Woman “Allegedly” Abuses Her Child And Records It
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Woman “Allegedly” Abuses Her Child And Records It

welcome back and in today’s video a
woman allegedly abuses her child makes a video edits it and uploads it now
there’s a lot of people on both sides of this we’re gonna go through it and see
what you guys think about it today in social commentary now if you’re
following the represent Facebook page you already seen a new commentary type
video that I did on this and if you’re not we better hurry up and get over
there so in this video it can be seen this woman her name’s Michelle and
Michelle what she does is she apparently her two-year-old daughter I believe it’s
a two year daughter gets into her jeffree star alien palette which is a
makeup product ruins it you see her say hold on briefly leave for a second and
come back saying that her hand hurts because she had to pop her daughter one
so let’s let’s watch that video I’m most happily active and usually it’s
just a pop and it’s barely hurt she cries for like five seconds
you can say whoever screen recorded this clip is so angry they’re just like
flicking their ladder in the in the in the reflection of the thing they’re just
like you can just see the aggressiveness in the ladder flicks here it’s safe to
say that that person did not agree so like I said there’s two sides to this
and we’re going to talk about both sides first we’re gonna kind of go through a
little bit of her explanation so we can give you guys full context I’m gonna put
this in the description below check it out you need to form your own opinions
that’s what we’re about honestly I’m kind of surprised that she’s not deleted
this stuff but by the amount of backlash that she’s getting I’ve seen Philip
DeFranco retweet this youtuber rep Z on retweet this a lot a lot of bigger names
are retweeting this in outrage so she says my hand was hurting long
before I even started filming which I think this is backtracking because she’s
realizing that oh man maybe I shouldn’t have uploaded this video which I’m told
that it’s been deleted and she’s just kind of trying to make an excuse and
reason but the thing about the Internet is is we see your reasoning already she
says my hand was hurting long before I started filming she was crying because
she got popped put in her crib and got her Ducky’s iPad taken from her this
happened because she repeatedly didn’t listen to me yeah I was upset about the
palette she continues by saying she’s a lot smarter than you guys think she’s
the most intelligent toddler I know she knows right from wrong so yes she knew
what she was doing she also knows that she’s not to touch my makeup unless she
asks and I help when I got up and came back I was getting milk giving the iPad
back and comforting her yes I spanked and pop my child but only when she
absolutely will not listen to my guidance I’ve explained myself already
but now you’ve seen the rest of that part of the video the wrist was honestly
me going on about how broke and sad I was the thing
that gets me is generally when I heard her say that she popped her kid I
thought that was the spanking but she is she specifies that she spanks and pops
her child so I really don’t know what that means I know when I was a kid
getting popped was literally like I’m getting popped in the mouth that does
not sound good childhoods can be rough at times one
Twitter user says she’s too no matter how smart she is she is physically a
two-year-old I get hitting your kids but when you’re two it’s crossing the line
and over make up no less just because she doesn’t listen there are better ways
she’s – – her IQ doesn’t matter in the least she’s a child one Twitter user
saying I’d love to pop you another Twitter user saying she’s two years old
all you’re teaching her is how to hit and intimidate someone smaller than her
you’d be wise to stop explaining but take it down and actually learn from
this the minute you hide something from your
baby you’ve turned it into a game you put them up I’ve seen a lot of people
talking about this on Twitter today I woke up and it was in the it was all
over the homepage I get like makeup palettes are real pretty bright colors
you gotta know to put that up out of reach of your child’s general vicinity
kids are going to emulate the adults because that’s their that’s what’s
teaching them they this is their experience that they’re having so if
they if the kid sees the the adult playing in makeup they’re gonna be super
super interested in this colorful thing so maybe get like a play makeup kit or
something like that while you play with your big makeup kit but definitely
definitely don’t pop and you know spank your kit punish your kid for over makeup
that to me doesn’t make any sense here’s an interesting little piece of the
thread here that goes into the definition of pop I’m very interested in
your definition of pop because in New York that’s a closed fist to the face
Stevie wolf says in it means the same thing it kind of seems
like pop means about the same everywhere another person saying it means the same
thing everywhere it means the salt this is what Philip DeFranco had to say so
Michelle grace I don’t believe in spanking or popping their children in
general but even for those that do believe in that who does it to a effing
two-year-old and over an effing palate heartbreaking and infuriating that this
is exactly how I feel about this situation
Reb Zeon says let’s hit my two-year-old kid because I lift out my makeup or
didn’t put it away in an area of reach they can’t get to hitting children does
not help obedience it makes them rebel more and normalizes physical abuse as
normal again I have to agree with that but I want to know what you guys think
about this since this controversy has happened Michelle Grace has blacked out
her pictures on her Twitter taken off her location because many people have
threatened to call CPS and at this time I think a little bit of Investigation I
