into that bag. And then I’ll put the cloth wipes. I’ll put the change pad as well. And I like to carry one extra cloth diaper
cover. This is just a PUL cloth diaper cover “P-U-L”
from Blueberry and I normally use wool ones at home but this is really lightweight and
compact for carrying in the diaper bag. So this is the one I would bring like as my extra. When we’re leaving the house I would as
a newborn have my daughter in this Babee Greens wool diaper cover which I really love. This was my favorite wool diaper cover during
the newborn phase. But I only bought one of these, so if she
was wearing this then I would have the Blueberry one for backup. And, luckily, I wouldn’t too
often need to change the diaper cover usually just whatever the absorbent part inside. So that’s the wet bag, wet/dry bag, packed
up. And then I’ve got my water in here. So I’m going to pack it all into my Lily Jade
Lorie. Lily Jade is a diaper bag brand but they just
released some lifestyle bags. So the Lorie is considered a lifestyle bag,
so because of that it doesn’t come with the organizer and it doesn’t come with the diaper
changing pad. It’s just basically a big open tote bag inside. Which I prefer anyways because I use, I like
to use the wet/dry bags to pack, so I didn’t want the organizer. So I will put that in there. Um and then my other big item that I like
to pack right away is the potty. And this is called “The Baby Potty”. It’s available from Tiny Undies and I’ll put
a link down below of where you can get this. This particular version is made from the biodegradable
plant-based plastic, which I really like ’cause I try to choose as much as possible: natural
materials, reusable products, zero-waste, although I’m not perfect. Sometimes I end up with plastic or disposable
items. But whenever I can I try to go with the more
eco-friendly option. So this top hat potty is for when it’s
still the newborn phase. You can put it in your lap and hold your baby
over it. And it comes with this potty cozy but I found
that, um, my baby would always just pee on it so I don’t take this especially when we
are out and about because it’s just another thing to get dirty. So I take just her little potty. And we really liked using this potty with
her from birth through about two-months-old. At that point the pee started kind of shooting
right above the potty instead of going in the potty, so I’ll show you what we switched
to later. But for this potty, the hardest thing to find
for my diaper bag was a wet bag to put the potty in. Say if I use it in a public bathroom, rinse
it out, pour it out, and it’s still kind of wet I don’t want to just stick a wet slightly
dirty potty back in my diaper bag, so I wanted to find a wet bag to put it in, and it’s really
hard when you’re shopping online comparing measurements and most wet bags are more of
a rectangular shape and so they don’t accommodate like this big round rim on the potty. So I finally figured out that the Bambino
– Bambino Mio wet bag is the perfect size for The Baby Potty top hat potty. And I can just put it in this. And then this particular wet bag rolls up
on top, so you roll it and clip it. And then even if the potty’s still a little
bit dripping wet with water, maybe has a tiny bit of pee left in it, um, it’s gonna be contained
it this wet bag and not get my diaper bag dirty. So I actually usually pack my diaper bag facing
me. I put the potty down first in the corner. And then my really big bag of diapers goes
in there. And the water bottle is in this one. Okay, so that’s the diapering and potty essentials. And then moving on I like to bring a smaller,
um, wet/dry clutch with other essentials and I just really love the wet/dry ones because
whenever anything gets dirty or wet you can move it into the waterproof pocket and that
happens a lot with babies – their things end up wet or messed up. So in this wet/dry clutch what I bring is:
an extra pair of socks and she wears these Rock-a-Thigh Baby socks instead of pants. They’re really convenient because if she is
in the carrier I can just slip the socks on her without having to take her out and get
her changed. So I love these, especially for babies who
use the potty. Or even just to make diaper changes easier
it’s great having long socks. This is just a little newborn size shirt – a
little kimono top in case she gets cold. And then I also carry this which can be used
as a washcloth or a handkerchief. I used to carry the little packs of Kleenex
but I was trying to get away from that so I originally bought these for myself thinking
they could be my handkerchiefs but they look cute and babyish so Baby can use it too. And then I bring a burp cloth for her. And luckily both of my babies are not big
spitter-up-ers, so we use this more to get the drool off her chin but we haven’t had
to use it too often for a lot of spit up. And my sister-in-law was really sweet and
sewed these for me. So she gave me a pack of those. So I put the burp cloth, the washcloth, the
shirt, socks, and those are all my supplies that I usually just keep them in the diaper
bag. We might use one or two while we are out and
if we do then I restock this for the next time otherwise everything just stays in here. I put that inside, so to show you inside now. I’ve got my big wet/dry bag that has the diapers,
wipes, change pad, extra diaper cover in it. I’ve got my clutch with the extra clothes,
burp cloth, washcloth. I’ve got the top hat potty down here. The water bottle next to it. And another one of my favorite baby items
is the Woobie Airwrap blanket. These are made from organic cotton and what
makes it so nice is that it’s like a mesh with holes in it and so I use this for so
many different things. It can be a light blanket when we go in the
store that’s air conditioned. It can be used like a sun shade if you have
a stroller or car seat you want to drape it over. I also use it as a nursing cover. I personally usually cover up when I’m nursing. It’s fine if you don’t. But for us what I do is I tie a little knot,
put it over my head, and then I’ve got a nursing cover. And if Baby falls asleep in there it’s sun
protection too. We live in Hawaii. There’s a lot of bright sun here. So I usually keep this in the corner as well. And then let’s see for the smaller items we
have left. I keep my wallet, this is just a little wallet
