Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.
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Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.

Today we are going to study about Baby development:
Your 9-month-old What can my baby do at nine months?
Playtime with your baby is becoming more fun. She will love the opportunity of emptying
and filling containers or stacking cups and rings. At this age you will be her best play
mate. She may not limit her exploration to toys
though, and you may find yourself using the word “no” more often. She probably understands
more from your tone of voice than the actual words you use right now. Childproofing your
home will help keep her out of harm’s way. When will my baby start walking?
Your baby is getting closer to walking but most babies don’t take their first steps until
their first birthday. You may notice your baby cruising, by moving around upright while
holding onto furniture. A few nine-month-olds may take a few steps, with support from you.
Your baby is also learning how to bend her knees, and how to sit after standing, which
is harder to master than you might think! You can help your baby by standing or kneeling
in front of her, holding both her hands, and walking her toward you. You could also buy
a toddle truck or a doll pram or something similar that your baby can hold onto and push.
Look for toddle toys that are stable and have a wide base for support.
If you haven’t childproofed your home yet, now would be a good time. One good place to
start is to put latches on the doors of off-limits cupboards, as your baby will probably try
to open them all the time now. If you have treasured possessions it’s best to securely
store them out of harm’s way. Removing temptation from your baby is better than trying to discipline
her at this age. Should I buy my baby a pair of proper shoes?
If your baby is standing and cruising, you may wonder if she needs a pair of shoes. Until
your baby is walking around on her own and going outdoors regularly she won’t need to
wear shoes. Your baby’s feet grow very quickly and if her toes are cramped by tight shoes
or socks, they can’t straighten out and grow as they should.
Let your baby go barefoot around the house. Going barefoot helps strengthen the arches
of her feet and her leg muscles. It can also make it easier for your baby to balance when
she can feel the different textures she’s walking on with her feet.
What games will my baby enjoy at nine months? Your baby will enjoy putting objects in a
container and removing them. Give her a plastic bucket and some large colourful blocks so
she can practise this new skill. She will also like toys with moving parts, such as
wheels, levers, or doors that open and close. Big plastic cars that your baby can roll around
on the floor are fun toys for both boys and girls.
Your baby may also initiate passing games, by giving you toys and then taking them back.
Be her playmate. Try rolling a ball to your baby when you’re playing on the floor and
see if she rolls it back to you. Give her a sorting toy or stacking rings and see if
she sorts or stacks or hands the pieces to you. Bath time is another great opportunity for
some fun. If you use a mug to bathe your baby, give her a little one of her own. She will
soon start trying to bathe herself! You can also give her a kitchen sieve (chhanni) to
fill with water, and watch her delight as the water flows back out.
If you take a toy away, your increasingly assertive baby is likely to protest loudly
and throw herself backwards in annoyance. She’s really starting to make her needs and
wants known. My baby gets quite upset around other people.
How can I help her adjust? Now, and for the next few months, your baby’s
separation anxiety is probably at its peak. Although it’s normal for your baby to show
an extreme attachment by clinging to you and hiding from others, it can be difficult for
doting grandparents and people who take care of your baby. You can help ease the transition
for your baby by warning people to approach slowly and letting your baby make the first move.

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