Woman Claims Hypnosis for Childbirth Works
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Woman Claims Hypnosis for Childbirth Works

Kathryn, welcome, and you are someone who used this hypnotherapy. Tell us about it. I actually didn’t run into hypnosis for birth until I was in my third trimester. My whole birthing process, I had some kind of crazy experiences. I was very nervous, I suffer from anxiety and I happened to come across hypnosis for birth, and come across Grace, who was able to send me a bunch of information on it and it helped me understand what I was doing, understand what I wanted, what I needed, and what a lot of the fears and a lot of the anxiety was stemming from and address it. And then I was able to just really completely change my mindset. And it was really an amazing thing because in my third trimester, I was able to just gain some perspective and gain that peace, that inner peace, that inner calmness that I really needed so that I could get to the birth. And it was wonderful. Did you during the actual birthing process, did you use anything other than the hypnotherapy technique? No I didn’t, I was not medicated. I used the hypnobirthing almost the entire time that I was conscious and it was very, very pleasant. Kathryn, we are so happy that you have a safe lovely, beautiful baby and that you had a good experience during your birthing process. Grace, for people who might be interested in learning more about this, because obviously you’re someone who does this. Yep. Is this becoming a more trendy thing, meaning in areas throughout the country where people could look into hypnotherapy for this? Absolutely, just in the seven years that I’ve been in the hypnotherapy world, it’s becoming mainstream, it’s becoming so popular. More and more people are asking for it which is wonderful. So if you’re looking for one on one hypnotherapy sessions, usually the average is about $150 per session, which can be very cost prohibitive. So it was important to me that we create online materials that people can use, and what’s so beautiful about Kathryn’s story is we never met until right before this show. She used my online materials and I didn’t even know she had this beautiful birth using these tools because we weren’t together. And so that means there’s really resources out there, whatever your budget is, that you can look into using hypnotherapy without having to spend the– You know what’s next, hypnotherapy for the anxious dad, who sometimes gets–
Oh please! No no, you know how it is, sometimes the one in the room who’s most calm is the mom giving birth, and the dad’s like “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Sometimes they faint, and end up in the hospital and she’s like, “Can you check on him?” I’m like, ” Okay, one big push. “Okay, can you please check on him? “You ready?” You know? Isn’t it hilarious how that works? Grace, thanks so much for being here, Kathryn, thanks for joining us.


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