don’t like pushing this on on situations like this but maybe this situation is a
little bit more sensitive to me because of the Pat my past my childhood that I
grew up in I heard that Michelle is from the south and I’m not trying to
generalize the South in any way shape or form not trying to say that it that
everyone in the south does this but specifically growing up in the south it
seems like abuse is more normalized here and if you guys are from the South you
probably can understand where what I’m trying to get at other parts of the
country don’t really get it the the social norms and folk ways in the South
are completely different from other parts of the country and having traveled
out west to LA and places I kind of see the differences in how people approach
discipline for the children and just what defines normal in other parts of
the country if that makes sense kids getting popped get getting general
stripes which means exactly what it sounds like I getting a belt across the
back getting a foot a foot up your butt like literally like getting kicked
through the house literally taking a switch to him
to tell you it till it bleeds things that are abuse and things that you guys
were you it would drive you guys crazy out there was a very normal thing for us
in the South I’m not saying it’s right I’m saying that it was absolutely wrong
and that’s why it triggered me so much because it give me flashbacks of my
childhood because this is the type of treatment I got if I did something wrong
I got general stripes I got popped I mean that was just how it is it was like
a general normal more conservative type way of punishment which I hated I hated
a lot if I could say 100% that this woman needs educated and I think that is
a really really good way to approach it it’s going to be difficult for the
majority that have witnessed this whole scenario unfold to approach it in a
helpful attitude because they want to demonize her they want to take her down
they want her to be off the internet let me read to you what an actual therapist
had to say about the situation Quintin Clausen hi clinical therapist here who
specializes in the treatment of child abuse victims you stated my two-year-old
just got her ass beat and my hand hurts because I just beat the crap out of her
as a professional I can guarantee that behavior you described is detrimental to
your child’s development considering you filmed yourself describing this behavior
edited the footage and then published a video I am under the impression that you
would consider this behavior typical justified this goes back to what I was
talking about the norms and folk waves in the south it is not and it is
incredibly important for your child’s future well-being that you hold yourself
accountable and educate yourself on the countless potential adverse effects that
behavior could have on your child let me be clear there is no justification for
your behavior you described and there are alternative effective non
detrimental ways of responding to a toddler’s defiant behavior with that
said I don’t believe it is constructive to vilify you what would be constructive
is to offer you resources and education so that this behavior does not become
cyclic often the behavior you described is heavily influenced by environmental
factor and although you are accountable for
your behavior I can appreciate that this could be the result of extenuating
circumstances and not simply a result of your character
feel free to DM me Michele grace if you’re at all interested in getting
connected with resources in your area I’m hoping the best for you and your
child 100% agree with this and as difficult as it is for all of us that
are angered by this and triggered by this this is probably the best approach
because this is that whole terminology if you teach a man how to fish you feed
him for a lifetime if you give him a fish you feed him for the day I would
like to see this pushed more in the southern area I’m sure there’s other
parts of the country that this is this is also a normalized thing but just in
my experience and like I said I’m probably just in like this social bubble
because I was born and raised in the south it is a thing that I would like to
see pushed down here I would like to see education on how to treat your children
push strongly more especially for people that are new to parenting because what
you get is a cyclic thing a vicious cycle if you will where the parents who
were not taught themselves how to do things teach that behavior to their
child and then that child grows up and just repeats the process over and over
again but that being said as interesting as it is there’s always something that’s
more interesting to me that’s right you guessed I want to know today so why did
you go ahead and be creative and interesting responses the comment box
and be like there’s always brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video
I was highly triggered by this I love my parents but this was the way that they
were they were taught and their parents before their parents before their
parents and it has a lot to do with proper education I’ve grown up and I’m
in a position to where I can teach my family better and when
I do have my kids one day I will teach them the proper ways to do things to the
best of my ability but you best believe I’m gonna take I’m rebook s–
I’m gonna take classes and all this other stuff I’m actually quite excited
about my future family whenever that may be at first I’d have to find a probably
a girlfriend and all that stuff like that and I’d have to fall in love and
we’re just we’re far from that right now we have a YouTube channel to take care
of and you guys are my family so thank you to the patrons really appreciate the
support I do want to give a special shout out to a couple reps club members
tonight Donna Scott who has given the most
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  • Repzilla

