Why you ovulate early & how it impacts getting pregnant
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Why you ovulate early & how it impacts getting pregnant


  • xLSivx

    My dr put me on pills to trick my body into ovulation an tricked my body into having a 7day period cus I found out I wasnt ovulating cus I have a large cyst growing inside my ovaries

  • Gladys zizzo

    Hello, I actually ovulated on day 10th and I was surprised because its is the first time, though I was stressed out and that might have triggered it and also I took conception pills, so I will Keep an eye for next month. Thanks for the video

  • Living life With Laura

    Thank you for this video. I’ve always had my fertile week starting the day after my period. I ovulate 5-8 days after my period ends, yet I have longer cycles. It’s so confusing and I’ve never gotten an answer as to why!

  • Jordan Nicole

    I wanted to ask you opinion on some things? I have pcos. But I ovulate on my own. But because of my ectopic/miscarriage and multiple chemical pregnancies my doctor has put me on clomid twice, which resulted in one chemical pregnancy. And then now I'm on my second round of femara. I haven't ovulated this cycle yet. But is there anything I can do to help me this cycle? I take prenatal, vitex, baby aspirin, and metformin once a day. I ovulate around cd 14 which is considered normal. Latest I've ovulated is cd 16.

  • فاتحة الخير

    I ovulate now about 11 and 12 is that early or normal becouse I checked in day 10 I found egg 19 and the the doctor says it's good?

  • Kitty Reum

    My cycle is 28 and ovulation was CD 14
    I went to the fertility clinic where I did 2 unmediated iui and failed
    2 medication iui one with letrozole and one puregon
    2 cancelled iui
    Now I ovulate early I chart and check cm
    Now I’m ovulating around CD 11/12/13 and I get my af CD 26
    I have stage 4 endometriosis
    I decided to take fertility acupuncture and suggested Mediterranean diet I already threw out most plastic and chemical and went natural
    I limit myself to sugar
    I do yoga and meditation
    I think the hyper stimulation ovulation from medication is my cause and I hope acupuncture can help it.

  • federica mio

    Hi! I have high testosterone and dhea, but no pcos. Can that affect my fertility? Do you have any suggestions to lower them?

  • kuhnowee

    Can you have estrogen dominance without low progesterone? I got my progesterone tested and my doctor said it was normal, but I still have signs of estrogen dominance.

  • Martina Makar

    Uho, I didn’t know ovulating early is a problem. This is my 1st month charting so I guess I’ll have to pay attention to it more now. Thanks for making this !

  • Sina Widmann

    Hi lovely Ingefleur, do you think you can make a video sometime about the impacts the pill has on our bodies? And to explain what the pill actually triggers in the female cycle? I feel like it cost my body a lot to fall pregnant and it might have been because of the negative influence on my cycle and hormonal balance. By the way, your videos helped me a lot through that tough ttc process. Thanks for your continuous effort!!

  • Brittany Titcombe

    I have shorter 24/25 day cycles with 5 day periods so I have very short phases. I ovulate on average day 9/10 sometime have 4 days after my period and somehow my body is a fertility machine!! Have had three pregnancies that I fell pregnant on the first try. The first ended in a miscarriage but the second two were very healthy babies!! Never knew I was estrogen dominant but it makes total since. Thank you so much for these videos!!

  • Julie Berishaj

    Thank you for making this video, as I'm very interested to know why do I ovulate early (CD 10) for past 2 years, and now about a few months it's like CD 9. I have a 28 day cycle. I tried different teas and herbs but nothing improved. I took acupuncture and chinese herbs and it didn't help a bit, just got worse from those herbs, gave me spotting a week before period and a uterine polyp. Now I started the progesterone cream and will see if it helps! Hoping you will soon post some tips to help with early ovulation!

  • claudia barrientos

    I have a question… can u have egg white cm and not be ovulating??… because I had that for this cycle and I been using opks and their negative, while having egg white cm… plz help! Thanks.

  • shruti gaurav Sharma

    Hey great video thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful content. I am also trying to conceive and looking for some positive results. Can we work out during first trimester. And how to avoid to weight gain cz i am already little over weight. Kindly reply it's big concern for me.

  • Angelina Curry

    Ok I have noticed I have no cervical mucus is that bad an I had the IUD merena for 5 years I've had it out for 6 years an haven't gotten pregnant. Also how do I know if I have a hormonal imbalance. Plz help

  • Angelina Curry

    My period is 5 to 6 days long. It is a regular flow for days 1 an 2 but after that it is a brown color an lighter flow. I also realized I have no cervical mucus.plz help me figure out what is happening.

