WOW! 3 day of newborn Brotus Jr very big body than other baby|Adorable newborn baby|Monkey Daily 583
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WOW! 3 day of newborn Brotus Jr very big body than other baby|Adorable newborn baby|Monkey Daily 583


  • حمید م

    Of This hard suckling that he is doing , his mom needs to weaning him by tomorrow ,,, lol ,,, lovely baby ,, thank you for sharing

  • Sue Smith

    🤢🤢. Yucky water ❗️. Please bring Jill some clean water when you visit , she will be so grateful . This strapping boy drinking her dry . Beautiful video of mom and son 💕

  • 79tazman

    Those nipples were small the other day he has already sucked them out a inch at least next week she will be looking like Ameri dragging her nipples LMAO!!

  • OhMyGoodness

    Brutus Jr is a colossal baby. He appears ready to start foraging. Jill needs a lot of food from the VO's to keep up the milk supply production. That huge baby is going to suck Jill dry.

  • Lorena Polazzi

    Lori is just so in love with her new baby nephew! She can't wait to get him up in the trees and show him the ropes. As for baby Brutus, he is such a champion suckler that he has transformed Jill's tiny little button nips to the tubulated stretchy kind all in two days!!! LOL

  • Tana Cantrell

    Do you have to get so close to them,don't you know what zoom is? Wow you pester them so much! Get out of their face. Poor mom is going to be so tried all-time with this big boy . Wow,so sad wish Brutus was here to see his beautiful babies, I miss him so much.

  • Mad Hatter

    Holy shit! In the 3 days since his birth, he's turned Jills button nipples into hanging tubes! Poor Jill… I would imagine getting sucked on that fiercely has got to hurt.

  • Celena Martin

    It's funny…really kind of sad… how much people talk and complain about the VO's feeding the monkees then turn around and beg them to feed them…
    Looks like an up and coming PE and SP

  • Tom Aiken

    Little Brutus is so cool and alert. He is definitely going to be a leader. A alpha male no doubt. 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

  • Tommy Truitt

    Do yall fuck ups not see that yall causing those things so much trouble..They get up and walk / run away from you every single time yall get around one..Even if one is deathly sick or even been ran over they will do everything they can to get the fuck away from yall dumb fucks…Pity full..Yall worse than them Labs..

  • Erica Dabbs

    Hold up a min. At 4:10 maybe earlier but it don't look like he's even swallowing, his pouches look full! All that hard fast sucking too.. Smh

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