    This was a bit of a triggering topic but repsquad bestsquad, growth can sometimes be difficult. if you need to reach out to me *facebook dms open* allow me 2 days to get back to you https://www.facebook.com/the.repzilla

  • Amy Chasing Rainbows

    Don't have kids if you can't handle your things being destroyed. When my boyfriend started dating me my daughter ran to give him a hug when he got home and broke his ps4 and fell. First thing we did was make sure she was ok, then assess the damage (it was totaled). We then explained what she had done, the cost of it, the repercussions. I gave him mine to use for 2 months until I could afford a ps4 pro for him in replacement. She was 6. Cognitively much more advanced than a 2 year old and ready to receive a spanking and understand why and not just feel attacked and we still did not spank her. A ps4 is also a LOT more expensive than a make up pallet. I have 5 kids and it does drive you crazy when stuff gets destroyed but again, this is what you sign up form accidents and in this case, normal bored toddler behavior. Maybe if she had been playing with her and had her make up out of reach this never would have happened.

  • Brandys_Reviews

    Please remind people to NOT subscribe to this woman. When this first started she had 710 subscriber's, and now she has over 950. Google doesn't care whether or not you give her a thumbs 👍 or a 👎 or if you leave her a nasty comment on her video's. It's still engagement, so all people are doing is giving her more notoriety. You have a bigger platform than me, so people need to send this video off to CPS and not make her famous for her bad behavior. If she has the watch time hours and the subscribers, she now can monetize her channel and people are funding her behavior.

  • Bring on the rain, erase the pain.

    I agree 100% I was also born and raised in the south and we really do need better education for this kind of thing

  • Skittles Crazy

    I stopped putting makeup on once I became a mom to a little girl. Natural beauty is better. But I spank my kids ONLY when it's a big thing like hitting each other. Then we also have time outs 10 minutes in a corner

  • Christy A

    Never underestimate the power of words. Children instinctively seek approval from care giver. Just looking upset and saying "I'm so angry in disappointed in you right now" can be more effective then spanking your child.

    Also children can unintentionally be small demons sometimes. They get into everything. If you have Something valuable, like an expensive make-up pallet, then you have to put it on a high shelf or lock it up. Parents take all kinds of measures to child proof a home to keep kids safe, but sometimes you gotta think about keeping kids away from the things that are important to you and not just dangerous.

  • Von Socks

    If the child is too young to reason with they wont understand the punishment. If they are old enough to reason with then you dont need to hit them anyway.

  • Aryn Elias

    I never really grew up in the south but my mom was born and Georgia and all her family is from Tennessee and my dad’s side was all Mexican so he’d really get the shit beat out of him as a kid. When I was little though both my parents decided on not doing corporal punishment and for the most part it worked out well unless it was an extreme situation where I was not listening.

  • Zanollias

    I grew up in the south, my mother didnt believe in spanking. Instead yelled at us sometimes, while my stepdad beat us.

    And growing up in school they even spanked us, they called it paddling. I remember sneezing and didnt say bless you, I got paddled by the principle.

  • _livwithme

    Popped is one of my favorite words down here in the south – (tho I only use it figuratively) popped is like either “I popped my dog on the nose it pooped on the carpet” or it can be used figuratively “that boy is going to get popped by the cops one day” – “what’s wrong, “ “I got popped,” – I’ve never been hit by my parents, I have a very progressive southern family. So to us the word never actually meant your going to get hit but your about to learn a lesson.

  • Boston Black Cat

    I'm so sorry for you…I can see how emotional you are. Thank you for bringing this to light, snd I hope you are dealing well from your past. <3

  • MelliLynn nnn

    From her past social media comments(read on another channel) about her daughter, CPS needs to intervene ASAP! She made a post saying The reason I never tell men about my daughter is because they all run away when I do. Her daughter seems to be a damper on her life. I pray CPS checks on the welfare of her daughter.