  • Ingiemummalove

    I ovulated day 9 this month but felt bad ovulation pain day 10. I assumed it would be a good as it we did the baby dance day 8 and day 9!!!! So I’m hoping I will fall! I have been on prenatal vits lots of excersise and water.. I feel good. I’m on a 28 day cycle but thought day 9-16 is ok????

  • Andrelina Scott

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  • Mama Sophie

    I’ve ovulated cd 11 (FF chart), positive opk cd 11 – late afternoon, cd 13&14 I’ve had ovulation spotting. Tested positive 10dpo & 11 dpo which is today). The line is getting darker 😍

  • Iliannis Aguilar

    I have clogged fallopian tubes, you can make a video about that, how can I fix it naturally, please 🙏🙏🙏

  • Aurora Star

    I always ovulate cd 14/15. However, this cycle I just got a positive LH test on cd 10 😲 I am using the Ava bracelet, so I will know in the morning if my temps go down or up 😔

  • Otto

    Really need advice or just some insight please….. TTC for 9 months, but i have some concerning symptoms, each month after ovulation I get painful lumps in my breast, its located in the bottom quarter closest to my chest. after my period the lump size reduces the pain reduces drastically. I've seen my doc and he did a sonar, he says its nothing to be concerned about, its ducts that gets infected. But is it really possible to get infected ducts ever month? I have a history of endometriosis, not sure if that is relevant? My breast are sensitive through out my cycle. but this cycle it is worse then ever before, my period was 5 days late. I believe i had, yet again had a chemical pregnancy this month, my emotions are all over the place.

    Needless to say, I live in a very small town in South Africa and we do not have a fertility specialist… Any advise will be extremely appreciated.

  • agjc

    I've been spotting on and off for 3 wks (negative preg test). What causes this? Last cycle was only 22 days, this cycle I'm on CD 58. 🤦‍♀️😢

  • Roopa Shetty

    Hi , hope u r doing well &the baby too . Plz help me with my question on my unexplained infertility,
    Im 31yrs now , married 3yrs back, TTC 2yrs , 28-29 days cycle, no pcod/pcos/endometriosis/cyst. vegetarian,(I do cook every day (no package fud r no processed fud )I don't consume coffee ,no tea,no sugar,no alcohol, started taking prenatal frm 3 months , miscarriage 4 months ago , after TTC fr 1yr consulted gyn in India she askd to do some mexical tests for both me nd hubby all test results wr fine nd normal fr both me and hubby . She wantd to c whn I'm ovulating and told to do follicular study scanning (tvs) tht time v got to kno I'm ovulating @cb21 &v did BD tht time and I did not conceived and next month she gave n injection & some tablets to trigger ovulation &tht month I ovulated cb16 after BD those days I couldn't conceived and next month we moved to USA couldn't consult her but we tryed(BD inbetween cb12-cb23) our own all possible things but no positive results, finally after trying 4 months I got conceived but ended up in miscarriage &frm thn I'm not able to conceive 🙁 and started charting last month and shockingly I got to kno I'm ovulating at cb14 (darker test line than control line ) but it would last only on cb14 whn I test on cb 15 tht line goes off invisible .. I dont kno wats wrong wit me 🙁 😔 . Whn we started planning to start family I dreamt of twin babies but now I just need one healthy baby 🙁
    Thank u in advance (don't mind my long text 👆)

  • Jacklyn St.Clair

    I took a Ovulation test 7 months ago and now I'm pregnant, 2 months to go. I'm excited and anxious to see my baby girl.

  • rania mhamdia

    With all due respect none of what you said is true. I have short cycles and I always ovulate on CD 9. I am perfectly healthy and never had a problem conceiving. My cycles are short but always on time. Never took birth control pills or any fertility treatment. So I guess people are just different and ovulating before cycle day 11 is not always a bad sign. All my pregnancies are planned (3 kids) and I have always conceived on the first time trying

  • Snehal Patil

    Can you please clarify if I have regular 26days cycle ( from start)and I do ovulate on 10th day. So is it a problem? After charting from 2months on TTC got to know that my fertile window is from day 8 to 11. Let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your reply.

  • BigT

    I ovulated early but my periods were iregular. I found out i had clamydia from my new partner. Im heartbroken. His ex wife had an affair at the end of his 18 year marriage. I hope no damage has occured. He didnt know. The clocks ticking and i dont know whether to try now weve finished the antibiotics or wait?

