Young giving up on marriage and childbirth due to lack of ‘decent’ jobs
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Young giving up on marriage and childbirth due to lack of ‘decent’ jobs

South Korea has one of the lowest birth
rates in the world not only that young people these days are putting off
marriage or not marrying at all a group of experts at the direction of the
presidential office has looked into the problem and they say they find that it’s
not because young people don’t want to get married and have kids but because
they don’t feel they have the economic wherewithal to do it as this
story people in their 20s and 30s are giving up a marriage and childbirth not
because they don’t want to get married but because they cannot find a decent
job this diagnosis came from a group of experts formed by the Presidential
Committee and aging society and population policy marriage and child
birth rates are closely linked but to get married a make a family people first
need a job the phenomenon of youth unemployment and
way that employment has become a prerequisite for other things in life
shares why young people see themselves as a generation that has to give up on
things like dating marriage gaining work experience and owning a house some
people have expanded this list to include giving up on a social life and
even giving up hope according to set to 6 Korea the youth
unemployment rate has increased to eleven point three percent in 2017
compared to just seven point four percent in 2008 experts say this is
because it is difficult to find a decent job meaning a job that provides a good
income in a career path experts say that in order to solve the low birthrate
problem stable employment and residential environment must go hand in
hand with improved childcare services and financial assistance for child
education they also advise increasing the level of
subjective satisfaction by eliminating gender discrimination such as women
facing glass ceilings at work and having to take care of children without help
from their partners in order to overcome the world’s longest hyper low birth rate
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