  • Susie C

    Well… I understand the make up part but it is NOT okay to hit a child… my daughter played with my moms expensive make up and it was never an issue.. the conspiracy pallet is close to the same as the alien pallet she should be able to replace it or get something similar to it… shes making a big deal out of material stuff… maybe she should have a special place to put her make up… I grew up getting my ass beat too but I will not do that to my child… my daughter has never been spanked she knows if she doesnt do right she loses her video games and all electronics….

  • Itza Moi

    My daughter did this at 2 as well. I thought it was so freaking cute that I snapped a picture of her. I knew it was my fault and NOT hers. When asked what she was doing, "I'm putting my make-ups Mommy". The next day, I went out and bought her her own PLAY make ups. She never got smacked on a pampered butt. She never got popped. Instead I saw it that she was trying to be like Mommy, so she got her own make up like, Mommy!

  • Mandy Beautyxo

    I have grown up in south Alabama. You are right about “popping” or abuse being normalized here. As a child, I got switched on my legs. I don’t have any resentment for my parents for this. It was how they were raised.

  • Gianna C

    As someone born/raised in the north US, the south sometimes feels like a whole different country. I was verbally berated as a kid (was also lifted and shook once when I was 5, but it never happened again when my dad found out).

    My parents weren't perfect, and screaming insults/emotional manipulation at a child is ALSO not good, but they could never have imagined hitting me. The fact that's normalized down here makes me physically ill.

  • Nick Sweat

    You're right about the south. It's disgusting. I can't stand the fact that I'm from here and still live here. Sticking it out until my Grandma passes, which hopefully will be decades from now. Afterwards I'm heading out west.

  • Megan Fowler

    As the aunt who lost a lipstick and stained her Nephew’s hair pink 🤦🏻‍♀️, keep your makeup out reach. It’s the adult’s fault when something like this gets broken.

  • Kitty Bean

    My toddler has gotten into my makeup. I never hit my child over him touching my makeup! Idgaf how old a child is I WOULD NEVER “pop” my child. I’d tap their hand or yell (not screaming at him). There is a difference between discipline & abuse. I was abused & I would never do what my mother did to me to my child.

  • Marisa

    Why can’t this lady just get cabinet locks and door knob covers? I don’t care how smart she thinks her kid is, your toddler shouldn’t be outsmarting you.

  • Dalicia Puente

    Here's her channel. Comments are turned off. But let's help her babygirl by reporting all her videos and selecting the child abuse option.


  • Alanis Chambers

    When I was younger, around 6 years old.. I was made to go and pick out a hickory switch and if i didn't pick out a good enough size, my mother would go and get one and hit me between the legs with the thorn side.

  • Aerianna Martin

    I'm in a very similar position to her. My son is the same age, and I have had my fair share of issues with him getting into my makeup. So i started putting them where he can't reach and showing him that he can use empty brushes to "put makeup" on
    I wouldn't beat him even if he ruined every pallette I own. I've told him several times they're mine and he can't touch them, he's smart enough to know it would be the wrong thing, but one day he might hunt them out of their draw and get shops of them, in that moment I think I would take on Rachel Oates advice, kiddy makeup that they're allowed to play with. Kids just wanna be like their parents. My toddler is already asking for piercings like his mum and dad aha

  • Marr

    I'm from Maryland and I've heard the term "pop em one" to mean anything from a smack to the back of the head, a spank on the butt, or something more serious. In my experience though it's usually meant to reference just spanking.

    A personal story for you: I used to spank my kid. I stopped after a very short time because not only did I realize it wasn't helping to correct the behavior, it was just making him scared and upset. It was normalized to be something as harmless in the community around me and even my mom, the sweetest and kindest person in the world and someone who always loved and supported me so much, used a wooden spoon on me once or twice.

    I think it's important to offer different strategies to new moms who might not have any other example to follow, or who might honestly just think they're doing what's right by their child. I believe the majority of parents who engage in corporal punishment really do believe they're giving tough love and the ends will justify the means. In fact as a society I think we're coming to a better understanding about the psychological and emotional damage it can leave on a person.

    This was a hard topic but I think you covered it well. This stuff needs to be talked about so we can get the majority of people to see that hitting of any form isn't productive.

  • Rinahli Love

    When I hear pop I think of yeah closed fist to the face but when she said it for her child I think she’s hitting her head like a pop to the head it could be my Mexican influence because my family says bap whenever we hit each other on the head but it was when we were older like 5-6 and it was a tag ur it kind of touch. Also ur measurement of how hard u hit is completely different than if ur pissed compared to if ur calm. I hate it when my brother would punch me and said it didn’t hurt cause first off it was in a sensitive area (stomach) and secondly ur not the one receiving the hit so u cannot say if it hurt or not.