I picked up in Thailand and it has my keys inside it. I keep that in the corner too. And then I have this little reusable grocery
bag. They’re great because these days a lot of
places have banned the one use plastic grocery bags and so you either have to pay for a bag
or bring your own bag. So, one of my friends gave me this and it
just happened to be my colors, so I was really happy this matches with all of my other stuff. And I can carry this. Then if I go to Target, go to the grocery
store, pick up a couple items, I have my bag. There’s two small little pockets inside the
Lorie and so I put this in one. And then these items are not zero-waste items. They’re in plastic bottles, but they are products
I really like. There’s Hyland’s Arnica tablets and we’ve
used this when my daughter’s in pain and she needs some pain relief. We use this instead of Tylenol. So I like to have my Arnica tablets just in
case. A little tiny thing of Babyganics sunscreen. We actually don’t use sunscreen all the time,
even though we live in Hawaii. We wear our hats. We wear long sleeve rash guards when we’re
out at the beach. We try to stay in the shade. We try to use more natural ways to avoid over
exposure to the sun, but sometimes you might need some sunscreen like if you’re gonna be
out all day swimming or snorkeling. So I have this little one in my diaper bag
just in case. And then an eso lip balm. I love the vanilla flavor. But if anyone has some suggestions on a zero-waste
lip balm I’m really interested in that because I looked around. I even bought one that was a local Hawaii
brand in a little tin container, thinking, oh this is metal, it’s not plastic. And I opened it up and there’s a plastic container
inside the metal container. So I’ve heard of some lip balms that come
in like a cardboard tube instead of plastic. But if you know of any brands, please let
me know in the comments what you like as far as zero-waste lip balm cause I would like
to switch to something else. So this is getting really full. I’m not sure if I’m even going to be able
to zip it closed for you. I have an extra Snappi. So when I’m using those fitted Cloth-eez diapers
that I showed you earlier they need a Snappi to close them so I usually have one on my
baby, but just in case I put an extra one in here. There is a little zip pocket in here for items
that I don’t usually use but are just in case items. I keep them there. And then, let’s see, this is the challenge
if I can zip it up. Yes! It closes. And there is a pocket on the back. But I don’t have anything in there right now. Just to show you. And then on the front of the Lorie is this
little magnet closure pocket. And originally when I was shopping for a diaper
bag I really wanted one with a water bottle pocket and I thought that this might work
by just looking online at the pictures. And technically I could shove my water bottle
in there. But I ended up just not keeping a water bottle
in my bag. It ends up just being too heavy for me. So what this pocket here is perfect for is
a cell phone. So I’ve used a few different cell phones while
I’ve had this bag and they’ve all fit in there just fine. And that way it’s really quick and easy if
I want to grab my phone. One of the great things about the Lorie is
that it can be worn all different ways. It has shoulder straps here, so I can throw
it on my shoulder. This strap on the back can be used to wear
it as a backpack, which I really like, that’s what I wanted was a backpack style diaper
bag. Or this strap you can hook to these rings
and make it a cross body bag. I’ll have to insert some pictures, like showing
me wearing this outside as a backpack so you can get a better idea. The only thing I don’t love about the Lorie
is the top corners come out so wide that if I try to walk through a doorway I often hit
my bag on the doorway cause I don’t realize it’s a wide bag. But I do like that if I have it in backpack
mode and I really quickly want to get something out of my bag I can just switch it into this
and then usually I can just reach in and grab something really quickly. So that’s convenient. And then I wanted to show you one other thing that I usually bring but it’s not in my diaper bag. That is my baby carrier. So I have a Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier,
but if I was using this I would just be wearing it when I walked out the door and I would
keep my baby’s little sun hat, so cute, in the pocket of the carrier. So any time we’re out together and she needs
her sun hat it’s already in there. So if I left the house wearing the carrier,
I would just bring along a little fold out bag so later if I take off the carrier I could
unzip this bag. And this is just another thing I picked up
in Thailand, but there’s lots of bags this style these days you can find. So when I was done using the carrier I could
put it in here. I did want a diaper bag that could fit everything:
Like the water bottle, the cloth diapers, the potty, the baby carrier, but I realized
if I got a really big bag like that, like from Lily Jade that might be the Meggan or
their new Jennifer lifestyle bag, it would be so heavy. I think last time I weighed this bag packed
up it was about 6 pounds once I got it all packed up and it feels plenty heavy. If I had a bigger bag I would just put too
much stuff in it. So that pretty much sums up what I was carrying
during the newborn stage, so for my daughter that was about from zero to two months old
that’s what we had in the bag. If you’d like to learn more about elimination
communication and potty training please subscribe and come check out our EC Peesy Blog. And you can find links to all the products
I mentioned in the description below. Thanks for watching!


  • Beenish Kahn

    Thank you for making this video! I found your website with your diaper bag recommendations and I love that you have the Lorie also! It's my favorite bag – so functional and chic! My favorite lip balm: https://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/product/14010/8221/skincare/lip-care/lip-balm-spf-15. I've had my same tin for 10 years – no joke! A tiny bit goes a long way.

  • EC peesy

    Are you expecting a baby soon? Congratulations! As always, you can find links to the products I mentioned in the description box below the video!

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