• Koala Eucalyptus

    The mom who said to the girl "If you're going to tell me you're pregnant, pack your bags first" is TERRIBLE parent, and I feel sorry for her.

  • LoOoL

    lol when my bff and I got married we high fived each other for not having to go through abortion before we got married lol, i took my pill every night since 17 and took a monthly pregnancy test.. really didn't want to have kids with my exs

  • Aliyah Warsame

    I had a friend she was fourteen when she got pregnant she now sixteen a lot of my friends have gotten pregnant actually but yh, she freaked out and told her boyfriend.
    As all girls know the boy is straight gonna leave you, he screamed at her said it was all her fault. Then he forced her to drink bleach. Obviously he didn't tell her it was bleach idk how, because she obviously wouldn't have drunk it. Weer all muslim me and my friends and in islam ur NOT allowed relationship outside marriage its a big NO NO. So how was she gonna tell her mom, how was he gonna tell his mom? The baby died unfortunately while she was pregnant, but she did go to the hospital with her older cousin she's 24 now, and they said they'll be checking on her for the next few months idk how but allhamdulliah that girl is still alive and normal, Allahs blessing. But theres a chance she might have ruined her womb and might not have other kids.

    In case ur wondering why she told her cousin, her cousin was in the same situation she had boyfriends and all of that, she learned not to do that and she told her cousin never to have a boyfriend and guess what in these two years that girl hasn't dated a single guy, mashalaah.

  • BioSky

    I have an extremely irregular period so I had a few pregnancy scares, few months later I found out I’m infertile like ZERO chance of getting pregnant no possibility as said by my doctor. Honestly not even mad about it lol I’m was so happy when I found out, the doctor was confused.
    One persons nightmare is another’s dream 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mizz Bella Kitty

    I've had some times where I thought I was pregnant but each time, I wasn't.
    My more recent moment was when I realized my period was late. I was starting to literally cry because in the state I'm currently living in, abortion is mostly illegal and looked down upon (I'm not ready for kids since I'm unemployed and still not able to legally drink). Luckily, the next day, my period came. Turns out birth control makes it so your period is late.
    The first time I had a pregnancy scare, I actually used pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. I was just gaining weight from eating!

  • Tropical Alien

    It's a good thing you didn't try to rely on a pregnancy test before plan B at least considering that it won't really work until at least a week after conception.

  • Music Lover

    Just don't do it when you know you can't afford or deal with the consequences. Really it's not that hard.

  • mellys910

    Guys don't realize how nerve wrecking it can be. Buying a test helps sooo much, having the voice in the back of your head like dont do that u might be pregnant.

  • Vitani B Mamba

    So, mine happened back in October. My period didnt come that month, and i was freaking out. It took 3 weeks for me to take the test.

  • Yasmin Ramirez

    I got home from Las Vegas, I got food poisoning from some food there 😂 I was 17 at the time. I went to Vegas with my best friend to keep her company in the hotel while her parents gambled, anyways, I threw up every day for over a week. My mom thought I was pregnant. I was freaking out thinking I was 😭 but i wasn’t 😂 I did get pregnant 2 months later 😒

  • kristalized

    It’s scary how many women don’t take a pregnancy test even though you can have periods and bleed through pregnancy for some women

  • 3 am

    i don’t have a period (every time i get it i am hospitalized bc of the pain and blood loss), and my bf and i are long distance, so every couple months i fly up to him i’m TERRIFIED coming back home. having a pregnancy scare while being several states away is so scary.

  • Bety Z

    Even though I'm perfectly virgin, I still get scared every time my period is late or have pregnancy symptoms like feeling nauseous and proceed to obsessively google if it's possible to get pregnant from a toilet seat or a bathtub. I'm paranoid just by wrtiting this down lmao.

  • kxrniexx

    The chicks who missed their period and then got it late, they could have actually been pregnant but miscarried. Just saying. That’s actually really common and a lot of women wouldn’t ever even know they were pregnant

  • Amber

    I once cried extremely loud in a Starbucks because I thought I was pregnant while still in uni… I now work at that Starbucks.

  • Kimberly Garza

    This made me feel better about it rn. Send y’all prayers to me PLEASE. I’m 15 and I’ve been shitting my pants for days now

  • Joshed Up Reviews

    Girl gets super drunk hooks up with a random dude and than takes two plan B’s whats her advice?

    “Wear a condom”

  • Gurnoor Gill

    I remember when I first got my period and my sister told me if I skipped a period don’t worry you’re not pregnant.I was like I’ve never kissed a boy or held hands with one,how could I be pregnant😂

  • YoghurtStripper

    Not me but a friend of mine really freaked out about it and she was crying, telling me her family is gonna disown her and etc. I had time trying to calm her down. I knew she was anemic, so her period being irregular is not a stretch, also it was just like 2 weeks after she should've gotten her period so I kept telling her she should just wait a bit more. She did eventually get her period the next week, but at least she learned her lesson to always use a condom.