  • Casey Dennis

    I always thought "pop" was an open fist hit. But either way, it doesn't matter. Open, closed. It's just wrong. I was spanked with a belt. Some of my worst memories.

  • Colleen Freeman

    I am a trained counselor, working on a PhD in Psychology, and teach Child and Lifespan Development courses at a community college…the message that she has given her small child is that makeup is more important than her. She has acted in anger at her child when she should be angrier with herself. I agree that playing with mommy’s makeup palette should be addressed with a punishment (especially if she has been warned) but physical abuse is not the answer. Punishment should fit the crime…clean up the mess and sit in a timeout. Children can learn responsibility and help to clean when they make messes at a young age. I hope this mom gets some help, support, and education.

  • xXness RootsXx

    No idea what you said at the end of the video😂😋. But your videos and content are fantastic!☺ And Greg The Cat is adorable

  • Anne Silva

    My mom had a make up pallet that looked like a lady bug and you opened the back so the make up came out like it was the wings, I found it super fun to opened it and close it I think I was around 4 but I remember standing in the mirror next to my mom copying what she was doing with the make up, I wanted to do everything she did and she didn’t hit me for that she looked at me and said I did a good job, all though probably it looked horrible

  • K Lewis

    I am sort of new to Repsquad. Kim from 🇨🇦What a great offer by the psychologist who is willing to share her knowledge and give this young woman the education she may have missed would benefit greatly from. I too was triggered by this woman, my mom used to wear her belt around her neck. I wonder sometimes if I know everything o say when you talk so fast.

  • Brittany F.O.B

    They only time I've ever popped my child was when he was about 7 he came home from school one day and called me a bitch and hit me. so I popped his butt. And grounded him . He's 10 now and has not came at me cross like that again. But that litterly was the only time I have ever gotten physical.

  • Phoenix

    When i was younger i got hit all the time.. Mostly over the knuckles with a ruler or wooden spoon.. I grew up in fostercare so not my actual mum.. I see mums in public either smacking their kids hands of bottoms.. Or threatening to.. Its very common, is it ok.. Its not for me to answer cause Im not gonna tell you how to raise your children, just saying it happens

  • RogueShadowAngel

    As a southerner, born and raised, I was popped and spanked. I grew up to be intimidating and it's through self education that I've learned other ways. It's totally normal in the south.

  • kimberly silvey

    "Pop" in the south means to slap on the hand thigh ect "pop" is typically 1 stike where as "spank" "beat" "whoop" is more than one and usually the age of the child is how many "licks" (stikes) they get

    Please no nasty comments im simply explaining the southern language

  • monica zerby

    I'm from NC and raised by a mother who was raised in Florida. A "pop" is literally that. A pop. Such as a small smack on the hand or an open handed swat to the bottom. "My child got their ass beat" usually means the same open handed swat to the bottom but more than once. A spanking is not a beating. I would pop my son's hands when he was as young as one (not hard where it would hurt, but to gain his attention) when he started reaching for things he does not need to be reaching for and would redirect him to something he can play with. Spanking him is my absolute last resort. We take away privilges and lecture him and explain actions and consequences to his actions.

  • Robinchen1

    I would really like to know the way she talks to the child, because in my experience physical abuse often comes with verbal abuse too. And as a survivor of domestic violence/physical abuse myself i know that shit sticks with you forever even after therapy. You just learn to cope better but those memories will allways be there no matter what because therapy doesn't change the past. Of course this is just an assumption but still worrying… That verbal abuse scarred me more than the physical, because that pain went away after a few minutes or hours, but the verbal abuse still hurts.

  • Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds

    Everyone without kids always trying to apply universal psychological dogmas to a specific instance in their hubris. Shuuut up. My dad spanked me bloody til I’d fall asleep standing up but then the fbi came and burned everyone to death. Totally appropriate response.