  • Rachel Rivero

    Hi Ingfleur! I hope you are able to see this comment reply if at all possible. I was wondering what your opinion is on Pregnitude. My OBGYN recommended it to me due to my lack of fertile CM.

  • Lovely Escalera

    I need help from you. I have my first bfp last August 23 and 24. I tested again on August 25, 27 and 29 all of them are bfn. So i never tested again because im so depressed. Today Sept 4 im 9 days late and i tested again it found out bfp its a faint line but very noticeable. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  • Val Dal

    I ovulate 6 days after my period. I have a 25 day cycle. I went to the doctor with just a little cough and a stuffy nose. Doctor checked my temp and it was high. 4 dpo I had some cereal and had horrible heart burn. 6dpo I was feeling so tired and when i brushed my teeth my gums were so sore. 7 and 8 dpo I was still tired, veiny breasts, and wasnt getting full. Took a test 8 and 9 dpo and im freaking pregnant. My second child and the symptoms came a lot sooner !

  • MegaCillia

    I love your videos. I was just wondering if you could do a video on why some women (mostly) ovulate from one side? I feel like I only ovulate from the left side. Never have any pain on the right side. Thank you

  • Maria Pizarro Sath

    Hello I have a question, by the way i loooove your educational videos!! You inspired me so much! My question is.. i just had a tubal reversal on 9/18/19, my period started on 9 /17/19, i was on my period during surgery . I have regular 28/30 day cycles, now i been tracking my bbt combined with opks.. according to app im supposed to ovulate on the 27.. but today i had a big temp raise! Opk say negative.. im so confused!! What does that mean???

  • Madlen Sopadzhiyan

    Hello Lovely, Thank you for all your videos! I have learned so much from you and I am so happy to just get educated on the topic. I have started charting out of curiosity ( hahah) but I don't know how to read my charts. For example: how do I read my BBT charts. If you have time could you please make a video on BBT charts and how to read them. Thank you in advance 😀 Namaste!

  • marcel deac

    Hello , I love your videos, very helpful. I have a quick question if I may: does a AST of 38 ( liver damage) – (normal level is <32 IU/mL as far as I know) and ANTI-TPO Ab of 54 (normal range is <35. IU/mL) would stop conceiving/ implantation of embryo or even keeping/sustaining a pregnancy full term? I'm 41 & half years old. Thank you!

  • Leah Jackson

    I hyper stimulated after donating 52 eggs 2 years ago. I know my hormones have not been the same since. I still have dermatitis and skin sensitivity I never had before. I also sustained nerve damage that causes frequent pain and affects my hand. I was 26 at the time, my cycles were consistent at 28 days. I was healthy and happy in all regards of work and family life. I never took birth control and optioned for natural methods to prevent pregnancy. We are now four cycles into TTC. I realized I was ovulating day 9 and 10. Makes sense about the fertility drugs.

    Ladies thinking about donating please look up- Eggsploitation.com I believed all the layers of sugar coating and I have and will regret it for the rest of my life. But! I am optimistic about our chances in conceiving now that I know what happening. Thank you!

  • Louise Hopcroft

    Hi please help….you mention labour inducing drugs can cause Low FSH….could you expand on this please. I was induced a couple months ago for a stillbirth. Where trying again and desperate to conceive but for the last two cycles i have not had a peak on OPK tests at all (started tested day after AF ended through to next AF) which leads me to believe im not ovulating and i didnt know why. When you mentioned labour drugs can impact FSH it made me wonder if this is the issue. Could you please offer more insight, and if it is the cause is it treatable or permanent….please help :'(

  • Confidence Oparaocha

    I have cycle 25/26 and ovulate on day 12/13; with estrogen dominance and fibroids in the uterus. I am eating to heal and balance hormones naturally. Thank you for sharing wonderful videos.

  • Happy Dappy

    I have questions I am 49 year pre menopause
    I don't have hot flash,but this year I struggle with overain cysts problem
    Is this cuase by high level in estrogen? ??
    What are things food or vitamin that we can take to balance out

  • Bupe Sande

    My cycle is 24 days and ovulation likely occurs between day 10 and 11. Should I conclude that maybe they're immature hence hinder fertilization.

  • Vanessa Dupra

    Before i had my son i ovulated cycle day 16-17 but after having him ive been ovulating cd 13 is that too early givin my past?

  • Nakita Broadwater

    So I'm been having these weird tummy cramps after i had a Couple high fertility result readings is it possible its implantation cramping?

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