  • Addison Elford

    I got my first period at 9, and I normally get my period around the end of the month, I’m 13 now and I’ve never had a scare because it didn’t show. But this month I can’t remember if I had it earlier this month or haven’t gotten it at all and I’m freaking out

  • angelica marie emilla marie alejandra

    There's nothing to be scared of you shouldn't be scared of being pregnant or becoming pregnant if you don't want a baby clearly use a condom

  • Savannah Ashley

    Them: UsE a CoNdOm

    Me: or don't spread your legs if you aint ready for a child… Simple have self control it aint that hard

  • Miss Art Maker

    So… I had a pregnancy scare when I was 15 and I hadn't lost my virginity but I got a gut feeling I was pregnant and normally I listen to those because I'm psychic but this feeling was different than my normal psychic gut feelings but I was so scared I didn't think about that. Then I missed my period that month and I was at a sleepover internally freaking out because it should've come like a week or two ago and there are 5 other girls there and 2 moms and I'm way too scared to tell anyone so I just pretended everything was fine and when I got home and was alone in my room, I cried, for a good 30 minuets. I started googling about it to prepare myself because I thought I was gonna be a teen mom, like 'this is happening' but the next month I got my period, I was pretty surprised but it all ended without me growing up faster than I'd like to.

  • Balme

    I am the the iud and I just lost my virginity and now I’m just freaking out that I’m pregnant for no good reason. You guys are making me feel less stupid so thank you. 😂☠️❤️

  • Tiffany McCue

    I hadn’t had my period for 2 months… not even cramps… it was the weekend of my birthday and my parents were in from Florida. I was at my great grandfathers funeral and I got sick. I told my stepdad and my mom that I think I’m pregnant. Later that day while I was at work my mom brought me 2 tests and made me go take them…

    Both positive. My baby girl is 3 weeks old and I couldn’t be happier 😊

  • Nikki A

    1:15 she didn't take a pregnancy test just in case it came out positive….girl! It was the next day !!!! there's no way it would have came out positive 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ola da Silva

    I always have a pregnancy scare. Because of rasing progesterone 1 week before my period I have really similar symptoms to pregnancy. Like all week before, all days I feel sick, my breasts are hurting, my abdomen hurts too. And I am that scared that I almost crying all day and I’m shaking like a crazy. My period is like a clock so I know exactly when I can get pregnant and when I can’t get pregnant. But I am still scared of this so much

  • 5ive minutez

    When I was 9 my crazy mind was madness and I was watching alot of pregnancy documentaries because I was fascinated and then I was watching supernatural stuff that was impossible. And I thought what I'd I randomly get pregnant without s*x and I haven't even gotten my period then 😂😂😂

  • Lindsey Pindsey

    Here's some more advise:
    If you're period is late and you start to bleed a few days later, don't just assume you're not pregnant. You could be experiencing implantation bleeding (although that typically happens a little earlier) or you could be experiencing a chemical pregnancy.
    Just take a damn test, ladies.

  • Candy Life

    In first grade I thought I was pregnant because an evil girl told me that she was pregnant and I wanted to be pregnant too so she told me that I was. By the way, at that time I thought that people got pregnant by praying to god and wishing for a baby and god would give it to them. So I go up to my mom and tell her that I’m pregnant. And she tells me I’m not. So I tell her to feel my belly because I was positive that I was pregnant, but she continued to say that I wasn’t. In the end I forgot about how I was pregnant the next day

  • 지오

    we used a condom and it didn't break but im still freaking out because it was during my fertile days and I stopped taking birth control so my cycle is still a little messed up. I already took two pregnancy tests and they were negative but my period should come around these days. I'm so scared.
    Update: got my period the next day and started birth control again

  • Darylene Lorde

    Virgin me: misses period for two months, suffers exhaustion, starts feeling nauseous, has weird cravings, has fevers, has cramps and can't keep anything down

    Also virgin me: A burglar arrived in my sleep and drugged me. Now, I'm carrying his baby. I'll have to find a nursery and raise money!

    tears hair out and wails to be taken to the hospital for a test while thinking of how to care for a baby

    Doctor: The test is obviously negative but you have malaria and are severely stressed from exams.

    Also me: Pfft, of course I didn't think I would be pregnant!

  • Darylene Lorde

    I used to have irregular periods. One time, I got really sick with a respiratory/digestive problem and I didn't know because I missed my period for five months and my belly got seriously bloated. I really thought I was pregnant and I've never been with anyone cause my belly just looked obscene! We went to various hospitals till one found out the problem and the remedy was just a special brand of milk with extra nutrients, forgotten the name, and some antibiotics. I'm cured now and they're regular.

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