  • Xaos

    If the kid is as smart as she claims she is… she should be old enough you can sit her down and explain why she's not supposed to play with makeup. Obviously you have to put it in terms that she can understand. But something like 'Mommy's makeup is very special and it makes me sad when you break it' is something a smart two year old can understand. I do like the get her her own kids makeup idea. Something that's hers that can foster her desire to emulate her mother's grownup behaviors in a safe manner. But ultimately yeah, store it someplace up high where she can't get it. When my cousin was 2 and had a similar problem for a while her mom had a makeup case that closed that she would put up on a shelf in her closet. Just take it down every morning to put her makeup on and put it back up when she was done. Yeah it's a bit of a pain. But if it's something you have to do it's what you have to do. Kids are going to emulate the behavior of the adults around them… it's how they learn to fill social roles. Discouraging behavior like that is not healthy. But you can learn to shape and mold that kind of play in a safe and constructive manner.

  • Negligent Gamer

    First off it is not your decision to decide how parents discipline their children. That's the problem with society today. Children rebel regardless eventually no matter how they were raised in one-way shape or form. Running away from home, Drugs, alcohol, becoming trans, Thinking they are Vampires or werewolves, tattoos, acting out. etc.

  • Christina Marie

    Goodness…if you don't want your children getting into your personal things put them somewhere they can't get to it. The girl is only 2 years old for goodness sakes and did not deserve this type of treatment! 😡

  • Pettywise

    the south and black/poc households have startling similar "punishment" methods, I did not grow up in a traditional black household because I was adopted at a barely a week old, but I have heard stories from my friends who have, and had little peeks behind the curtains of those sorts of dynamics (things such as "stop crying or i'll give you something to cry about" heard from my cousins to their small children)
    its honestly outrageous and horrific

  • leigh roe

    Its just make up. Its not gold! Even then its a child!!! Youre gonna hit your child over make up? Disgusting! Reminds me of my own parent who "popped" me at 2 for spilled milk.

  • Scorpionic Phoenix

    I live technically in the south and really some people still believe in aggressive punishment when it comes to their children. Spankings and the like but in my own experience; I can say my mother didn't spank me when I was at the age of really not knowing any better. She never laid a hand on me except for one time in middle school when I did something that was extremely dangerous. Something that could of ended terribly for me but that was the only time —ever that she resorted to spanking me. My mother was raised in a abusive situation but this was during the 60's and 70's .

    So in her own "general" approach to when she had me. I take from her of not ever raising a hand to either of my kids. Did my youngest when she was a toddler get into my makeup? Yes she did but I didn't raise a hand to her. Instead I just went out and replaced what she ruined. My eldest when he was a toddler actually took a cell phone and dropped into a glass of soda — did he get spanked or popped? Nope we just went and replaced it .

    Toddlers are by nature curious , rebellious even if they don't understand. Some people should exercise patience .

  • Raquel Guzmam

    Lmao some kids need an ass whooping though… Not saying that little boy or girl deserved it.. or they should of gotten smacked over something that stupid.. but I believe in ass whoopings.. And sometimes they're called for

  • Petrokleus

    Here where I live, it is outlawed with any form of physical discipline, so this is so hard for me to understand. Its impossible for me to see how spanking can lead to more disciplined children, since all it reminds me of is fear. I understand there are cultural differences, but to hear that kid cry in the background just makes it all the more difficult to see.

  • Awsten's Toothbat

    Yeah, in the south (Texas) I was whipped & spanked for "discipline", it was awful. I was fearful of my parents for the longest time due to that. Now, I just don't really talk to them, or all for that matter :/

  • Lia Shikor

    Yikes. a friggin 2 year old is too young to understand why youre hitting them. Im from the south and its pretty normal to spank, but a 2 year old is ridiculous. Plus makeup isn't a big deal.

  • Kaitlyn Palmer

    there’s no alleged. she beat her child, she subtweets her freaking baby all the time because she resents her. she gets into TOXIC cleaning chemicals because she is neglectful and doesn’t watch her child. she’s an evil person and she doesn’t deserve to have that baby girl.

  • Ruxan

    It's sad that people like this feel its okay to abuse children, especially over small things like make up… I really hope with time people will educate themselves and correct themselves in how to raise a child. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through something similar, but respect you so much for breaking the trend as you mentioned that it does often go generation to generation. It amazes me that you don't already have that girl with you to start up a family since you seem like such a nice guy. If you were into guys, I'd be happy to find someone like you. So I wish you the best in finding that girl to raise a happy family with. I know you will. Let's hope there are more people like you who know to break that trend of hurting children to discipline them.

  • Pixie Pets

    I was a bad kid. I got spanked all the time lolz. I honestly don’t think CPS will do anything at all. If she isn’t bruised , or cut. Some parents spank their kids. Kind of odd for a 2 year old tho cuz wtf. But I don’t see cps doing much in this matter. I would personally spank my kids when they’re older than 2 ofc. But I’m in Texas, Latin and yeah 🤣

  • Maria Flores

    I immediately feel guilty for disciplining my dogs (light spanks on the bum) after they do things they're not supposed to. I basically apologize to them and give them cuddles and love after.
    I don't understand how a mother would feel 100% okay with spanking and "popping" their child for a makeup palette! Not to mention on CAMERA and UPLOADING it online.

  • Tarkeema Lewis

    when your makeup values more than your child. my advice seek help and freakin lay off the drugs. i think she was on drugs because her motivation and behavior for the displinary action don't connect. she is literally reacting to replacable things. a person with a normal brain and sober would just take the pallete away and clean the girls face . she's is just nuts.

  • Brianna Gross

    1. She shouldn’t of recorded or posted about it 2. Since she did she is BASICALLY ASKING FOR THE COMMENTS AND RESPONSES.

  • Shelbie B

    Popping in the south is either a little spank on the butt or …well getting popped 👀 But yeah I would just buy my little girl her own play makeup so we could do it together.

  • Mary Scarred Heart

    I have never needed to hit nor did my husband our children and it allowed us to grow very close. Turns out we needed to be close because my husband died when our kids were 10 and 13 of cancer. Had we not been so close our kids and I might have not been able to make it through.

  • Rane Cloud

    I have only been physically abused once but it was in fact detrimental on my life. I was 3 or 4 years old I was playing with a rubber bouncy ball that ricochets everywhere when you drop it. I thought it was a good idea to make the ball bounce off a wall in my step dad's computer room and catch it from the hallway. The ball was going everywhere and knocked down one of the CD shelf towers if you remember back from the 90s. He saw what I did and got furiously pissed and threw/slammed me in the bath tub and drowned me. I thought what happened to me was normal on top of that, in that time my own made me believe he was my real father so that's why it made me feel it was normal especially when he was in the Navy at the time and we were with him in a family unit program where he was stationed. My mother never told to any family what happened so as of last year I finally came out to a family member what happened.

  • Kayla Paugas

    My mother was born in Arkansas, where her mother was born, while my grandfather was from Mississippi. He was a general in the army and used various striking tools and methods to punish my mom. I was born and raised in Connecticut. No one I knew got hit. My mom only spanked me once when she was overcome by instinct and fury in a reasonably frustrating situation that I don't remember. She refuses to classify her past as having abuse in it, but if it happened to me I'd be like…shitthat'sfuckedupstop. She insists it wasn't malicious or harmful, it was just the result of her poor choices. It's like, proof of the Boomers' constant insistence that we can just…GET OVER shit rather than process/ address it.

  • Coti Sarrell

    I'm from the south, specifically Alabama. It's crazy how many people "pop" or spank their kids. Most people I know talk about getting switched. It's a horrible cycle here; anyone I talk about how bad it is for the child, justifys it by discussing their childhood.

    Too often people act out of anger. My childhood was abusive and justified as "punishment." (Wasnt just what people call spankings. I was verbally and physically abused to where I was removed from my home by DHR.) People who tell me that they were spanked and were okay….aren't. They either have anger issues or are on meth right now.

    Teach other methods. Research. You're not a bad person for wanting to teach your child right from wrong. But physical punishment has been proven to do more harm than good.

  • Dani E

    My mom hit me in the face once while her friend was in the room. Her friend later called CPS and my sister and I were taken into foster care. It's probably one of the best things that ever happened to me because that one punch in the face was about 1% of the abuse I was suffering behind closed doors and I was constantly spanked and emotionally abused. Later I was placed with my grandma who replaced my mom's role in my life. My mom went on to replace me with 3 other kids, all with different dads. I'm 20 now and I haven't had a relationship with her for 7 years. She wasn't invited to my wedding and she won't be apart of my future kids lives.

  • bazile notsha

    i grew up in georgia and it was pretty normal to get spanked, hit with belts, slaps, spanks with paintsticks, pops, screaming etc. i saw many other kids i knew growing up get spanked too. it was a completely normal way for parents to punish kids to keep them in line. i live in california now and not a single friend of mine that grew up here has ever been spanked or struck by their parents. puts things into perspective huh? sad

  • Selah R.

    You’re right about the South… the “Bible Belt” meant growing up being afraid of being hit (spanked, popped, stripes, switched, paddled, etc) with both. Most people do use “pop” to mean a non-slap or non-punch contact with the face. Generally less force than a spank, but when that kind of lesser intense strike is used instead of spanking it’s usually called a swat. Children should be disciplined in age appropriate ways, and being hit is not age appropriate for any age. There are other ways to parent that do not harm the child, and abuse should never be normalized. I can’t think of any healthy parent who would ever tell their grown child that it’s ok to be “popped” or struck by their dating/marriage partner… so why would a parent teach that same child at a much younger age that physical aggressive contact is normal when they are even younger children?! This woman needs a parenting class and a therapist so she can be a better parent and raise her children in the best possible ways. Just because we grew up with that being normal doesn’t mean we should be doing the same things to our children.

  • Megan Mallery

    Im a mother of 3 and 23 all under 4 years old! I have alot of expensive make up and they have ruined a couple pallets but i wasnt mad i was kinda sad for myself but i was able to fix them and still use the eyeshadows. And when you see their faces covered in make up it’s honestly funny and cute. I have never hit my kids. Theres time out. Maybe she should of put her make up somewhere out of their reach. And YouTube ing it is also crossing the line. There was better ways of her handling this. This made me very angry. 💔

  • hunnibee2003

    Did I miss a break up? I thought you and Cinnamon were a thing, but you stated that you would need a gf at the end of the video

  • Cami

    When ever my niece does anything bad all we do is literaly give her a tap on her hands and tell her what she did wrong, we've been doing that since she was 2, now she knows when we say "No" now she just gets it. Like…tapping your kid's hands it better than fucking popping your kid for makeup. I had my makeup fucked with before by my niece but that just resulted in a time out…Time outs won't mentally scar children.

  • Alison Henry

    I love that you always add a post script after your sign off. You're so authentic and sweet, and your PS is always so personal and touching. Love you!!

  • Evil Katil

    When I was a kid a pop was a punch… Age did not matter… it teached me to obey. But the pop was the soft punishment…. Wooden beatings were common. bones broken.

  • Sharon Clawson

    Same, my mom was taught to discipline kids with switched. As for my dad it was far worst than my mom. My dad type of discipline was abusive just like my grandpa. From what my dad told me. I went through the abusive discipline from dad. From what I remember was he lift me by my hair and throw me on the ground and beat me. Which I ended later have serious mental problem now. Because of what he did I have anxiety attack and panic attack. When someone wanted to ask me a truthful about my dad discipline with my dad present there. I was so scared to speak about it front of him and the person who ask.This finally my dad realize his discipline method wrong. Because he realize I was about to have a panic attack. Be about this topic with my dad present made him realize he fuck up and he wish he had change what he done. But it’s too late for that. The damage is done.

    But I know that for my future children. I will never let that happen to them. Because I went through what was horrible to me. And there no way I will do the same. I’m gonna break that fucking cycle.

    P.S. Another thing because of what my dad did. I cannot have who is males yelling at me. Because that trigger my panic attack.

  • PamperedPets

    Unless you live in a country where corporal punishment is legal (e.g. I live in Canada where it’s legal and I hate it), it is not okay to strike your child ever. Both in the eyes of CPS/CAS and in the eyes of the law, it is seen as child abuse UNLESS corporal punishment is legal in your area. I study child psychology and work in CAS which is child protection in Canada. I personally don’t agree with striking your child, ever. But if you live in an area where corporal punishment legal, then this is example of what corporal punishment is. I hate it.

  • Shadow soulless

    It's called be a responsible parent and keep your makeup out of the reach of a 2-year-old it's not that hard to get a shelf that a 2-year-old can't reach if you can afford a Jeffree Star makeup palette and you can afford to get a shelf that's high enough that a kid can't get to it or to get a lock for your bedroom door to lock the door my boyfriend has a 4-year-old who was two and a half when I met her and I sometimes stay at his house and his daughter has not once gotten into my stuff because we keep an eye on her and I keep my stuff where she can't get to it . It's called that child is 2 years old and about as smart as a puppy You know what you do with puppies You don't leave your food on the table so they can eat it and then beat them when they eat it. Don't leave your stuff for your kid can get to it or actually watch your own child.

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